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What good red caviar?

Once upon a time red caviar in Russia is not considered a delicacy.She was on the table in every home, ate it for breakfast and it was worth a penny.At present, the situation has changed - caviar has risen and has become a real delicacy.To. We do not often buy the eggs, we do not know how to select.Unfortunately, not all manufacturers comply with quality standards.In order not to miscalculate, is armed with the necessary knowledge.

How to choose a high-quality caviar?

Before you get to the table eggs are carefully processing.First, the eggs are sorted by quality and maturity, and then separated from the film and were washed thoroughly with cold boiled water.Then, in a special solution is salted and canned.

quality processing and proper cooking is only possible in the factory.Better to buy eggs in large supermarkets, where observed carefully check the goods.You should never buy the cheapest product on the market.

What good red caviar?

If the question is what to buy caviar - in bulk or in cans, should give preference

to the latter.Loose eggs daily exposed to harmful bacteria, in addition you do not exactly know the date of manufacture and expiry date, so there is a possibility to buy expired goods.

caviar in tins carefully protected from external factors, you will know the date of manufacture, but can not consider the product itself - the main drawback.The only way to check the quality of canned caviar - shake the packaging: if it is bubbling, then, it is too much brine.

quality product has a whole eggs, no crumpled sides that fit snugly to each other. The total weight of the bank should have a reddish color, a sufficient thickness without extraneous residues (films lopantsa, blood clots, mildew and white precipitate).

Buying caviar in the bank, be sure to read the information on the label.Nakachestvennoy always have guests, as well as written on the variety.First grade means that the eggs are perfectly matched in size.2nd grade allows to mix the eggs of various salmon species, which makes the product less presentable.

on the label, the manufacturer always indicate the composition of the product.As well, the structure includes eggs, salt and preservatives.Without preservatives, it is kept not more than 2 months with preservatives product can maintain freshness for a year at an optimum temperature.

in Russia as additives used sorbic acid (E200) and preservative urotripin (E239).The latter is a toxic substance, so it is not often used, changing to new methods of preservation of the product.One is pasteurization (decontamination at high temperature).To keep moisture in the calf, is added to the product glycerol (E422).

There are general rules for the selection of the product:

Caviar is recommended to buy in a glass sealed package;

  1. Carefully read the labels.The most expensive and high-quality caviar Salmon caviar is considered, 1st grade;
  2. on the bank with a product must necessarily be information about the manufacturer, the address, the GOST, date of manufacture and packaging and shelf life;
  3. Eggs should be solid, not crumpled, without byproducts.They should fit tightly to each other;
  4. Caviar should not have too liquid consistency;
  5. As part should be caviar, salt, not more than 1 - 2 of preservatives;
  6. tastes red caviar - without harsh bitterness and srednesolenaya;
  7. size of eggs should be the same, and the color - uniform;
  8. When applying the eggs on a sandwich, eggs should be easily separated from each other.

How much does a nice red caviar?

addition of a natural product, the stores are often sold artificial calf prepared from protein products (milk, eggs, gelatin) supplemented with flavorings, colorings and flavorings.In order not to confuse the artificial eggs with this is to scrutinize labels and analyze price.

This red caviar can cost less than 700 rubles per 1 kg.Although even the synthetic product prices greatly overestimate, to deceive consumers.

Red caviar fish which is better?

What good red caviar?

eggs are valuable to us different kinds of salmon fishes: salmon, chum, coho, trout, salmon, sockeye and chinook salmon.As the number of fat, protein, and the usefulness of all the eggs the same, but the look and taste different.

Gorbuscha universal taste, so like most people.Eggs gorbushi average size (about 5 mm in diameter) with a fragile shell, orange or light orange color.

coho roe different shades of burgundy and a small diameter.It tastes slightly bitter, so the amateur.

trout roe the smallest in diameter (about 2 - 3 mm).A distinctive feature is the color - from yellow to bright orange.

sockeye salmon roe has a diameter of about 4 mm and a pleasant taste.Currently sockeye salmon caviar hardly find in stores, because of the mass extermination of the fish.

caviar chum salmon can reach a diameter of 5 - 6 mm.Large eggs have a strong ball-shaped, amber-orange color, dense skin and visible fat speck.Often the eggs of chum used to decorate dishes.

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caviar chinook salmon is the largest in diameter and can be up to 8 mm.It has a bright red color and tangy taste bitter.Currently, chinook spawn not find in stores, t. To. This fish are listed as endangered.

Red caviar - a useful delicacy product, which includes a variety of vitamins and trace elements.Despite the positive properties abuse caviar is still not worth it, otherwise it may disrupt the metabolism.To indulge in a truly tasty and quality product, care should be taken to her choice.

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