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Fragrant planting grapefruit

Grapefruit belongs to the family Rutaceae.It is characteristic of the South as well as East Asia.

plant is characterized by long life span.The plus grapefruit can safely put the condition that it will please their owners evergreen foliage.On the beauty of flowering and a strong pleasant aroma of speech does not go, because these positive qualities of grapefruit known.

It looks like the fruit of grapefruit, we know, but what is a plant that gives us the juicy fruit?

Let's try with you to answer this question.


grapefruit Grapefruit, landing it at home as a house plant, can grow only up to a half or two meters.Thus, we get a small tree.

Appearance grapefruit

  • grapefruit leaves are very beautiful, lustrous and smooth to the touch.They are presented in the form of an oval, and grow in large cuttings.
  • In the flowering period can be observed when a large volume of white flowers with a pinkish tinge.They can be placed singly or be collected in a neat brush.
  • grapefruit scent of the flowers is not transferable.H
    e is very strong.Accordingly allergies should refrain from such plantations, and those who are perfectly carries aromas of citrus and flowering, to be envied, because they enjoy the spices, created in the process of flowering grapefruit.
  • Fruits grapefruit are known to us.They are big, weight may reach three hundred - four hundred grams, with a dense cloth and a half centimeters in thickness.
  • fruit pulp is very juicy and tasty.It is slightly bitter.
  • Grapefruit is rich in vitamins and trace elements, the use of it for our body can hardly be overestimated.Most vitamin C in grapefruit, and indeed in other citrus crops.

use grapefruit

For home landings plant fits perfectly.You can even grow it from seeds, grapefruit and still reward you for your efforts and care for the wait, fragrant fruit with a pink cloth.

Planting Grapefruit can be a neat tubs at single landings, and if you decide to plant plants in groups, then you are perfect for wooden drawers.

Grapefruit looks great in adulthood when placing it on the floor in a corner of the room.For large specimens can not use small podstavochki.

Landing grapefruit

Planting Grapefruit

To use a wide landing, quite roomy tubs into which the first drain of gravel, river pebbles or small stones, and only then the land for planting.

drainage layer must be at least five or even eight centimeters.

Earth you may well buy in specialized flower shops.For all citrus soil composition is similar.

However, much nicer to do everything yourself, including to prepare the soil for planting, and grapefruit.

How is this possible?

Quite simply.Take the turf and leaf earth, sand, peat and humus.All components are taken in equal proportions, except turf ground it must be twice than others.All the mix, here's a good soil mix.

Now I can plant to plant.

used for planting seeds or cuttings.You can buy and young grown trees, and transplant them into the house prepared by a land substrate.

After planting abundantly pour your grapefruit.

Care grapefruit

If you decide to grow up any citrus plants, great attention should be paid to the consecration.This is particularly true in winter, when the duration of daylight is reduced dramatically.

winter, use artificial lights, only choose those that are strong in power.After all, in the dim light of your landing will be attracted to the power of consecration, which will inevitably lead to a distortion of the plant.

Planting Grapefruit

interesting fact that grapefruit landing do not like sudden movements.Boarded you even slightly turn the tub without moving it in the territory of the apartment, the result can be fallen leaves, so that there leaves, buds and flowers showered, too.The two-meter

grapefruit will only those who lovingly, carefully and methodically will hold care of plantings.

Watering grapefruit need wisely.It does not require a lot of water, therefore water should be moderate.It is best to carry out this procedure once in ten - twelve days.

If we are talking about the hot summer days, the watering, of course, should be carried out more frequently.In winter, drastically reduce the level of water entering the soil.It is very important to create a period of rest of the plant.

Watering only pre-creamed with warm water.Not bad for this purpose use the snow or rain water, warmed to room temperature, because the tap water is treated with chlorine, and its application could negatively affect the plant.

Other days better often wipe the leaves with a damp sponge or cloth.

Excellent plant will treat spraying.A small shower in the mornings and evenings - that's the guarantee of health and wellness means planting grapefruit.

Care grapefruit

temperature regime in housing conditions is not difficult to maintain.Accordingly, you may well provide the plant plus nineteen - plus twenty-three degrees.

Humidity need is high, so in addition to spraying will help you basins filled with water, which will be actively evaporate.But this is only for the late spring and summer.The rest of the additional moisture can only be achieved with the spray.

plant will require you to and transplantation.This procedure is important to update the composition of the soil and expansion of capacity used for planting, because your grapefruit with each passing year more and more.

Transplant spend very carefully.Not in any way not to damage the root system of the plant.

It would be nice from time to time proryhlit land in the tub.But do it carefully and not too deep, for a maximum of five - seven centimeters.

Loosening allow grapefruit plantation is called "a deep breath".

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