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The use of bee pollen

What we know about bee pollen?We - just a teacher, tour managers, salesmen and people of other professions who are far from medicine.Yes, almost anything, given the fact that today in the court of the age of more advanced technologies and information flows down to us, like lava from an erupting volcano.This lava in most cases does not carry useful information, and if it carries, we can hardly notice it because of the large number of annoying advertisements.But raspoznatpo truly unique phenomena that surround us - is a great success today.It will talk about one of these.

Bee pollen - an amazing substance.If expressed in scientific language, or bee bee pltsa obnozhka - a pollen grain of the flower, gematofity -muzhchkie sexual elements.And more recently - in the first half of the 20th century, it has been proved that the pollen is useful.

known that bee pollen consists of flower pollen that worker bees collect.This 'natural' pollen has a bracing, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antiviral, antibact

erial, antifungal, anti-sclerotic and rejuvenating effect.

It helps when the nervous and physical fatigue, pregnancy, disorders of growth and development.Also pollen perfectly treats complex diseases : anemia, exhaustion, loss of the cardiovascular system, prostate disease, impotence, insomnia, severe hair loss.

Apply bee pollen all over the world, it is available in our country.If you decide to be treated bee pollen, then keep in mind: the quality certificate must be present.Without confirming the authenticity of the documents should not buy any drugs.

beneficial properties of bee pollen

I must say that even healthy honey and cereals together contain less good than bee pollen.One-third of all the protein that neobhodm man has pollen, plus a large number of amino acids that are necessary for the normal development of the organism.

  • The composition of bee pollen are also natural carbohydrates, minerals and trace elements, which are combined so that the "give" body health, energy potential.It may seem that bee pollen from too much use, so much that it's just hard to believe.But it's true! Bee pollen has beneficial effects on the body razlinchye processes: reproduction, nervous system, blood circulation, hormonal balan with.
  • The bee pollen contains vitamins of group P, which is not found anywhere else.These vitamins strengthen the walls of capillaries and help the body cope with various kinds of infections.
  • Bee pollen - an amazing product in which there is complete harmony and order in respect of components.There is nothing superfluous.As the saying goes: "All brilliant - just."
  • Another important and poisstine fantastic fact about bee pollen: it identified an antibiotic, which delays the formation and development of tumors.

Indications bee pollen

  1. depression, neurasthenia, fatigue, psychosis
  2. headaches, memory loss, fatigue
  3. atherosclerosis, karonarokardioskleroz, angina, heart disease ishimicheskaya
  4. hypertension and hypotension
  5. liver dysfunction
  6. gastritis, colitis, eneterity
  7. conjunctivitis, eye disease

As you can imagine, the list goes on. Bee pollen - a drug bezretseptny , but before taking it against such serious diseases, should consult a doctor.

How and where you can use bee pollen?

Of course, the first way to get healthy bee pollen - is to take it with food.We tell you a few secrets that will help you get rid of certain problems.

Bee pollen anti-fatigue

Here's one recipe that help recover mentally and physically after a long exhausted, eliminate physical fatigue. This "mess" is ideal for the elderly.

Take 1 tbsp of good honey, mix with 1 tbsp.l.bee pollen and 2 tbsp good sour milk home.This drink should be stored in the refrigerator for a day, and then take the entire dose at once in the evening.

Bee pollen against hair loss

Take 200 grams of pollen and fill it with 100 grams of water, leave to swell.Next, add one egg yolk and rub into the hair for 15 minutes.Hair should be washed off and the hot and cold water.

Bee pollen respiratory diseases

Mix 0.5 tsp pollen and 0, 5 tsp of honey.This sweet "pill" should dissolve in the mouth 3 times a day.

There is a large array of home recipes from all sorts of diseases.They are serious enough to simply trust the "grandmother's advice."These complex diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease and liver, and many others can be cured by a complex of drugs, the list of which includes bee pollen.But first - a consultation with a doctor.

Bee pollen - it legkopoddelyvaemaya mixture.So before you buy it, make sure it is genuine and harmless.This pollen to be irregular in shape (pellets).Such pellets do not have to be glued, crumbly texture - this is the first sign of naturalness.It can be colored: the primary colors - blue, yellow, brown, red.The smell is not bright, taste real pollen pleasant and sweetish .

bees work every day to bring you the pollen.The most difficult work they do.For you there is only the right choice of pollen and careful application.Take care of yourself and listen more to ourselves!

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