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Small breeds of dogs: the name and description of the main characteristics

Small breeds of dogs in today's modern life - the one option that is most appropriate.They are no less mobile than their hosts, there may be a rented apartment, and without the constant walking, as opposed to the larger breeds.In addition, small dogs loyal to the new family members and guests, and therefore do not have to hide from the pet nagryanuvshaya visitors or children.

smallest breeds of dogs with photos and names

With an impressive list of positive qualities of small dog breeds is very difficult to find a pet to taste.Meanwhile, even in a large group of ornamental species, there are many characteristics of each breed that can not be ignored when choosing a pet.The following are the smallest breed of dog with key nuances of each of them, in general, to a rapid comparison you failed to find a perfect four-legged friend.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested actively gaining popularity among fans visually unusual rocks.If we draw parallels with cat breeds, it is the same as the sphinx, but with a small amount o

f wool.Chinese Crested would be correct to call almost naked - except for the tail and limbs, as well as areas on the head, this dog hair on the body is not.Puppies transition from clean areas to the hairline very smooth, in older individuals fur is long, lush.

themselves medium-sized dog, at the withers barely reach 33 cm, their weight does not exceed 6 kg, but the average is 4.2 kg.Perhaps this is due to its exotic appearance in China, representatives of the breed were considered almost mystical animals that have the ability to care.In addition, these dogs are very developed intelligence - they are not only "find common ground" with each of the owners, but also do it with a "personal touch", in addition, they are absolutely not aggressive, though, and are wary to unpleasant fact lyudyam.Interesny- Chinese Crested controlled with its front paws, like a man with his hands can touch or hug the owner.

Shih Tzu

Asian small rocks on the Chinese Crested does not end there - no less attractive as a pet and a Shih Tzu bred in Tibet.It is slightly heavier weight - 7.5 kg, but will be lower at the withers Chinese Crested: the largest of the breed hardly reach 28 cm., With an ulterior motive of this breed dog belonged to Chinese emperors, the character at the Shih Tzu difficult, representatives of the breed havesome innate pride and arrogance.This Shih Tzu is very strongly attached to all the members of his family and relentlessly follow them, so the breed often take for people aged especially prone to loneliness.

Despite its small size and light weight, the Shih Tzu - a very hardy dog's physical development and not used to unduly favorable conditions in which the cultivated decorative indoor dogs.In addition, they do not need frequent-range, easy to get used to the toilet in the apartment.Therefore, their perception of more severe conditions, you can not worry - dog emperor able to live not only in the palace.

Of these Shih Tzu hardy and brave little dogs isolated miniature pinscher.It's almost a small copy of a Doberman, having common roots with the breed, but more friendly and relaxed.Doberman Pinscher height capable of reaching 30 cm and weight adults rarely heavier 5 kg.Representatives breeds have strong limbs and well developed muscles, endurance, gait strong forepaws raised.

Miniature Pinscher

Pinschers are trained willingly, quickly grasp the team easily accustomed to new places, including the time of determining the toilet away from home.Although friendly, the breed can not be called very open to people and animals.But it turns out that a great guard dog, especially in the countryside, where it copes with the task of catching rats.It is important to remember that wool from pinscher is very short and does not provide adequate protection from the cold, so winter walks with the dog require that its insulation.

Pet dog breeds small size

Pekingese in demand on the part of those who want a quiet and affectionate friend of the family.Representatives of this breed do not have too much activity do not produce much noise, respond well to training and can exist without frequent walks focusing on the home environment.Pekingese do not require special care, do not require significant physical exertion, especially because of the imperfections of their breathing apparatus.

only thing that can spoil the impression of them - it is their stubbornness.If a small dog refuses to eat, it does not convince, as well as if it is decided that sleep in the living room - much nicer than its assigned place.Despite its size (in Pekes no more than 5 kg) and visual softness, representatives of the breed in any family consider themselves the masters, so this dog is best where there are no small children.Attempts to zatiskali Pekingese unlikely to survive tenaciously - must show its character.The same applies to cases of lack of attention - it will take a Pekingese with a vengeance, recalling his existence upside down flat.

Australian Silky Terrier, having in his famous relatives Yorkshire Terrier, for those who are poorly versed in the rocks, not much different from the rest of their "family."Lap dog up to 25 cm at the shoulder and weighing up to 4 kg is loved for its strong nature, friendly, nekaprizny character and poise.

This is a great gift to a small child, begging dog, because communicating with children from silky terriers there is no conflict.In addition, they are easily trained and are trained.The hunting instinct, like the other terriers, developed very well, so the country Silky Terrier often acted as the Pied Piper.The representatives of the breed are very clean, if there are permanent paddock, keep them in the apartment is easy.

But most easily amenable to training toy poodles from standard poodles are distinguished only smaller - up to 27 cm at the withers.Representatives of the breed often can be seen on the stage: a good memory allows them to solve puzzles more complex than raising certain legs.As the number of indoor decorative rocks, toy poodle can be very spoiled, but remains gentle and friendly, very quiet.

experienced dog handlers say that the representatives of this breed are very similar to young children, and therefore to raise toy poodles applied accordingly.With them, it is important to find the line between pleasing promotions and rigor.For owners of Toy poodle attached very strongly in separation and shows it is experiencing a child: can organize a huge mess in the house, chew all the flowers, etc.

the smallest dog breed: maltipu or Chihuahuas?


Almost all small dogs - bred artificially.It happened with maltipu - hybrid Maltese and a poodle.This cheerful compact ball of fur until his death remains a puppy purely visual: the withers maltipu barely 30 cm, weight ranges from 2-3 kg.The representatives of the breed are not subject to molt, very lively, energetic, always in a good mood, easily trained, which took over from poodles.It is believed that maltipu can treat people clearing their energy, but such is inherent in almost any animal.In addition, representatives of the breed - wonderful friends for small children: Nezlobnaya, flexible, convergent with any person or animal.

The smallest breed of dog, according to the British list, priznanychihuahua.Some representatives of the breed hardly reach 12 cm at the withers, and the standard weight for them - 0.5-1 kg.It's really tiny pets that, surprisingly, also have the makings of watchdogs.This Chihuahua is very soft in nature, sensitive, a little shy.They are easy to get along with new people, drawn to the children.Mind stable, and the mind is sharp enough - Chihuahua not only grasp and remember everything they said, but also have the ability to analyze.


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Small breed dogs were taken for good reason: despite the fact that they are not obtained from the watchmen or rescuers, by temperament and nature are wonderful companions, easily chased away any boredom.By his intellect lap dogs in a little inferior to close.This proves the fact that the number of small dogs is papillon - breed, recognized as one of the 10 smartest dog breeds.So you can safely watch a pet among the small breeds - it will become a full member of your family.

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