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The mango helpful?

If you eat a mango every day, your body will get a huge amount of useful minerals and vitamins.Mango helps to quench your thirst and improve appetite.It can be a prophylactic against the incidence of certain diseases.

Mango contains in its structure the necessary rate of vitamins C and A. It is possible to eat and fresh, and prepare various dishes from it.Even from its rind can be prepared medicinal tea.

Composition mango

  1. Mango is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamins B, D and E.
  2. It consists of xylose, glucose, sucrose, maltose and fructose and other useful carbohydrates.
  3. This fruit is also rich in amino acids, which are not produced by the body, but which are indispensable for human health and can have a positive impact on overall health.
  4. The structure includes a large number of mango carotenoids.
  5. real treasure of the mango is a high content of iron, potassium and calcium.

Thanks to a special combination of vitamins, mango can strengthen the immune system and protect healthy cells

from oxidation.

Useful properties of mango

  1. Mango will be useful for inflammation of the mouth and gums, pain in the stomach, disease of scurvy and the common cold.
  2. mango leaves are a good cleaning agent and even used by the bite of a scorpion.
  3. Mango can be taken to prevent the occurrence of cancer of the reproductive and urogenital system.
  4. Use it reduce tension, improve your mood and even improve sexual ability .
  5. Ripe mangoes can be used as a laxative, diuretic and internal bleeding.
  6. mango juice helps with acute dermatitis will have a rejuvenating effect, helps people suffering from rheumatism and diabetes.
  7. Mango can prevent arthritis and to heal wounds.

healing recipes mango

  1. unripe mango with honey and salt will help to save from hemorrhoids, constipation and diarrhea.
  2. To prevent stagnation of bile, eat two mangoes with pepper and honey every day.
  3. to strengthen the heart muscle , within 2 weeks chew small pieces of mango.Keep your mouth mango longer.
  4. The leaves can be cooked decoction of mango to improve eyesight due to diabetes.
  5. It will also help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and pancreas, to get rid of varicose veins.
  6. mango seeds help in asthma.
  7. mango pulp can help in the treatment of "night blindness".

Contraindications to eat mangoes

Skin mango can cause allergies, so better to clean it with gloves.Unripe fruits in large quantities can cause irritation of the stomach and respiratory tract, the appearance of colic.Ripe fruit in large quantities can trigger a blockage of the stomach, constipation, hives and fever.

How to choose a mango?

Mango has a shape that looks like a heart, and usually weighs 1 kg.It has a thin skin and flesh, reminiscent of peach.Mango red and yellow is ripe and ready to eat.His maturity is manifested by compression of the fetus in her hand.Ripe fruit should spring.Mango has a strong flavor, is juicier.

Immature fruit will quickly become ripe, when they leave for a few days.When buying a mango peel inspect and try to touch.The flesh of the fruit must be soft, the skin - elastic, shiny, dense and smooth.Ripe mango is burnt orange.At the ripe mangoes out where the stem should come fragrant fruity odor.

How to properly clean a mango?

Mango need to take and cut into 3 parts.Stone must stay inside.The side portions put in hand and make them transverse and longitudinal sections.The skin must remain intact.Incisions are made up of the skin.After that you need to take for mango halves and turn to it arched.The pulp can be cut with a knife.After that, clean it from the skin and cut the flesh from the bones.

How can you eat a mango?

Mango has a sweet, juicy flesh.It is eaten fresh, added to salads, make him a smoothie, cakes, cocktails and desserts.Mango can be served as a garnish for fish and meat.To prepare a mango cocktail take 2 mango fruit and 150 grams of yogurt, 1 lemon 0.5 cups of boiled water.Wash the mango, cut a thin layer of the skin and remove the seeds.After that, the pulp in a blender chop, add water and whisk again.After that, pour the yogurt and lemon juice.Again whisk cocktail.

Mango for weight loss

Mango will be useful for the process of losing weight .It can be used in milk-mango diet.It is the combination of mango milk improves metabolism.To lose weight you need to eat per day more ripe mango and drink their milk.The day is considered a normal aspect ratio of 4 kilograms of mangoes to 5 liters of milk.

Cooking cream dessert mango

need to prepare 2 kg of mango, 2 tsp. Vanilla sugar, heavy cream and fresh mint.First Peel the mango and cut the flesh, put in a bucket, bring to a boil, until mangoes are tender.Then put it in a blender and whip.Whip cream with mint and put the vanilla sugar.Ready mango put into a glass and decorate it with cream and mint.

Mango has rich mineral composition, and contains a lot of vitamins. mango leaves also contain herbal tranquilizer that helps relieve tension and stress.A mango juice mixed with carrot, help to prevent the appearance of kidney stones and bacterial infection.Mango can help in the treatment of many diseases.Its juicy flesh not only bring you an incomparable pleasure as tasty fruit, but also help strengthen your immune system and health.You have to choose the form in which you want to eat his first piece of mango.

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