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Why can not boil water twice?

Water - one of the most unique substance in nature.It is necessary to man each day.An important factor in using it is the purity and the absence of contaminants.Poor water quality can be extremely dangerous for the body.Therefore, before using it is usually filtered, frozen or boiled.

What happens to the water when boiling?

Every one of us to boil water.Some use it as drinking water, further cooling.Most brew tea.Very often you can hear that the water can not be boiled twice.There is an opinion that such a fluid are dangerous to humans.They explain this by the fact that even when the first long-term decay heat useful minerals.In the second alleged boiling water does not remain anything useful.

Boiling is necessary in most cases.The tap water harmful bacteria can live.They die after 2-3 minutes of heat treatment.But it is worth noting that some dangerous microorganisms are not afraid of high temperatures.In this case, boiling powerless to cope with the problem.Also in this manner can not be removed

from water salts of heavy metals.

Why can not boil water twice?

is believed that the water can not be boiled twice due to the fact that it can become a "heavy".In terms of chemistry - is a myth.The heavy water is virtually impossible to create at home.This is a complex process.On this result will only affect long boiling for many years.

In addition, heavy water is not lethal to humans.It is relatively quickly excreted from the body.

boiled water quality may depend on the type of teapot.Many people do not boil water twice a plastic electric kettle.They believe that the reaction takes place with plastic.In fact, if the polymer is allowed to use as a material in which water is heated, it is safe.

Injury can cause much chlorinated water.It is already at the first heating reacts with plastic.The liquid begins to emit various dangerous substances.They can be preserved and re-boiling.Therefore, the problem rather than the secondary reflux, and water in the composition.Before heating the electric kettle made of plastic it is necessary to defend in a glass container.

possibility of harm from second-boiling can be and if the tea is made of poor quality material, which is added plasticizers.These substances do less brittle plastic.They begin to be released during heating.It turns out that we drink water or tea with a dose of plasticizers.So do not buy a cheap Chinese appliances.Cost - direct indicator of quality plastic.The service life of dummies of safe material - 3 years.After that, it is better to replace a new one.

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Boiling water: myths and facts

Why can not boil water twice?

  1. Some explain the harm boiling that disrupted the structure of the liquid.In order to deal with this recall such a thing as memory of water.It means that the molecular composition of the liquid stores initially dissolved substances in it.When heated, the alleged failure occurs that memory, and the water becomes dead.Official science does not recognize this fact.The scientific name of dead water - distilled.In fact, it is a liquid devoid of all impurities.It is prepared by a complex process.As heavy obtain distilled water at home is almost impossible.
  2. Another reason for the feared re-boiling - the loss of oxygen in the liquid at repeated heating.It becomes less liquid composition already during the first heating.
  3. Thus, by boiling the water quality is important.Chlorinated water is dangerous, as in the first and in the second heating.When re-heat-treated liquid becomes tougher.It is softer than usual, from the tap.
  4. Boiled water will not cause harm to health under the following conditions:
  5. Settling or fluid filtration.From chlorine to evaporate water and heating does not occur the formation of carcinogens
  6. correct utensils for boiling.Do not choose kettles of cheap plastic.When heated, the water it is allocated plasticizer
  7. Cleaning the kettle from scale.This allows you to deliver water from the impurities that accumulate on the walls of the cookware.

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myth about the dangers of secondary boiling likely associated with the danger of boiling water straight from the tap.It contains a lot of chlorine.It is already after the first heat will contain carcinogens.Therefore, the water just before the first boiling is necessary to defend.Risk of double-boiled water is totally dependent on its composition.

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