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How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Cockroaches - one of the most undesirable neighbors man in residential premises.They spoil food, contribute to the spread of various bacteria and infections.Some of the types of domestic cockroaches even bite!Fortunately, in today's world, there is a fairly effective means to get rid of parasites.You have only to study it and select the appropriate.

Folk remedies of cockroaches: proven options

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

There are both industrial and folk remedies to control cockroaches.In any case, for the complete elimination of pests you need somewhere 3 - 4 weeks.But be sure that with all the rules, pests will leave you forever.Boric acid

great help from cockroaches.She did not kill them, but acts vigorously.Upon contact with the acid cockroach, an insect overcomes the strongest itch, which is transmitted to his brethren.Thus, you can win the entire colony of parasites at a time.

Sprinkle boric acid places where you most often found cockroaches, including a bathroom, toilet, sink, garbage, vents, baseboards, etc.D

o not skimp on the means.It does not harm humans and domestic animals, and is not expensive.To handle the apartment, you will only need about 100 - 200 grams of acid, but with large hordes of cockroaches can at times increase the dose.

Boric acid can pour in raw egg yolk.Stir the ingredients until a thick slurry.From the resulting mass roll balls with a diameter of about 1 cm. Leave them to dry, and then spread out all over the apartment.Yolk in this poison acts as bait.

A good folk remedy for removing cockroaches is ammonia.When washing floors add ammonia to the water, soon you will notice that cockroaches leave your house forever.

struggle with cockroaches can be using beer.In a deep container, pour the drink, the edges of dishes grease with Vaseline.Beer will serve as bait, and petrolatum will not allow insects to crawl out of the tank.

Cockroaches - heat-loving insects, why not stand the cold.If you find pests in your home in the winter, leaving the apartment, you can leave the window ajar.So you and get rid of cockroaches, and the apartment is well ventilated.

Industrial means of cockroaches: list

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Besides folk remedies to get rid of cockroaches, there are industrial.However, the chemical poisons have to be extremely careful, because they can cause harm not only insects, but also pets, children and you.

  1. Gels - sold in portions in syringes.Ease of gels is uselessness pretreatment before use.The composition is applied in small portions at 15 - 20 cm apart around the perimeter of the room.Well proven gels "raptor", "Liquidator", "Killer", "Dohloks", "Globol" and "Clean House".Using the control of cockroaches such means, you will notice results within 3 - 4 days.
  2. Trap - small boxes with holes for the entry of insects.Inside the containers lies poison.Going into the trap of eating a cockroach bait and infect their relatives.Great demand traps firm "Ride", "brownie", "Combat" and "Raptor".With their help, you will notice first results after a week.
  3. Aerosols -raspylyayutsya in areas of detection and accumulation of cockroaches and they treated all the cracks, baseboards and door jambs.To the insects are not used to spray and have not developed immunity, it is more likely to change aerosols.Good drugs found "Raid" and "Baygon".
  4. Crayons fine 1-seeing once a week on baseboards and door jambs to get rid of cockroaches forever.Experts recommend the product "Titanic" and "Masha" - just a month they will withdraw from your apartment all the pests.However, chalks help only if the house cockroaches bit.
  5. -lovushki houses from cardboard boxes, built in the shape of houses.In the center of "home" is the bait.To cockroaches are not out of the trap house wall covered with sticky composition.A pleasant smell will attract more individuals.

If neither method does not help you get rid of cockroaches forever, should contact the special services.They go home with special equipment and chemicals for delousing.Businesses carefully handled the whole room, and cockroaches exactly disappear.

ultrasonic repeller cockroaches: reviews

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

  • Tatiana read reviews, order online ultrazvukovoyotpugivatel.Plug it in, a few days later the hamster stopped eating, and I have a husband and start a headache.Cockroaches and not withdrawn, but the family suffered greatly.More scares do not trust.
  • Vladimir: Bought the cottage, and then divorced a bunch of cockroaches.What we do not just grass - nothing helped.They decided to buy an ultrasonic repeller, but the miracle did not happen - thrown money away.Cockroaches only became more, and start whining dog.As a result, ultrasound kicked and called specialists.Now we do not have cockroaches, live in peace.
  • Irina: When the tenants in the apartment appeared cockroaches.Heard plenty of tips, bought ultrasonic repeller.All done on the instructions of cockroaches became less.However, with the scares we crayons kvartiryobrabatyvali perimeter and set traps and gels rubbed.I do not know what exactly went on insects.

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Cockroaches - uninvited guests that may occur in each apartment.Insects are not necessarily plant from dirt and unsanitary conditions, they can come from others. Space for ventilation or pipes.To cope with these parasites is quite simple, but you have to make some efforts, time to wait.Effective tools help to get rid of cockroaches in 3-4 weeks.

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