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Classic style in the interior.

fashion in the interior, as well as clothing, changes with each season.Designers are constantly in search of new decisions on registration of property.For those who adhere to conservative traditions and values ​​the combination of beauty and comfort, suitable classic style - the embodiment of harmony and spokoystviya.Takoy stilsochetaet the best traditions of the Baroque, Classicism, Rococo and Empire.

interior room in the classical style: a description

This style is perfectly suited for the decoration of the living room.As a rule, it is the most spacious and bright room in the whole house, there exists a lot of room for lush sofas, armchairs and luxurious curtains.

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

As in any other. Style, has a classic color scheme.This trend does not accept motley tones screaming.There are more appropriate noble, muted shades of red and yellow, sand and pastels, some elements can be used bronze and gold leaf.For furniture suitable for both light colors (white and beige), and the most saturated colors of bl

ack and mahogany.

walls and ceiling should not look flashy, should choose wallpaper with light-colored whimsical patterns, they can be milk, cream, beige, pale pink, light gray, and even gold.You can pick up and dark shades of gray, blue, brown, red.But it is important to remember that these colors should be muted may even have ashy hue.It is not necessary to use wallpaper wall design, they can be embossed with the image columns or any patterns.

also important clearance floor.Modern floor coverings offer us great opportunities: you can use the parquet of fine wood, or to make an artistic styling of marble with a circular pattern in the center and along the edges ornaments.To create the comfort of home, a small trail on the floor mat in the tone of a sofa and armchairs.If the flooring unremarkable, it is possible to compensate for luxurious carpets with patterns.

classic style - a wealth of colors and shapes.Not sluchaynochasto mentioned patterns, because it is an integral feature of the classics.They need not only to decorate the floors and walls, and wood pieces of furniture - chairs and handles the back, the legs of tables and chairs, cabinets, cornices, moldings on the ceiling.If you decide to decorate the ceiling, take it with attention, t. To. In some cases it may be superfluous.

curtains, upholstery and tablecloths in classical style is always made of expensive heavy fabrics: brocade, silk, velvet, satin, velvet, jacquard.

Classic can not imagine living without such details as heavy painted vases, paintings carved within, various statues and, of course, a chandelier.Luxury tier chandelier with elements of forging, crystal pendants and gilded - an essential element for the creation of a classical flavor.For additional lighting, floor lamps, you can use that will bring additional emphasis.

Kitchen interior in classical style: how to choose?

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

Despite the abundance of fashion trends in interior design, kitchen furniture made in classic style remains the most popular.Thanks to the best traditions of this style - the golden mean, absorbed the comfort, beauty, practicality and comfort are important for every housewife.What to consider when creating a classic style in the kitchen?

  • Firstly, there are clear frame colors: Avoid saturated dark colors, and the more striking, use only light colors - wood or pastel.This will help create lightness and visually expand the space.Unlike the living room, this is not obligatory pomp and whimsical forms.This is the realm of simple lines of completed creating unobtrusive.
  • In such an interior often use wood or artificial materials that imitate natural, you can use wicker and metal products.There is also appropriate technique of artificial aging furniture and others. Interior.In the classical kitchen all the attention should be focused on the kitchen, or fireplace, so it is not necessary to supplement the interior of small accessories.
  • often as decorations put collector dishes or exquisite service.On open shelves sometimes put metal dishes or candlesticks.The important is the lighting in the kitchen.Admit large crystal chandeliers, but forged the most practical.It is not necessary to focus on textiles.Curtains fit tight, but transparent to create additional lighting.

Interior bedrooms in classic style: features

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

Classic style in the interior

As mentioned earlier, the classic style does not accept the riot of colors and design of the bedrooms are no exception.The color scheme of the bedroom should be calm, do not strain your eyes and have a long rest.Classic style here should be the epitome of warmth and comfort.What should be in a classic bedroom furniture?

main subject in the bedroom - a bed, air and royally spacious.In the classic style used large double bed with a high decorative headboard.The head may be metallic with gold or made of wood, decorated with carvings.No matter what material it is made, at the first plan - technique of carving or forging.There are no right angles and cusps, but round and smooth curves in the tradition of the Baroque and Rococo.

to decorate beds often use inserts of leather or expensive decorative fabrics.In such an interior can be present antique tables, bedside tables and chests of drawers.Such a situation is quite expensive, so we can restrict modern furniture made antique.The stylized elements of the room will add refinement and create a special atmosphere.

If you are not sure that will be able to find the right furniture, which will be combined, can be purchased ready-made bedroom set, made in Italian or English classics.It is difficult to write in this style of modern household appliances.To hide all unnecessary, often in the walls form a special niche.

Classic style does not tolerate redundancy, so it is not necessary to pick up the bedrooms a large number of accessories.It will serve as a nice decoration luxury chandelier with the up lights that mimic candles.For evening lighting wall lanterns are ideal to match the furniture with wooden or metal beams.

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What else you need to design your house in the classical style?The main rule - a luxury, even in the smallest details.Here is the place expensive, finely made things.

Recently, designers are increasingly experimenting with colors in a classic interior, of particular interest are the facades of kitchens made in black or all white bedroom.It is a testament to the fact that the classic style that has developed over a long time, leave room for your imagination.

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