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How to eat nods?

Recently, the shops there's such an unusual vegetable with fruit flavors like Kiva.In another way it is called the African cucumber, horned melon and English tomato.This exotic fruit has come to us from Africa.Due to its unique taste and beneficial properties nods, more and more gaining popularity.

Fruit nods looks like?

How to eat nods?

Fruits nods different oval shape and yellow-orange color, the shape they resemble a small melon with pimples or large cucumber.Their core is a gel with a greenish white seeds.Fruit grows on vines nods up to 6 m. Its leaves are different hard edges, resembling small leaves of cucumber. To taste it resembles a lemon, banana, melon and light taste both Kiwi .But sometimes differ excessive watery.Kiva grow fruit now and in the Crimea, but not as a vegetable, and as an ornamental garden decoration.During the growth of vine begins to branch out and quickly creates a large tent for the gazebo.The most unique is that it actually relates to the nods of vegetables cucumber species, but its

unusual taste makes you think that it is a fruit.

How useful fruit nods?

  • nods fruit belongs to the watery fruits.It contains a lot of moisture, 100 g - 90 percent.In addition, its composition is rich in proteins, fats and carbohydrates.It contains a nod and a variety of vitamins, especially B and C. There is in it and useful minerals: phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium, sodium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium, necessary for the proper operation of the heart.It features low calorie fruit nods.100 g of product contains 44 kcal.His frequent use helps to get rid of unnecessary kilograms and increase the tone of the body.

How useful fruits nods?

  • but good for the heart potash belongs to the nods, ensures proper operation of the body, regulates the acid-base balance and the amount of water improves blood, ensures proper muscle contraction. These properties explain its benefits for people suffering from gastro-intestinal and cardiovascular diseases.
  • In addition, fruit juice nods promotes rapid healing of wounds and burns.In winter, he will be a valuable source of vitamins, strengthen the immune system and allowing prevent beriberi.It differs and tonic effect, which is important with severe mental and physical stress.And for dietary fruit will become an indispensable element.The fruit can be consumed nods during any diet, and even obesity.
  • Useful nods for children differs rich content of vitamins and minerals.It allows you to quickly strengthen children's immune system due to the high content of ascorbic acid, beta-carotene and vitamin PP.It is used in cosmetics, most often to create a mask with honey and yogurt.

How to eat nods?

How to eat nods?

  1. When you select an exotic fruit, once there is the first difficulty, how to properly clean and there.Fruit nods no difficulty. eat it raw, it allows you to get the maximum benefit from the fruit. It's enough to wash the fruit and peel.
  2. In addition, cut into cubes, you can add a variety of salads and desserts.It goes well with seafood and nods, as well as soft cheese and ice cream.Because it is also possible to prepare an unusual sauce for fish dishes.Prepared from nods and juice, which can be used as fresh, and adding a variety of cocktails.Particularly well with this product with milk.
  3. this unusual fruit is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 30 days.If the fruit is not quite ripe, they can be left in the room, wrapped in paper.5 days later they ripen, then they can be put into the refrigerator.If you have food allergies or severe predisposition to it, there is this fruit in large quantities, is not recommended.It is best to try to start just a little piece.

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Many exotic fruits, not only offer a unique and unusual taste, but also have many useful properties.Since relatively recently it appeared in stores and fruit nods, which combines multiple flavors.In fact, it belongs to the vegetables, cucumber genus, which explains its juiciness and sometimes even watery.There are nods fruit can be raw or adding to salads and juice used as an excellent addition to milkshakes.

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