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Crafts from the thread with your hands: the job description, tips and tricks

woolen thread as a material for DIY are very comfortable.At a minimal cost, you can get a charming decorative detail, which will decorate apartment or become part of a small gift to a loved one.Pieces of thread can be supplemented homemade cards and even upload the whole picture, but because of the dense skeins - making vases, lamps and so on. Interior details.

Flowers thread with your hands: the creation of a dandelion

Flowers of the thread with your hands: the creation of a dandelion

of woolen thread, you can quickly make adorable fluffy balls, dandelions.You will need a small amount of yellow threads which are wound on the palm flat: between 2 fingers umya thread need to change direction - start of his fingers and bring out from under them.When a dense textile fabric, in the center, where the direction changes, you need to skip a string of collecting it all wound.Then, on the same side to distribute PVA glue.

When the glue is a little grab, a web of thread twisted into a roll, the center actively zamatyvaetsya new thread, to get the kind of "dumbbell", and

again need to apply a sufficient amount of glue into place the windings.After 4-5 hours. Glue is dry, and "dumbbell" in the middle can be cut into two parts - it will buds of dandelions.At the top of the thread is also cut to the tips of violence, and they need a little fluff.Summary preform formed.

now need green woolen thread and a long thin wire, which you want to wrap the threads, completely covering her real color.Approximately 100 cm green thread should be cut into pieces the length of 4 cm, which draped yellow "bud" around the bottom, and the free length of the segment of fixed.Will only impose a flower on a wire stem, and a small dandelion ready.

Doll thread of his own hands: the history and performance of

Doll of the thread with your hands: the history and implementation

  • Dolls made of thick yarn still in Russia, putting them in the basket for a newborn - it was peculiar charms.In addition to those that guarded the babies were podorozhnitsy dolls, as well as, of course, dolls, started talking of love, luck and so on. Spheres of life.Our ancestors believed that transferring part of their energy in the process of creating a doll, they can provide it with magical properties.Today, of course, the puppet strings of doing more for fun than with any practical purpose, but even in this case, it's always a nice little gift to the donor part of the soul.In addition, children like good pastime trains fine motor skills.
  • to personally make such a doll, it will take only a coil of thick thread and scissors of any color.If desired, you can use several different threads: some of them will go to the body as a future doll, and some - for her hair, and even become part of clothing.
  • initially need to be wound on the side of his hand set by a number of threads: the amount of pick and choose, focusing on the thickness of the thread and the desired parameters doll.After that, the thread breaks, and part of the wound carefully removed from the hands, keeping its vertical position.Top skein need to tie that he has not broken up, and the first thin thread tie up his already wide, separating the upper part from the rest of the zone.It should get a small head and long body.
  • scissors wound round the bottom of the thread is cut, the ends hanging evenly.On each side is required to separate the approximately 7-9 threads (depending on the total number), tie up at 2/3 of the length, the rest of the short cut.It will hand puppets.Then, the new thin thread bulk of thread ligated slightly higher than the middle - this is the waist doll.
  • If you want her to have a "dress", different in color from the body, it must be prepared separately.To do this, colored threads wound on 4 fingers flat, next to each other, then carefully processed PVA glue and dehumidified.Once they are hard, they can be removed from the hands, cut the top and bottom, positioned at the doll and to fix a new thin thread.
  • hair are almost the same: 3 finger wound brown thread are tied on top of the center to the place of fixation side fell two brushes, and cut at the bottom.Then, each brush is braided in a tight braid spot fixing "hair" are placed on the doll's head, fixed a couple of stitches, or put on a PVA glue.

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chandelier thread: how to make your own hands?

Chandelier of the thread: how to make your own hands?

those who appreciate unusual stuff in the house, can come to taste a lampshade made by hand from the thread.Traditionally, it is performed in the form of a circle, but it can stretch or flatten.In addition, some small shades of this type can go to the creation of a large candlestick with candles-washers.And in this way the use of such lamps is not an end.And to make the main frame, in addition to the threads need PVA glue, and what form will play a role: the easiest way to work with a balloon, but you can take, for example, suitable for a silhouette vase.Then the children will also need a fat cream to create a layer between the surface on which the thread will be installed, and the material.

Threads need to immerse themselves in the PVA glue, which is a ratio of 2: 1 is diluted with cold water.Long withstand the thread in the mixture does not make sense, just soak them in a sticky substance, and immediately start working with them.While the glue is absorbed and dried, wrapped thread form - in this case, a vase.Exactly how to do it - it does not matter.You can start with the transverse lines and then reach the longitudinal, can alternate between them.On the overall strength of the final design of the scheme does not affect netting.

But the most interesting looks chaotic winding, not too tight, to keep the gaps.Then through the finished lampshade light will break through flat beams.In addition, when a chaotic distribution of threads, if they tear during removal from the mold, they can be the same way glue arbitrarily, and no one would guess that somewhere there is a "patch."

Winding shape, remember that you later have to remove it.If you are working with a vase, do not cover the broad side - the area of ​​its mouth.If the thread is wound on the air-filled balloon that can be punctured and throw leave exactly the hole, which will be enough to then put the resulting lamp shade for a lamp or a candle to cover them.That is a circle with a diameter of 5-7 cm.

glue to dry product may require 8-10 ch.Vazhno wait until the thread will be tough, will not pull in different directions.After that, the form of the lampshade can be removed, thread covered with paint from spray, to give them back a little bit dry.Continued use of chandeliers depends on where it was intended: it can be put on the lamp, secured with stiff wire, and can be put on top when floor lamp.

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Crafts from woolen yarn and glue: ideas and tips

Crafts from woolen yarn Vegetables

Crafts from woolen yarn: Christmas toys

Crafts from woolen yarn and glue: Tree

Crafts from woolen yarn and glue: horse

Crafts from woolen yarn and glue vase

Crafts from woolen yarn and glue: carrots

Crafts from woolen yarn and glue wreath

By analogy with lamp discussed above,You can make a basket for the home or small things big toy, if varied forms, which are pasted over threads, and complement other crafts produced. details.For example, several small balls of thread and glue, seated on 2 large bowl, snegovika.Krome form of a thread, you can work in the art of twisting: in this way is easy to fold the whole picture from a thread, but it is strongly recommended before this outline sketch of it on cardboardto know where and how to attach the piece.

But the most practical and attractive handicrafts made of thread with your hands - it's accessories.For example, you can obtyanut thread plastic bracelet, breathing into him the second life.And not necessarily to do with geometric precision: can be treated with glue and thread in the same chaotic manner put them on a plastic surface, do not forget to complete and paint from a container.Additional decor may make beads, crystals or feathers.

Crafts from thread: Video

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Create handicrafts made of thread with their hands - not only exciting, but also safe, since it does not uses any sharps.Therefore, it is perfect even for leisure with the young children.Do not get your ideas into a rigid framework, try to do something new, combine colors and materials - the art of loyalty to any experiments.

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