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If the joints crunch - what to do?

Crunch joints may annoy, harass, cause pain, it may be a harbinger of serious diseases of the joints.Why crackle joints modern medicine has not been fully studied.Healthy joint moves smoothly without sound, good lubrication ensures the synovial fluid.Crunch constitutes a violation of cartilage slippage in motion.If not treated, the cartilage wears, the pressure begins to bone tissue, leading to arthrosis.

If the joints crunch - what to do?

know the reason crunch joints need to react in time and does not bring the situation to a critical point.

Why crackle joints?

  • physiological reasons crunch becomes a violation of the matches of the articular surfaces.
  • reason crunch may be inflammation in the muscle due to the high load.
  • high mobility of the joint can lead to crunch.
  • Aggravation of osteoarthritis.
  • crunch statutes can result in trauma.
  • salt deposits in the joints causes a disturbance of tissue elasticity.
  • Hypodynamy.

If the joints crunch - what to do?

  • liver disease.In violation of its functions, it ceases to produce collagen - the basic building blocks
    of cartilage.
  • Renal failure, upsets the balance of fluids in the body.
  • Excess weight leads to excessive stress on the joints.
  • frequent cause crunch may become a bad habit to crackle joints in her arms.First, it can make people happy, and then will cause arthritis and arthrosis.To get rid of the habit should be treated nerves.
  • reason crunch could be age, the older the person, the greater the problems with joints.
  • Endocrine diseases.
  • Heredity.If you have old, many arthritis sufferers, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the prevention of disease.

In most cases, a crunch in joints is not dangerous, but it's a bell that says you have to think about their health.Crunch - a forerunner of joint destruction.Do not bring up to a crunch in joints hurt.In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

If crackle joints - what to do?

methods of disposal and treatment of joints can be very diverse.It all depends on the degree of neglect and proper diagnosis of the disease, entailing a crunch of joints.

If the joints crunch - what to do?

  1. In some cases it will be sufficient to relieve the joint, reduce the load.This can help make the orthotics that limit mobility.Splints - fix the joint.
  2. suitable for external use ointments with anti-inflammatory effects - Fastum gel, diclofenac.
  3. doctor may prescribe drugs to restore joint structure - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate.But reception of these drugs can lead to complications, they are also contraindicated in pregnancy.Take them permanently dangerous to health.
  4. The joint may impose an artificial articular fluid.Injections are required several times a year.
  5. In the most severe cases may require surgery to replace the joint.

When crunch joints on the hands, it is not so dangerous than the crunch of joints on the feet, the legs after experiencing a tremendous burden.Slender legs are less prone to joint problems, if the axis is broken, we should expect trouble.It is important to pay attention to the increase in joint swelling and joint evidence of the disease.

Preventive measures

to crunch has not passed to the next stage, you need to change your lifestyle.

If the joints crunch - what to do?

  • Stay active.Since lack of exercise is the cause of the crunch, the active lifestyle can normalize the functioning of the joints.Type of load is selected depending on the problem areas.Sport activities and help people who are overweight.Movement increases blood circulation in the joints.It is best to go swimming, rollerblading and cycling.
  • Proper nutrition is essential for healthy joints.The diet helps to reduce the weight and accelerate metabolism, restore the joints.Dietary food depends on the disease, which provokes pain in the joints.

Food for joints

Jelly must be included in our diet, as this dish contains a destructive cartilage contributes to the restoration of the joints.That's why with age love aspic progresses.Only it must be remembered that the very fat aspic can lead to excess weight, increase the burden on the liver.For cooking, choose lean white meat.

helpful for joints eat seafood and dairy products.

If the joints crunch - what to do?

But the real fount of health are raw vegetables and fruits.Flavored salad oil, cold pressed.Eat sprouts and nuts, drink at least 7 glasses of fluid a day.

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Physical activity and proper diet will reduce the risk of diseases of the joints and relieve you of their crunch.

Especially for - Elena

August 20, 2013 10:08
If crunched joints - so any problems with them.And to solve the problem with the cartilage-hondroprotektory drugs such as rumalon.It can be taken (by injection) even prevention.
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April 23, 2015 19:04
Elena if joints crunch, it is the first symptom of osteoarthritis.The disease is unfortunately irreversible, so it must not run, and treat.Don drug copes well with the symptoms and slow the disease process itself.And I began to lose weight and eat more or less correctly.This is also important.Do you agree?
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