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How to learn to make the wheel?

Wheel - a visually spectacular acrobatics under which the person is doing his rotation with his hands 360 degrees.Most often it is learning to do as a child, but in fact there is nothing of such a complex, that he could not master the adult.That is why the wheel can learn to make anyone with such a desire.

How to wheel: Gymnastics

How to learn to make the wheel?

Such a beautiful exercise as acrobatic wheel not only looks spectacular, but at the same time contributes to the development of several muscle groups, which are utilized in its implementation: muscles of the arms, the back (in particular - the Department of waist), the shoulder joint.They contribute to getting the perfect graceful posture and abdominal muscles and legs.

Having mastered a gymnastic exercise, like a wheel, it is possible not only to strengthen almost every muscle in the body, making his perfect posture, but also to perform an excellent training of its vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for coordinating the movements of the person.

But first you need to know in advance - whether you begin this exercise.If you have any problems with the vestibular system, you often dizziness or headaches, it is best to refrain from this trick without consulting a qualified person does not satisfy him.If during exercise you start to feel unwell, this can lead to injuries at a minimum, and even more serious injuries.

better not to start training alone should invite someone who can insure you and help in case you fall.This will help avoid bruises and sprains.Unfortunately, given the size of our modern living, not in every private home, and even more so the apartment can not afford to perform this exercise.This requires a lot of space and, therefore, in a small room before the training required to remove certain pieces of furniture and fragile stuff, t. To. Mirrors, hanging lamps, coffee tables made of glass.

How to learn to make the wheel?

In addition, if a person has not previously participated in sports, you should first few weeks to train your legs and arms.Suitable ordinary push-ups, pull-up or squat.After this preparation do the exercise will be much easier.Do not be amiss and conduct training of their vestibular system: it is necessary to perform daily rotation around itself.You can start with 3-10 rotations, paying attention to your health.If you begin to feel dizzy, you should stop the occupation.With each subsequent workout number of revolutions should be added.

How to make the wheel?

Before you perform this trick, you need to prepare both themselves and place.The latter should be spacious without unnecessary items.An excellent option would be sports hall, there just have mats.

Clothes should not hamper the movements or, on the contrary, to be too large.Perfectly suited elastic short shorts, and Lacina waisted shirt or top, also made of elastic material, which will not slide into the position of the body upside down.Footwear depends on the location of the exercise.If floors are smooth, then it should not be moving.Just before performing the exercises should be done workout and a set of some preparatory exercises.

Before making the wheel, you should carefully review the technique trick after close your eyes and imagine exactly how the body should move.

How to learn to make the wheel?

still need to be trained up in his arms.To do this, you must run and do it in such a way that the body is flat (to start, by the way, you can exercise against a wall).If you manage to do this without difficulty, even with the implementation of the wheel hardly any difficulties.So how do you perform a gymnastic wheel:

  1. To begin exactly stand up and walk a little forward acceleration;
  2. Now you need to omit one hand toward the floor, but the others. On the contrary - to lift up as much as possible, making the swing;
  3. by hand, which is the support necessary to push off from the floor, and the second to put on the same line, one foot at the same time has to be raised;
  4. then be raised and the second leg - that you are already standing on the hands !;
  5. When you need to go back to the original position, thus putting a foot on the floor, the concept up second and off the floor the hand that was down first, then second, and then the second leg.

During the exercise, hold need right (this applies to both legs and body).Legs in a flexed position is much more difficult to throw.Change the trajectory of the whole body, they can provoke a fall to the side, and hunched body will reduce a lot of arm strength.You also need to be prepared for the fact that from the 1st times can generally get nothing.The main thing here - to perfect the movement, that is, more and more often to perform this trick.Then you can already on the reflex level to perform the wheel as a single movement.

How to wheel: Video

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Make a gymnastic exercise, as the wheel - not difficult as it seems at first glance.Especially after a few workouts you'll do it automatically.The most important thing here - a handstand.If you learn how to do it, then the wheel will give you without much effort!

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