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The training program for the relief of: exercise and diet.

toned body and relief muscles always look a winner.At the moment, there are many options for strengthening muscles and building muscle relief.The complex and the training program must be selected on the basis of individual data of the individual.

Bodybuilding: training programs for relief

relief of muscle formation begins in people slim build with weight gain.It should be calculated according to the table as necessary to get to your weight category.This is followed by a drying process.Those who have extra weight will help correct the balance of power delimited will bring the body in order and remove all excess fat.Forget for a moment about the training sweets, white flour products, meal, alcohol.Prefer greens, wholesome vegetables, fruits, juice from their fruit, yogurt, variety of red fish, boiled meat.If you have typed a large mass, during this period, it will go.

On average, the process of elaboration of the relief takes 5 to 9 weeks.Listen to your body.The exercises on the equipment with kardi

onagruzkoysochetayte to run.With the implementation of the approach uses the average weight of burdens.Reduce the rest when the 3 min.Do not forget to sleep to recuperate and rest 1-2 times a week.Exercises athletics and aerobic exercise performed with maximum precision.

The training program for relief

especially important to eat protein and stick to a special meal options.For girls 5-60 kg.dose of protein per day sostavlyaet100 c.If the weight of muscle muscles exceeds the norm, then its use is increasing.Foods containing fats in small amounts will not harm, carbohydrates in the diet is not more than 30%.During the period of drying the day menu will be 35-45 cc.1 kg.body weight.Eat small portions at -5 4 times per day.Use small plates effect.It proved the more dishes, the more food is eaten.Drying is contraindicated girls with bowel problems, stomach inflammation, renal failure, diabetes diabetics, during gestation and lactation.

Very often in the gym treated women who were dissatisfied with the changes in the area of ​​the gluteal muscles.Some need to build muscle to effect tightening and elasticity.Others - on the contrary, reduce the volume.It uses weak load.

Unlike men in girls below the rate of metabolism.Fat Carbohydrates are the principle of accumulation in organs and muscle tissue.When the lack of calories burned layer.There is a goal of losing weight, then selected bodybuilding training program.The program is as follows: run about 30 minutes, exercise for 4 sets of 15 repetitions, and in speeding up mode, rest 60 seconds.In the days after the training, to the result obtained was not lost, it recommended jogging for half an hour.These are exercises suitable for relief and weight loss:

The training program for relief

  • Rod - squats
  • simulator-leg flexion
  • Step -vypady
  • Rises on forefoot
  • Shtanga- class, lying, narrow grip, training dumbbells in his hands
  • Twisting the usual and obliques

also want to enjoy using nutrition and supplements for athletes.They include vitamins, amino acids.Useful creatine in combination with ribose.With first occurs metabolism in muscle and nerve cells.The protein is part of the basic diet of the extension of girls.He does not need a lot of energy absorption.Accept it is usually an hour after training.At night, eat low-fat cottage cheese or replace it with protein from casein.In the human body, it is exposed to long digestion and amino acid forms.Protein is good eliminates the feeling of hunger.For stimulation of fat decay applicable only whey casein overnight.

Training on relief for the girls

best load for relief - aerobics.The main thing is not to bring themselves to exhaustion.Otherwise, the result will be uneven in muscle development, reducing the overall tone and excessive weight loss.Aerobic activity will lead the body in order.This method takes Split Training: different days of work off the press and pectoral muscles, back, shoulders and abs.This is followed by a day of rest.After him - pumping legs, arms and abdominal muscles.On Sunday you just relax.Each group performed 3-4 sets of 7 reps.There are supersets, when a non-stop two exercises.Because of these increased dynamics of the training process.There is a serious need physical stamina.Supersets include training on the different muscle groups.For example, the biceps - shoulder press - pecs.Plus, this approach is that it takes not so quickly tired.This diversity gives tangible benefits to the body.

The training program for relief

girls to moderate muscle suitable drying equipment Pumping combined with aerobics.Do not forget about 10 minutes.breaks after power loads.Pumping effect is obtained by constant repetition.This can cause muscular pain due to isolation of lactic acid.Result of exercise - muscles enriched with oxygen, nutrients, the tissue become more elastic, acquire the ability to accelerate recovery.Every girl can achieve the right results and remain with the female body shape.

Train to the relief of muscle

Training for the relief of muscle begin with warm-up exercises the lungs.Suit jumping rope, velotrenazhernye classes and jogging.If the sweat soaked clothes your training, you are well tried.During loads included metabolic process, aerobics also prevent it.Perform squats with a load on his shoulders, lifts barbell workout for biceps.Do not expect instant results, the work takes about three months for the result.The first symptoms become noticeable after 5 weeks of intensive training.

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To achieve the desired muscle definition, you must not forget about exercise and proper nutrition.It should not be lazy to include in a comprehensive podhodneobhodimye aerobnyenagruzki.Do not be afraid to do, do not be afraid to come to the gym, if your figure is not perfect, the main thing to start.The result did not take long!

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