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Raw foodists Elena: "Now I'm different! Inside me - easy!"

Elena, 44 years old: "My profession involves frequent travel and not necessarily a home life. But it does not become an obstacle for me to radically change my lifestyle."

How did you come to the raw food diet?

Elena : 100% raw foodists I am myself still can not name becauseI am still at the beginning, but aspire to it.For 20 years, I have occasionally tried to lead a healthy lifestyle, "sitting" on cleaning and maintaining starvation largely vegetarian lifestyle.

What contributed to the fact that you decided to become raw foodists?

Elena : I was ill, was on sick leave, but this time my son decided to go on a raw food diet (it strongly influenced by the reading of the book Zeland "Living Kitchen» ).

And I'm glad of his undertaking, I have decided to support it. It is very important that during this time of transition, there is support of loved ones .I began to prepare him syroedcheskie salads and she "sat" a few weeks on this diet.And from the "cooked" it was only a gray unleavened bre

ad.Two weeks later, there was a cool feeling of cheerfulness, lightness and buzz .The body purification processes were both short starvation.At this time I was on a survey made US, and I have found kidney stones.And it is here that the brain worked - I was afraid that the speed with which the changes were in the body, the stones trigger output (I very much felt strongly purification processes that were in the kidneys).I decided - Add cooked food.Of course, accelerated cleansing stopped, stabilize processes in the body, but also spent a joyful feeling of lightness of body and buzz from it.And gradually I came back to the old way of life.

As formed on your way to the raw food diet?

Elena : The decision once again to change your lifestyle and go on a raw food diet it in 9 months.I was back at the hospital, saw tablets, injections and saw pricked low efficiency of medical treatment.Moreover, after the slaughter "doses" of antibiotics, I saw the whole destructive process that was in my body and literally it "falls apart" - the language of steel with a white coating, nauseous, which indicates complications in the digestive system.Again, the man who influenced my decision to go back to the raw food diet has become my son.By the time he was 9 months Raw foodists and strictly adhered to this way of life.He told me, 'Mom, what are you waiting for?Pass on the raw food diet, and you all will pass, you'll think differently.Nothing else to do. "I knew he was right.Again I decided to start a new life, asking him to support.He was surprised - "How can I help you?".I said - "Just talk to me more often on topics raw food, share feelings, it will support."It's hard to change your lifestyle to one, you are lucky if you close or among your friends, have raw foodists, with whom you can communicate .In this case, it is possible to change by leaps and bounds - a powerful energy support .

How long have you been in the new form of power?

Elena : 8 months.

What has changed in your lifestyle?

Elena : All.I'm different, my body sensations - others. The body - easy, less tired .In general, the state of another - a positive .

What information would you like to share with readers seeking to change their lifestyles and become raw foodists?

Elena : In the next article I will share their experiences in overcoming the "pitfalls" associated with a sharp transition to the new power, given my age (young people go without problems over a new food), and the reaction of people around a new custom imagelife.

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