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Cycling and Weight Loss.

in your immediate plans do include losing weight, improve health, enhance immunity, so cycling is for you.Can an ordinary bicycle tour to solve the problem of excess weight?Let's try to answer these questions.

One of the first advantages of cycling is that they combine not only health benefits, but also benefits the soul.We also know that those who have a lot of time giving them less susceptible to colds and flu.And this is just one of the benefits, which include a class cycling .

benefits of cycling

Let's start with the fact that biking will help you strengthen the muscle mass on their feet, and it will help improve your reactions and coordination.Also during class cycling in the pelvic organs improves blood flow.While pedaling, there is training your vestibular system, its strengthening.

Biking is an excellent prevention for your entire body.They will have a beneficial effect in conditions caused by vascular dystonia, will contribute to the fight against varicose veins, will train the heart,

contribute to improving the work of the vessels. During walks happen stabilize the nervous system and strengthen the pectoral muscles.The metabolism in your body is activated, and it will tell you your increased appetite, but do not rush it to satisfy.The immediate benefit for the body of cycling is also a reduction in the risk of inactivity, and this is especially true for office workers.Biking - also a great way to load your joints stale.This is a great opportunity to give your eyes a rest after a full day of work at the computer.When you go down the street, your eyes will follow a moving transport and reaching people by focusing on distant objects, then close.

Unlike running, which is impossible to do if you have sore muscles, cycling have no such contraindications.They do not have such a strong impact on your joints like running.You can, if the pain allows, take a walk on the bike, and there may be pain and leave.Of course, this does not apply to serious conditions.

Biking can help even in the treatment of diseases such as speech defects and stuttering.Deep breathing during cycling will help to cleanse the lungs of nicotine and tar those who only quit smoking.Your body thanks to systematic cycling, increase its resistance to cold infections.

cycling and weight loss

If you want to lose weight, and do not like running, cycling will be for you a suitable alternative. Systematic cycling once a day, for an hour guarantee a resilient calves, slender waist and hips tightened .

  • to weight loss took place more rapidly, the rate of cycling has to be fast enough.With their help, you can burn more than 700 calories.
  • footwork on the bike will help combat fat deposits on the hips.To do this you need to choose the most suitable time for walks and comfortable place to choose the right bike and speed mode.
  • distance for making cycling and tempo built up gradually so that your body has managed to fit into this rhythm.Within a month after the start you happen improve metabolism, which will help burn calories.
  • Try to make cycling at least 3 times a week for at least an hour walking pace may vary.First, eat slowly, and then five minutes later, start to increase the pace, after 10 minutes it again slow down to allow the muscles to relax.This ragged pace walks will prevent your muscles get used to the load and help permanent fat loss.
  • If you feel tired, go to the easiest pace and finish the walk, calming breath and heart rhythm.

Terms cycling

To strengthen the muscles of the legs and back before take cycling, doing daily exercises to strengthen their .So you will be easier to start cycling.First you need to learn how to keep a balance, so lower the seat lower.Then return the seat to its original position.The first time you can drive 900 meters, gradually increasing the distance each time.

Increase distance cycling twice, preferably by the end of the week.After a certain time, when you feel ready, you can increase the distance to the Pass of 6-7 kilometers, and even up to 10.

But do not try much to persist, otherwise instead of calories you will burn carbohydrates.To keep the protein compounds in the muscles, before go for a bike ride, you can eat a little bit.Do not forget to bring water, and try to drink every 15-20 minutes and not to increase the burden dramatically.

Biking are of enormous benefit to all of you.They have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels, and lungs, and all muscles of the body.Biking is one of the best ways to lose weight. They occupy a worthy place in the process.If you compare the benefits and challenges before you start cycling, you will realize that the benefits that they bring to you very high, and they are worth all your efforts.In the street - spring and biking are waiting for you.

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