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Large planting Ilex aquifolium and wrinkled

Hollies are deciduous shrubs that stay green throughout the year.This deciduous shrub.

foliage shrubs is different and unique glossy surface sheen.It is a dark rich green color on top, and the bottom is covered with delicate light green skin.

In some species of this plant are observed on the foliage of the lower level of the thorns that serve to prevent the plant from eating its leaves and young shoots of herbivores.

padubnyh Rod has over four hundred species of plants.

In the flowering period can be seen dioecious flowers.On the same plant are presented and their male and female specimens.

bear fruit hollies berries, which are characterized by a different color variation.It can be red, white, yellow, orange and even black fruit.Ripening occurs in the autumn, but the berries remain on the plant in the winter.

you consider two types of Holly: Holly padubostrolistny and wrinkled.

And so padubostrolistnyy.Predstavlen large shrubs.Its foliage as it forms a dome.As the plant reaches a height of t

wo to ten meters and a width of not more than four meters.Shoots padubaostrolistnogonemnogo curved.The lowest branches almost lie on the ground.The leaves are oval or egg-shaped.The edges of the leaves of young plants are protected by small spinous processes.

Fruits padubaostrolistnogo small.They look like red pea.

Distribution plants typical of the territory of Central Europe.

Padubostrolistny bad enough winters.

Holly wrinkled

Holly morschinistyytak like all hollies represented by evergreen shrubs.He had a short, compared with other types of groups, and reaches a height no more than half, although there are instances in nature and up to two meters.

Meets Holly morschinistyyna Sakhalin, Far East, the Kuril Islands, as well as in Japan.

Foliage leathery olive color.It grows in mountainous terrain.

use padubaostrolistnogo and Holly wrinkled

Both types are used to form decorative plantings.Good looks are made up of hedges.

Landing padubaostrolistnogo and Holly wrinkled

These plant species tolerate shade and like moisture.But the high temperatures tolerated by them is extremely difficult.

plants prefer soil fertile.It may be slightly acidic or alkaline, but always well-drained to the root system is getting enough oxygen.

If the soil is heavy, but still moist, the root system is likely rots, and a heavy soil and for padubaostrolistnogo padubamorschinistogone suitable as impair the ability of plants to endure the low temperatures.

shape for planting planting pits previously dug up a good ground to not less than sixty centimeters in depth.At the bottom of the landing pit lay drainage and add fertilizer.Now you can plant the young plants.

best to spend the spring planting.

between plants be sure to observe the distance of two meters.

Ripple padubostrolistny and padubmorschinisty cuttings and can be tapped.

Care padubomostrolistnym and holly wrinkled

care of these plants is reduced to an abundant regular watering and fertilizing.Monitor the health of shrubs.Feed is best in spring and summer, ie during periods of active growth and development.

When watering, take care that water does not stagnate in the soil for a long time.

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