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Meet growing wild Albitius possible on the Black Sea coast and in Crimea.Holidaymakers sometimes called mimosa tree for white, red or pink filaments that actually resemble the structure of the flowers.However, actually, Albitius - a tropical or shelkovayaakatsiya.It is considered the birthplace of Lenkoran lowland.

This high (up to 12 meters vvysotu) deciduous tree with a spreading crown.Leaves Albitius delicate, consisting of many small fraction, but most decorative effect have flowers.


Lenkoran Acacia is best adapted to life in conditions of dry and warm climate.The tree can survive the drop in temperature, but not lower than -10 ° C.

Albitius very light-requiring, never grows in the shade of other plants.Flowering begins in late May - mid-June, ierather late, but flowering is usually very long and abundant.The tree can to please his flourishing view until September or October, the duration of flowering depends on the weather.The leaves fall off late, around the end of November - early December.

have a rest in the Crimea often have a desire to grow a tree in your own garden.Feasible desire: in a temperate climate Lenkoran acacia may grow just fall slightly growing season.You can also grow this tree house in a large pot, the main monitor the growth and regularly trim the crown.

Reproduction Albitius


propagated Albitius can be in many ways: the seeds and cuttings and root growth, and even with the help of vaccines.

The easiest method of propagation - Department of root shoots.However, the plant must still be at rest.

can try albitsiiiz seed germination.Experts advise before planting necessarily carried out "hot" stratification of seeds.For this, they are placed in hot (but not more than 60 ° C) water for 5-6 hours.In the first year seedlings can grow quite slowly (up to 20 cm), but it is not desirable to feed becausea large concentration of fertilizers in the soil can harm the roots of young plants.In addition, nitrogen fertilizers (if a little too far with them) may affect the timing of vegetation and the speed of "aging" of the cortex.Therefore, the trees may remain poorly protected for the winter, and in the case of heavy frosts heavily damaged or even die.Feed the seedlings can be Albitius no earlier than the second year of life.

can practice multiplication silk acacia using cuttings.To do this, cut off from the middle odrevesnevevshih shoot cuttings with 2-3 buds.They were treated with stimulants rooting and are planted in loose fertile soil.

Features care silk acacia


If you decide to grow Albitius indoors, remember a few rules:

  1. It photophilous plant, but it should be protected from direct sun.
  2. air temperature during the growing season to be in the range 20-25 ° C, in the winter - approximately 8-10 ° C.
  3. During warmer months, it is necessary to make the plant into fresh air.
  4. during the flowering need abundant watering Albitius defended water.In winter, watering should be limited, but avoid drying earthen coma.
  5. feed the plants should be during flowering complex mineral fertilizers.
  6. Trimming crown should be done after flowering.
  7. optimal substrate for tropical acacia - a mixture of peat and sod ground sheet with the addition of sand (1: 2: 1).

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