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Why red face?

When the outside we see a man with a red face, the first thing that we think in this case, is that something people shy is intoxicated or angry.

Actually person may blush for a variety of reasons depending on the health status .Redness on the face may cause lupus, argentaffinoma syndrome and some blood diseases and symptoms of rosacea - a skin disease that occurs particularly in women.

Why red face?

Blush face: rosacea

In most cases the reddening of the skin in rosacea is characteristic of adolescence.These patients feel as they face reddens dramatically without any apparent reason, and then the redness disappears sharply.This is due to the expansion and subsequent vasospasm face .If you do not treat the disease, it can cause serious and unpleasant changes in facial skin - facial capillaries can remain extended in a plurality of spider veins.

Due to the constant lack of oxygen the skin becomes uneven, subcutaneous tissue begins to grow, particularly around the nose, the nose may increase slightly in size

and change its shape, begin to appear on the skin of rosacea.

The reason why there is this disease is still not fully identified.The opinions of experts differ in many respects.It currently attracts what redness occur in the area of ​​the trigeminal nerve .But the main way to treat rosacea is the use of antibiotics of the tetracycline group, the treatment that is 1.5 - 2 months, also appointed by the B vitamins, PP.It is not excluded the possibility that the disease is caused by microorganisms.

specialists, identifying rosacea patient, immediately warned that in addition to possible deformation of the face, this disease does not cause any aggravated consequences. With proper and timely treatment of rosacea is not developing on the first stage - redness of the skin.


Rosacea promotes psychological travmyu many people, because in our society it is assumed that the hallmark of any man is his face.Redness of the skin causes a lowering of self-esteem, inhibits a person's confidence and engenders a lot of complexes.

Today, for the treatment of rosacea is not present, only specialists can advise patients to avoid factors causing disease.For vulnerable skin needs special care: sparing, soft, do not contain alcohol and acetone oils, gels and soap for washing.Cosmetic products must be free of grease, especially for acne skin. There are some cosmetics that prevent vasodilation.They can be used at the earliest stage of the disease.To get rid of acne, if there are no contraindications, use products based on izoretinoina.

cause redness facial rosacea may following factors:

  • sunlight,
  • eating pungent foods, coffee, tea,
  • abrupt change in air temperature,
  • hot food,
  • stress and emotionalvoltage,
  • alcohol.

In response to these factors, the skin on the face begins to redden. Women often redden cheeks and men - nose.

Other causes facial flushing

  • not always our face is red because of skin diseases .Due to a number of reasons may occur rapid expansion of capillaries, blood flow to the skin increases, causing it becomes pink or red.In addition to the blush can and other body parts.
  • For scientists, it is a very interesting and little-studied phenomenon that is directly related to our consciousness.In another way: the brain orders the body blush and a person can not independently control this process.Often reddening of the skin occurs against the will of man, because he may feel some discomfort. person may blush of embarrassment, shame, a surprise and comes with it is only in the presence of others , but by himself why people do not blush.

Why red face?

  • Scientists around the world for many years trying to solve the mystery of the redness of the face and often come to unexpected conclusions.Because of all sentient beings on the planet only people blush, respectively, it is associated with the development and the ability of people to assess themselves and their actions from the side.Even monkeys, most coming to man from all animals have the ability to redness.
  • Recently, scientists have theorized that people blush because of the desire to earn the favor of the people around them.After conducting some experiments, it was found that people blush after commit an act that causes those around empathy, and more worthy of forgiveness.However, blushes people against their will , especially blush can only units throughout the world.
  • interesting that this behavior is observed in animals, even if they do not blush, but if they come into conflict with a strong special, their behavior begins to resemble the behavior of a confused man - an animal begins to show that it is weaker and is ready to pay the penalty.Usually after such a reaction striker loses all interest to the victim.
  • Many people shy of its redness, and sometimes it even develops into a phobia.Man afraid of blush, because of this more and more red, constantly fixate on redness, which can lead to the breakdown. Phobia redness, erytrophobia , treated by surgery, intervention therapist or the passage of a course of treatment drugs.

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addition, person may blush because of the low air temperature, exercise, wind, alcohol, that is - from what can cause vasodilation of the skin .So the body reacts to changes in the environment and contributes to the regulation of heat exchange for their own normal functioning.

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