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The use of lavender

Lavender is perhaps one of the most amazing plants on its extraordinary beneficial properties.

As is known, lavender comes from the Latin word «lavare», which means "to wash", and for good reason lavender is such an interesting name.

Since ancient times, lavender was used as an antiseptic and wash.In fact, this plant came to us from ancient Rome.The Romans used lavender almost everywhere: for bathing, food, as well as one of the medicinal plants.

However, since then, it took many hundreds of years, most of the information about the beneficial properties of lavender is lost, but this does not prevent the world-famous plant firmly embedded in all spheres of life.

Applications lavender

  • Perhaps most surprising is the use of lavender in cooking.The fact is that lavender has a very bright odor.The taste of lavender is no different to any sophistication, and even on the contrary, has a bitter taste.However, many of the world-famous chefs use in their recipes lavender as a seasoning for sauces and
    salad dressings.To make lavender seasoning, it should be dried and then milled.
  • lovers of teas, probably also a little surprised to learn that lavender added to the dry tea leaves .Certainly lavender is added not in pure form and mixed it to a total range of taste and smell, it only adds to its unique touch of flavor.

  • Lavender has a very bright and intense smell, some people even suffer because of him headaches when long inhaled the smell of small lavender flowers, this is due to the fact that the smell is so saturated with the aroma - how rich the plant itselfproperties useful to man.
  • Moreover, it is known that of lavender flowers make great toilet, such as perfume, designer soaps, bath salts .
  • most widespread lavender received in medicine and cosmetology.Most often, doctors say that the scent of lavender, patients become calm, quiet, lavender helps people get rid of stress, depression and insomnia even .Generally, lavender is often used in a variety of massage parlors as aromatherapy, it allows you to completely relax masseur patient before the massage.
  • Estheticians also use lavender as Lavender is a very good antiseptic , mikroranki well heals and saves your skin from peeling and redness.

How to apply lavender?

Lavender can be used in different forms: dry, lively (plant with flowers), as well as oil.In today's world often use essential oil , since it contains the highest quality concentrate useful properties of lavender.

  • To correct psycho-emotional state, use lavender, adding a few drops in an aroma lamp, and five drops enough so that the beneficial properties of lavender soothe your nerves.
  • It may seem incredible, but it is known that the use of lavender during labor reduces pain and speeds up the process of labor.
  • useful to add a few drops of lavender essential oil in taking baths: if after a hard day your feet are tired, you can make a small bath for the feet and fatigue will pass quickly.

  • At massage essential lavender oil can be added to the basic massage oil and rub into the skin of the back and limbs.
  • essential lavender oil is widely used to eliminate the inflammation in the respiratory tract, for that a few drops of essential lavender oil added to a variety of inhalers and incenses.
  • essential lavender oil use inside, as it is very good for the urinary, reproductive system, as well as the organs of the digestive tract.In no case can not be used inside the oil in its pure form!This is important to remember. If you decide to take lavender oil inside, you need to dilute it common vegetable oil in a ratio of 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 drop of essential oil of lavender.

  • For fans of different varieties of tea, you can add several scroll, nly drops of essential lavender oil into the dry tea leaves, cover and let stand for several days.Believe me, after you open a jar of butter tea as it should, will fill all of its contents incredible aroma and tea endow all necessary useful properties.
  • for relieving headaches can mix lavender oil with any other butter and put it on a gauze bandage, apply it to the forehead, you can also put a few drops of essential lavender oil on your fingers and gentle massage vtiratt whiskey.Headache certainly decrease.
  • Summarizing all the above-mentioned methods of use and application of essential lavender oil, it may be noted that Lavender helps with many diseases due to its complex and unusual structure.

The variety of essential oils is very large, but the lavender oil is one of the most commonly used oils, as it is considered a universal tool that can remove not only physical pain, but also reduce the appearance of these emotional states, like insomnia, psychosis, manicDepression.

There is a set of precautionary measures, which should be read in advance before use.The use and application of lavender oil is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, epilepsy, and in the first months of pregnancy.

Lavender oil can not be used when undergoing chemotherapy because of cancer, and should refrain from simultaneously receiving drugs containing the elements of iodine, iron and lavender oil.

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