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The deposition of salts in the neck: Causes and Treatment.

deposition of salts in the neck is popularly known as widow's hump.This disease develops slowly enough, every year exacerbating the situation.The deposition of salts not only causes discomfort and brings pain, but also adversely affect the appearance.The first symptom of the disease are pain in the neck and shoulders, which are aggravated by physical effort.There are several ways to get rid of salt deposits in the neck.

Widow hump: treatment

The deposition of salts in the neck

Most often people are exposed to this disease, leading inactive and sedentary lifestyle.To prevent the development of widow's hump need to be constantly in good physical shape.In the case to prevent the disease does not make sense, can help complete and efficient treatment.

The type of treatment depends primarily on the severity of the disease.At the very beginning of development, the main method is physiotherapy, which includes electrotherapy, ultrasound, heat treatment, etc.Further treatment may include: pharmaceutical treatment of pain, treatment by in

jection, medical gymnastics, intervertebral disc transplantation.

Surgical treatment - it is always the last option.There are times when without it simply can not do.Usually, this happens when the vertebral hernia.

Launched salt deposits in the neck causes a lot of health problems.It may impair the mobility of the brush, and in very severe cases, develop a violation of the fingers.Deteriorating cerebral blood flow, which in some cases causes a stroke.The first signs of spinal artery syndrome and circulatory disorders of the brain - a regular morning headaches, pain in the neck, blurred vision, nausea, throbbing headache, etc.

If left untreated cervical osteochondrosis, disease starts to progress and move into the chronic form.The brain is constantly suffer from lack of oxygen, may develop vascular dystonia and gipertoniya.Postoyanny lack of oxygen leads to a deterioration of memory and the development of dementia.

Upon detection at the first symptoms of the disease, consult a physician immediately.If necessary, it will assign you to an appropriate treatment that will prevent the development of disease.

How to remove a hump on the neck?

The deposition of salts in the neck

There are several effective popular recipes that will help you remove the hump on the neck.

  • compress of salt and honey.Mix 1 tablespoon1 tablespoon honeysalt.The prepared slurry Put on a bandage or gauze wrap and place on the sore spot.To the neck is well warmed up, lock wrap woolen scarf.The procedure is repeated until, until there are visible results.
  • Bean broth.In 1 liter of water boil 5 tbspbeans.Pan with broth wrap in a warm blanket and leave overnight.In the morning, strain the broth and take 400 ml per day as long as your condition does not improve.
  • Aspirin tincture.Crush 10 tablets of aspirin and pour 250 ml of vodka.Put a tool in a dark place for 2 days.As a result, you get quite muddy mixture, t. To. The tablet is not completely dissolved.The finished tincture rubbed sore after the massage areas or make a compress.
  • Laurel tincture.Pour 500 ml of alcohol 2 tablespoonswillow bark and bark lilac, 1 tablespoonbay leaf.Add 50 mg of alcohol camphor and put in a dark place for 3 weeks.Every day, shake the vehicle.Ready material must drain and daily rub the neck.
  • ointment on lard.Mix 100 g unsalted lard, honey and floral eau de cologne.Add 1 tsp70% vinegar.Mix well and wait for the dissolution of the solid ingredients.Lubricate sore spots prepared ointment is recommended twice a day (morning and evening) .Maz stored in the refrigerator, and eventually loses its medicinal properties.
  • Rice medicine.Thoroughly rinse the rice, fill it with warm water and put in a dark and cool place at night.In the morning, drain the water, take 1 tbsprice, boil it in pure water without salts for 4 min.Ready to eat porridge on an empty stomach.The remaining rice again fill with water, and in the morning, repeat the procedure.Tibetan monks believed that the cereal absorbs the excess salt, thereby bringing it out of the body.

Besides national resources, with deposits of salts on the neck copes medical gymnastics, swimming and vitamin C.

deposition of salts in the neck: Photo

The deposition of salts in the neck

The deposition of salts in the neck

The deposition of salts in the neck

The deposition of salts in the neck

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Cervical osteochondrosis - this is not a harmless disease that can pass with time on their own.On the contrary, it only progresses if not start timely treatment.If you do not pay attention to the disease, it can lead to serious consequences.Get rid of the salt deposits in the neck can be important not to be lazy and get things done.Before using a particular method of treatment is recommended to consult a specialist.