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Goutweed: useful properties

Goutweed - this grass is growing on many cottages, and her struggle as a weed.However, it has the nutrients, beneficial and healing properties that it is better to leave it to strengthen its immunity, produce vitamins and improve the general state of his health.

composition goutweed

Goutweed contains a lot of protein, pectin, vitamin C, carotene, which is indispensable for the eyes, and many other vitamins. It contains essential oils, coumarins and calcium, without which there is formed bone tissue.Even without calcium, vitamin D, which is part of goutweed, assimilated perfectly.

Use goutweed

  1. From goutweed do compresses and tinctures, which help in the treatment of rheumatism, gout.
  2. Use goutweed help improve the condition of hair, nails and teeth.
  3. In diseases of the intestine, bladder, prostate, kidney, liver, goutweed will have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects on the body.It will help to strengthen the liver function of detoxification of the body, normalize salt metabolism, improve t
    he stomach and intestines, stop inflammation.
  4. Goutweed has choleretic and diuretic.

goutweed How to apply?

Fresh leaves can be rubbed into the sore spots with radiculitis, rheumatism and gout.The juice from the young plants will help in the treatment of erysipelas, diathesis and allergies.Thanks poliatsitelenovym goutweed compounds can be used to treat fungal infections of the skin.

harvesting rules goutweed

aerial part and roots are medicinal goutweed, and the grass dried in the air, avoiding direct sunlight, finally dried at a temperature of 30 ° C is usually in the dryer.The grass dried better at the end of May - June.Dried herbs goutweed best kept in sealed glass jars are not more than a year.Goutweed roots harvested after the plant ottsvetёt.They should be rinsed under running water and put to dry in the shade.

Infusions of goutweed

To prepare the therapeutic infusion of goutweed, will need 2 tbsp.chopped goutweed.They need to fill in an enamel pan and pour a glass of hot water.Pan cover and making a water bath, boil 15min.Cool for 50 minutes, then strain through 4 layers of cheesecloth, squeeze.Then add the boiled water just enough to get the volume that was.This infusion should drink per day, equal doses.

3 teaspoons of goutweed, pour 2 cups boiling water and put infuse for 2 hours.This tincture taken before meals 0.5 cup 4 times.

tincture of the roots of goutweed

From the roots, too, can prepare the infusion.To do this, take a container, pour back the roots of goutweed, so they filled it 1/3 and pour the vodka.Place the container in a dark warm place and leave for 2 weeks.If you need to compress or lotion, then dilute the resulting infusion of half water.She can wash.This tincture can be taken as prevention of obesity and even cancer.

Goutweed from joint pain

from joint pain can help these liqueurs, made of goutweed.Take equal parts of dried leaves and cinquefoil goutweed, mix them.Take 5 tablespoons of the mixture, pour into a glass jar and fill with 0.5 liters of vodka.Then, close the jar and put in a dark warm place to infuse for 3 weeks.Take tincture into the need for 15 minutes before meals, three times a day, stir 1 tablespoon in 1/3 cup warm water.You can also rub the tincture in the joints that hurt.

Dried and powdered leaves pour boiling water.The proportion of 0.5 liters of boiling water to 1 tablespoon.spoon leaves.Drink before eating 2/3 cup liqueur.Drink at least a month to the grass time to have a positive impact on the body.Throw sharply impossible.

Goutweed culinary

Goutweed can simmer, cooking and baking.Young leaves goutweed, you can add in soups, soup, hash, salads.They can be shifted to the smell of vegetables for harvesting.They can be booze in the winter, and marinate the roots.And all the vitamins that are essential in the winter and that is not enough, you get by adding sauerkraut goutweed in their dishes.Dried leaves, you can then make them dry powder and add to dressings and sauces, as a spice.

canning goutweed

for canning goutweed you will need: parsley, and dandelion leaves goutweed, celery, carrots, onions.On the whole 100 grams of greenery taken 1 kilogram of leaves goutweed.Go through and wash the greens, then 4 minutes problanshiruyte.The resulting water drain and finely chop the herbs.Carrots and onions also finely chop and add to the greenery.All mix thoroughly and place in a jar.Then you need to fill 10% of chilled brine, cover and sterilize 20 minutes, if the glass jars 0.5 liters, or 30 minutes - if 1 liter.After that, banks cork.This goutweed very well suited for soups in winter.

soup goutweed

To prepare the soup, take 200 grams of goutweed, egg, 25 g onions, 125 grams of potatoes, wheat flour, vegetable oil, sour cream, spices and herbs to taste.Goutweed need to go, wash and chop.Make meat broth, and put the prepared goutweed.Cook until half cooked, add the sliced ​​potatoes.In the oil and sauté the onion for 3 minutes before the end of cooking, add to the soup.Pour the flour to the broth was of medium density.When the soup boil, turn off, it is ready.By submitting to the table, add the soup half hard-boiled egg, sour cream, a piece of meat from which the broth is made, and do not forget sprinkle with herbs.

main advantage of all the herbs goutweed is its previous appearance in the gardens.She - the first of our plants, which can provide the body with vitamins, during the spring beriberi. Goutweed contains many useful for the human body substances.There is even an opinion that the composition of goutweed is similar to the structure of the human blood so it can be eaten without harm to their health for a long time.

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