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Calorie-cooked rice

Currently, there are quite a number of different diets that are based on rice. That is why many girls are interested in the question of whether, how many calories in a boiled rice .In fact, first of all, it should be considered not, how many calories in rice , but how quickly those calories can be digested in the stomach.

Calories and speed of assimilation of rice

Fastest digestion and assimilation of rice takes place in the interval between eleven o'clock in the morning and two hours of the day.At this time, you can afford a little portion of the increase.Then this portion will not harm the figure.

Calories of rice depends on its variety. example:

  1. White boiled rice - 110-115 calories;
  2. Brown cooked rice - 120-125 calories;
  3. black brown cooked rice - 100-105 calories;
  4. Krupnozernovoy boiled rice - 100-105 calories;
  5. Long-grain parboiled rice - 140 calories.

As can be seen, the calories are really different, but not much.Thus, boiled rice, on average, contains approximately 110-115 kcal


However, a set of extra kilograms are known to affect not only the amount of calories in the product.Even a greater influence and content of carbohydrates in this product. So the least carbohydrates in the raw boiled rice.

What determines the caloric content of cooked rice?

Calorie boiled rice depends not only on its class, but also on some other conditions.

  • region where rice was grown.
  • weather when growing rice.
  • Care and treatment of rice when it is grown.

Calorie boiled rice with the addition

Fig pure, absolutely no nothing, we eat rarely.In most cases, rice is a garnish for fish and meat dishes, as well as one of the ingredients of salads.

  • If boiled rice cooked with meat , then this dish will be much more calories.
  • If boiled rice cooked with vegetables , in this dish will contain fewer calories than in the "empty" rice.
  • When cooked rice used fats - butter or vegetable oil, thus increasing the caloric content of rice as a whole.

Rice diet and weight loss using cooked rice

best diet containing rice, - this mono-diet.That is, throughout the diet do not eat anything besides rice.If you decide to choose for themselves a diet in the morning boil a small portion of rice.Then, divide this portion into several parts.One part of you will have to eat at a time.Thus, the whole day you equal parts, eat all the rice, boiled you in the morning.

No need to get carried away too much rice diet, especially mono-diet.Receive less useful substances, the body will be very unwell chevstvovat. maximum possible duration rice monodiets - two weeks.But do not forget that eating rice can cause constipation.So do not forget to drink plenty of fluids, more than you eat at the usual time.

If you want something sweet, but so as not to harm the figure , you can prepare delicious rice pudding .It is very low in calories, and it is preparing a total of 8 minutes!

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