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Why Raw foodists your garden?

Fresh vegetables and fruktydolzhny necessarily enter into the diet of any person.

Why Raw foodists your garden?

benefits of fruits and vegetables is obvious:

  • strengthens the immune system;
  • is a source of vitamins, volatile, enzymes and minerals;
  • beneficial to the digestive system (rich in fiber);
  • normalize metabolic processes;
  • beneficial effect on the blood and cardiovascular system;
  • helps fight depression;
  • improves vision, a condition skin and hair;
  • strengthens memory;
  • helps fight insomnia;
  • Normalize cerebral blood flow, etc.

But all these useful properties are fruits and vegetables grown without the use of pesticides.Only organic vegetables and fruits are the main component of a healthy diet .

For the city dweller's hard to imagine where to take eco-friendly products, because the supermarket seems the only possible source of replenishment of strategic stocks.Unfortunately, in our country has not yet developed standards for which grown fruits and vegetables can be considered environmentally friendly.The consum

er has no guarantees that the purchased product is grown without the use of pesticides.Residents of big cities are able to buy products in specialized supermarkets with organic products.Such stores in cities with an average population does not find.

However, the aid can always come agricultural markets.Villagers grow vegetables in the beds without using chemicals.If you want to know exactly what the technology of cultivation of fruits and vegetables from the market, buy fruit, vegetables and herbs from the grandmothers on the latest mall, the first rows, usually busy perekupschikami.Konechno, and this approach does not give you a 100% guarantee, but riskssignificantly reduce health.

thoroughly especially the choice of fruits and vegetables should approach vegetarians and raw-foodists, or those who wish to go on this way of eating.

can become a frequent guest on the markets and learn how to quickly select high-quality live foods, but there is another way to get them - to grow environmentally friendly products on their own.You can buy land, build a small, cozy house, in general, get a summer residence, but you can build or buy a house to the ground and did move there to live.Eating foods grown in your garden without the use of chemical fertilizers, you will know exactly what they do not contain hormones, pesticides, preservatives and antibiotics that these products are not genetically modified.Over time, you learn to get themselves the seeds of vegetables, plant the seedlings of fruit plants and shrubs.But for the first landing you will have to buy the seeds, seedlings and saplings in the market.

Why Raw foodists your garden?

Pros acquisition problem.Why Raw foodists your garden?

  • urban residents rural area allow escape from the constant bustle.
  • area with clean air, especially perfect for mothers with children.
  • Cottage help realize their hidden talents gardener, gardener and builder.Well, if you buy a cottage since fruit crops, as opposed to vegetables, from the first year to harvest the fruit is impossible.
  • Garden to the house to help you in your free time not only to get the harvest, but also dried fruits, vegetables and herbs in the fresh air.
  • Country House - a great place to relax.
  • But most importantly, cottage will allow to fill your diet organic food grown with love with his own hands: apples, pears, potatoes, root vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers and other fruits, berries, beans, cabbage, greens.
  • If cottage is near the forest, you can be not only a collector of berries and wild herbs .
  • Growing fruits and vegetables on your site, you essentially save, for the same products in the organic supermarket is several times more expensive.

course, you will need to know the technology of cultivation, seed collection, there can learn from the experience from experienced farmers, they can also be found on the market, and they make friends, chat, record valuable information to the recorder.Most of the market traders talkative.

Another way to solve the problem of environmentally friendly products is growing greens, and even tomatoes with cucumbers, oranges with lemons on the balcony.Vegetation grows all year round, it is simply not necessary to forget implanting.That is, you put the dill in a pot, in a week in yet another batch plant, and so on, this system will provide you with fresh herbs for raw foodists menu throughout the year.

Organic vegetables and fruit dietary and medicinal product.

Growing your vegetables and fruits, chelovekdelaet focus not on quantity but on quality.

Why Raw foodists your garden?

The harmful fruits and vegetables from the supermarket

  • contain pesticides;
  • can be genetically modified;
  • grown using growth factors, ripening accelerators, preservatives, dyes, flavor enhancers;
  • Top treated with chemical solutions.

Vegetables and fruits grown with the use of chemicals, as a rule, look good, they do not eat worms, they shine and very appetizing, but it is only in appearance.Pesticides - dangerous carcinogens, bomb, accumulating in the body, cause allergies and cause cancer.Harmful substances, hitting fruit and vegetables into the body, continue to conserve, but not vegetables, and internal organs, contribute to the destruction of beneficial bacteria, can cause genetic mutations and dysbacteriosis.

for Russian raw foodists, the people think about their own health-and-garden area or the vegetable market - the only way to fill your diet healthy products.

Organic vegetables - is the elixir of immortality.

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