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White Bloodroot: application and reviews

Potentilla white - a perennial herbaceous plant with large flowers, with a thin stem and thick rhizome.Flowers Potentilla white flowers like strawberries. white Bloodroot blooms in late spring - early summer, but in the nature to find it is not so simple.

white Bloodroot is widely used in folk medicine - it is used for the treatment of all forms of thyroid disease.Potentilla white affects the thyroid, restoring its lost functions.Also, using the white cinquefoil can cure liver disease, especially if they are accompanied by jaundice.

White Bloodroot: application and reviews

white Bloodroot: application

  • apply bloodroot white recommended for rheumatism, stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, arteriosclerosis, dysentery and gout.In addition, white bloodroot well cleans the blood.
  • white bloodroot can be used in different forms.
  • ointment of cinquefoil white .It is used in inflammation of the joints, osteochondrosis and radikulite.Zaleyte 5 g of crushed white powder cinquefoil 200 g lard or melted butter.The mixture is cooked for abo
    ut 7 minutes on low heat.Strain.Rub the ointment of the white cinquefoil in the sore spots.
  • tincture Potentilla white vodka. Pour 50 g of crushed roots of Potentilla white 0.5 liters of vodka.Place the tincture in a dark place for 3 weeks, occasionally shaking the jar with a tincture.Tincture of cinquefoil white taken 25 drops 3 times a day.

White Bloodroot: application

  • tincture Potentilla white water.Pour 1 tablespoon chopped roots Potentilla 1 tbsp.Cold water.Insist within three hours after, bring to a boil, pour into a thermos and leave for 10 hours.Thermos must be periodically shaken.Strain, dilute a little warm water to the initial infusion of 0,5stakana obema.Nastoyka taken 3 times a day.
  • decoction of cinquefoil white.Pour 3 tablespoons crushed root of Potentilla white 2 tbsp.water in an enamel vessel, bring the broth to a boil and simmer 5 minutes over low heat.The broth must be insisted about 4 hours, then strain. Take decoction of cinquefoil white 5 times a day: 1 day -1 tablespoon 2 tablespoons a day -2, -3 tablespoons Day 3, Day 4 -4 tablespoonsTake a break for 3 days, then repeat the treatment.Course duration - 1 month intervals.
  • decoction of cinquefoil white - a universal recipe.Pour 2 tablespoons dried leaves of cinquefoil white 400 ml of boiling water.Pour the broth into a thermos and leave for 8 hours.Divide the broth to 4 admission and drink the broth for 20 minutes before eating.

white Bloodroot: reviews

White Bloodroot: reviews

  • Lisa: «I had a problem with the thyroid gland, the endocrinologist diagnosed 1A - a small degree of the disease.Wrote some iodine tablets on the basis of every summer went by sea.Read online about cinquefoil white, began to take the instructions.Amazingly, but health has improved significantly, and goiter was gone. "
  • Natalia : «I know that you can cure hemorrhoids bloodroot white - check for yourself! I think that should help the white cinquefoil and prostatitis.I read on the Internet that even women of fibroids and cysts resolve.I can say one -vospalitelny process that causes prostatitis, will take place exactly at the expense of its bactericidal action.To the result, it is necessary to wait at least 3 courses of treatment. "
  • Lyudmila: «With white cinquefoil, I got rid of cervical erosion.Frankly, this is not a pleasant thing.If someone has a similar problem, try white bloodroot.With cervical erosion handled using douches decoction of the roots of Potentilla white. "
  • Elena: «Potentilla white - a real lifesaver for many diseases, especially of the thyroid.The roots of Potentilla bought from private owners.My friend is also using white cinquefoil rid of thyroid disease.Try this wonderful tool, but under the knife you always have time to go! ".

White Bloodroot: reviews

  • Vladimir: «All those who wrote that bloodroot white - this is nonsense and it does not work, then there is something wrong doing.Drink white bloodroot, and you marvel at the results.Only need to do it right!I myself have experienced the miraculous properties of cinquefoil white on himself and his wife! ".

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great white Bloodroot helps to cope with diseases of the thyroid gland.However, it is not recommended if you are hypersensitive and highly visible hypotension.So before you take the white bloodroot, consult your doctor.

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