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Vegetarian Eugene: " The desire for a healthy lifestyle naturally led to conscious eating "

Eugene has not yet call themselves raw foodists, but gradually changing their diet, he tends to eating only healthy, vegetarian diet.

Vegetarian Eugene

What type of food do you practice?

Eugene: food should be natural, heat treatment, it is desirable to exclude meat and other GMOs. Synthetic products pass by.

How did you hear about the new form of power, when and why did you decide to go to him?Do you plan to eat, and then, as now?

Eugene: As learned that drinking and smoking is harmful.All in the process.The desire for a healthy lifestyle naturally led to conscious nutrition.

How easy transition occurred?

Eugene: He still is.Gradually, less healthy foods are replaced by more useful.It is better to slowly but smoothly than quickly and without preparation.

The fight for public opinion (friends, parents who supported, who considered crazy)?

Eugene: And after all, it is better just to not get hung up.Fight should not be - for a very energy-consuming and thankless job.

Were there moments when y

ou return to the previous step or one-time allowed themselves to have something from which refused?

Eugene: were in military terms hard to be yourself.

were lipobochnye effects (illness, sudden weight loss, etc.) ?

Eugene: Weight is reduced if there is loads.During training muscle mass is lost.But all the excess out.

Vegetarian Eugene

How has your life changed in the transition (spiritually and physically, socially) ?

Eugene: social circle is corrected.Interest and value to a new level.

What advise those who are just about to start eating as well as you do?

Eugene: The main thing here - this is not to force your body and your psyche.If there is a genuine desire, there will be a lot of uncomfortable situations.Everything has to be gradual, it makes sense to replace old habits with new ones.

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