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Fish oil capsules: User

Fish oil - animal fat, which is found in fish and get out of it though.As a child, the parents feed their children fish oil, to provide the body with necessary nutrients and boost immunity.Just the taste of fish oil is not very pleasant.Today's children are more fortunate - is now available in fish oil capsules.

benefits of fish oil in capsules

Fish oil contains essential vitamins A, D and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3) .

Use of fish oil capsules

  • Vitamin A is good for sight preservation, health and beauty of hair, nails and skin, is beneficial to the health of the mucous membranes of the nose, the growth of bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D helps to keep in good condition bones and nails, helps enrich the body's calcium and phosphorus, prevents muscle cramps, normalizes the nervous system.
  • Polyunsaturated acids (omega-3) dilate blood vessels, reducing blood clots, reduce blood cholesterol, prevent the development of atherosclerosis and help to burn fat in the body, relieve inflammation.
  • Admission fish oil capsules uplifting.

Fish oil capsules: indications for use

  1. With a lack of vitamin A and D
  2. the treatment of eye diseases
  3. To prevent bone malformations
  4. to enhance immunity
  5. for the prevention of atherosclerosis andthrombophlebitis
  6. When depression and memory impairment
  7. To speed the healing of wounds and burns places

Fish oil capsules: indications for use

Fish oil capsules: contraindications

  1. Individual intolerance
  2. High blood calcium
  3. kidney stones and gallbladder
  4. thyroid dysfunction
  5. Hemophilia (reduced blood clotting)
  6. Acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis
  7. Renal failure

Infants may be given fish oil intended purpose only pediatrician.

How to take fish oil capsules?

healthy people are advised to take fish oil for the prevention of 3 grams per day (1-2 capsules daily). Fish oil capsules taken with food .The course of treatment - one month with a break of 2-3 months.

How to take fish oil capsules?

People with certain medical conditions need a different dose of fish oil.At high levels of triglycerides - 4 g capsules a day of fish oil.In rheumatoid arthritis - 8 grams per day, the syndrome of anti-phospholipid antibodies in pregnant women - 5.1 g

In any case, need to consult a doctor .

Use of fish oil in capsules: reviews

  • Olga: «Previously, all children were given fish oil to prevent rickets and to hurt less.I almost did not hurt, unlike their peers who were not fed this medicine.Now it is easier to take - release capsules.My immune system is compromised - underwent chemotherapy.Drink fish oil, and not sick at all.The doctors do not even believe.So take, damage will not be exact, if you measure a benefit. "
  • Jan: «2 years ago during pregnancy to take fish oil capsules.After the start of reception (during the dangers of abortion) and III trimester (of 2 courses) immediately I felt better.Now once again I began to take the hair, skin, nails and well-being have improved significantly. "
  • Mila: «I have an active lifestyle, the coach recommends fish oil capsules.From his daily consumption of tangible benefits: after stress, the body recovers quickly, and the mood is always great. "

The use of fish oil in capsules: reviews

  • Lyudmila: «I started to give her son in fish oil capsules.I want to refuse vaccinations, was a lot of information about their negative influence.And how to protect their children?How to strengthen the immune system?Vitamin A helps protect against infectious diseases.Recently, the child had been ill with SARS, other kids at 38.5 appointed antibiotics, and my without antibiotics for 5 days on his feet.It's fish oil. "

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Fish oil - is an excellent tool to enhance immunity, prevention and treatment of many diseases.However, before deciding on its admission, should consult with a specialist.

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