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Azalea: nursing home

Among flowering houseplants azalea takes pride of place, or as it is also called flower, alpine rose.In Japan, this plant is actively used in the art of bonsai, and it is considered the birthplace of Asia.Azalea quite whimsical, but it's not deterred growers.This flower is enclosed in a time and effort.


Azalea Varieties

  1. ground Evergreen plants in regions with mild climate can be grown as a garden shrub.
  2. Deciduous azaleas ground can grow outdoors in the warmer months, but in winter they are taken into the room.
  3. Indoor, greenhouse or Indian azalea.Azaliirazlichayut on the timing of flowering: early (November-January), intermediate (January-March) and late (February-May).Thus, the flowering plants: November - May.

azalea flowers in glossy, very decorative species vary in size and structure.There are many hybrid forms, so it is difficult to identify any unequivocal appearance characteristic alpine rose .Among color dominated warm colors such as white, pink, red, orange, yellow and other shades

of all sorts.

How to choose azalea

Buying azaleas, should pay attention to the state of the leaves (if they are dry, limp, showered, it shows the wrong care or disease).It is better to opt for a plant with no flowers blossoming, Al dense buds, which can determine the future color of flowers.

Azaliyumozhno grow their own from cuttings, but this process is quite complicated.This is best done in spring (March - April) and summer (July and August).Health cuttings cut shoots of 10 centimeters.The lower leaves should be removed, the field which the cuttings 6 hours immersed in a solution of lower cut kornevina.

Preparation of soil: Gravel 2-3 cm, top 3 cm sand, earth (better - coniferous) 10 cm. In the resulting substrate are planted cuttings, abundant watering.Cuttings must be sprayed every day and cover film.After 2 months cuttings produce roots.When the substrate is heated from the bottom up to 25 ° C rooting faster.

Memo care azalea

  1. Azalea light-requiring, but it should be protected from direct sunlight.
  2. temperature must not fall below 10 ° C, but does not rise above 20 ° C.
  3. Watering small portions: the summer - in a day, and in the winter time - twice a week.Water for irrigation is necessary to defend during the day that she vanished from all the chlorine and lime settled.
  4. Repot after flowering azalea possible, it is advisable not to do it more than 1 time per year.
  5. To maintain a neat appearance of the plants wilted flowers should be removed.
  6. Since azaleas shallow and very delicate root system, grow in shallow eёsleduet pots with good soil drainage.
  7. plant nutrition carried out in spring or summer, Nona more than 1 time per week.
  8. Azaliyanuzhdaetsya regular spraying, but not during flowering.
  9. To koruna was more magnificent azaleas, pinch the plant in late autumn, leaving 5-6 leaves on the stem.

fight against diseases and pests

deserves special attention the issue of pest control because decorative azalea boleetdovolno often.

most common azalea attack aphids and whiteflies.These insects can cause considerable damage to the leaves of plants.There are many drugs to combat these pests.If you are seriously decided to breed Alpine roses, you should just be reserved by such means.

Azalea often affect various fungal infections (and, above all, Phytophthora), which may even lead to the death of the plant.This can occur due to excessive humidity and stagnant water in the soil, so to watering should be treated very carefully.In addition, it will be useful to disinfect the soil before planting in her plants.

Azalea subject to rot - it can be formed on the leaves, if the plant is subjected to adverse conditions: draft, heat, cold.All this can lead to the formation of rust on the leaves, or gray spots.Such the affected leaves should be removed as soon as possible.

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If azalea leaves turn yellow - this may be a sign of chlorosis, it develops, if the soil is acidic enough.Best for softwood azalea soil, but can be mixed with conventional ground leaf humus or peat.

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