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Minimalism in the interior.

In order to feel comfortable at home, you must consider the stylistic solution of the interior.One of the most popular options today is minimalism.Making this style is suitable for many different spaces.It is appropriate in large apartments and studios with free planning.

Minimalism in interior: photo and description

Minimalism in interior

style became especially popular in the middle of the last century.This was due to the general tendency to reject the classics and a positive attitude to all innovative.Part of becoming a minimalist interior influenced the development of the industry.All over the world have started to make a lot of interesting material, which then began to be used in interior design.

Minimalism in interior

Even then you could see the minimalism of Japanese style features.Over time, this trend has only intensified.Now minimalist interior has been transformed.Asian stylistic features in some cases been replaced by Scandinavian.Moreover, its main features remain unchanged.

Minimalism in interior

still are prevalent opinion that minimalism

is very austere.Any designer knows that this is not so.Style is designed to create comfort.Thanks to him, the room becomes spacious and light.The latter is associated with a color palette and special lighting.In order to realize the minimalism in the interior of their homes, is familiar with its trailblazing features.

Minimalism in interior

plan.The style involves the creation of open space zoning.Things are arranged so as not to make the room visually less.When redevelopment cleaned door openings are altered under the arch.Very often, some of the rooms are combined.For example, living and dining room.This is due to the fact that minimalism required functionality.

Minimalism in interior

Lighting.As in the Scandinavian style, in this regard welcome the large windows.However, their form should be strict.The longer they are, the better.It promotes good natural light, which makes the room spacious and comfortable.Unfortunately, not all apartments can be converted window.Then come to the aid of additional lighting.It can be ceiling lights, located spot, lamps and sconces.The only condition - they should fit into the overall style.

Minimalism in interior

colors.Minimalism in the interior is achieved through the monochrome shades.Previously it was thought that such premises cold look.This was due to the abundance of metallic gray and white.Now you can use natural colors that resemble the color of sand, light wood.Also relevant gray.Almost all the designers are unanimous - minimalism is impossible without white.It is believed that it helps to create an interesting play of light and shadow.Besides white can be combined with contrasting colors.This is usually achieved at the expense of small parts - textile decoration (vases, picture frames).

Minimalism in interior

materials.A couple of decades ago, it was mainly used plastic and glass.Partly for this reason at the time it was similar to the minimalist style of techno.Now widely used natural wood, and others. Natural materials.The walls are painted or used liquid wallpaper.It is also sometimes done decorative plaster.As the flooring boards can be used.

As for textiles, it is best to choose something natural.For the minimalist style suits thick linen or cotton curtains.The main thing that was not on the fabric of active geometric or any other. Prints.They pulls attention to themselves and heavier space.It is necessary to pay special attention to the furniture.It must be done in strict geometrical forms.

If you have a small studio apartment, it is suitable minimalism can be very useful.In this case, you will not even need to replan.Suffice it to make zoning.You can use the screen or furniture.

Living in a minimalist style: description

Minimalism in interior

It is the most functional room.In it put small low wall cabinets and hanging shelves.As is the case with a bedroom, it is important to carefully choose the sofa.Best of all, that it was a simple rectangular shape.Welcome clear lines.Sofa, like the rest of the furniture can be a transformer.

Sometimes living rescheduled and connected with the dining room.It is quite appropriate.Dining group should be combined with other furniture in texture and color.That should not be allowed, since it is the abundance of paintings on the walls.If you really want, you can use 1-2 images.It is better to hang on the wall of black and white photos in beautiful wooden frames decorated in the mat.You can dilute the interior of a real or false fireplace.

are appropriate in the living room floor lamps with mechanical design.Also, do not forget about the small coffee table.It can be rectangular.Looks nice glass or wooden worktop.The table can be made more functional by means of the shelf underneath.

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bedroom in the style of minimalism: features

Minimalism in interior

This room needs to be done as comfortable as possible.Usually in such bedrooms not put a lot of furniture.Its center - the bed, which can stand on a pedestal or to be made in the Asian style.Bedroom in a minimalist style involves the use of zoning.Usually, it is carried out through various screens.

On the walls should not be decorative stucco and bas-reliefs.The ceiling can be tension.As for the others. Furniture, it is best to use a built-in cabinets or closets.The surface of the facades must be invoiced - better than matte.Some designers offer an eclectic solution when used in a similar interior bit classics.For example, it may be a chandelier.

Kitchen in the style of minimalism: design rules

This kitchen should be functional.It is thought the number and arrangement of drawers and cabinets.This helps to hide things, thus making the space more.Kitchen in the style of minimalism does not accept the decor.No need to hang shelves to load them with different trinkets.

Facades should choose plain glossy or matte.They must be free milling.Also unacceptable stained glass.The table top can be made of laminated chipboard, artificial or natural stone.It is believed that the more practical first embodiment.Cleaning can also be made of stone or stainless steel.Better to use an oblong rather than round.As for the dining table and chairs, that fit well with the minimalist kitchen items made of wood and plastic.

Minimalism in interior

If you decide to perform a design of his apartment in the style of minimalism, then stick to the following simple rules:

  1. Use natural materials, glass and plastic
  2. tried to hide things that do not fit into the style.Otherwise minimalism transformed into eclecticism.
  3. Try to combine a maximum of 5 colors.They can be the contrast (white and black), or a key.
  4. If the apartment is a small place, then use the furniture-transformer.For example, the bed can easily be cleaned and transformed into a wardrobe.

Minimalism in interior helps make the space more.Its main features - furniture strict forms, natural textiles, bright or contrasting colors and lack of decoration in the form of moldings.This space is very functional and comfortable.Minimalism is suitable for cottages, as well as for studio apartments.

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