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The fast-growing Grevillea

very interesting name for indoor plants, is not it?

Grevillea is a shrub or tree-like plant, which differs a pretty rapid growth and development.

homeland Greville is the area of ​​the Australian continent as well as the island of New Guinea.

This representative of a foreign plant is a good thing we caught in our apartments and houses, decorating them with his presence.Grevillea is not too expensive, easy to breeding, care, well it takes root in the new location, and quickly take root.

All Grevillea genus includes many species of plants.Scientists have isolated at least two hundred species groups.

The fast-growing Grevillea

The name of the genus adopted from the names of English biologist, actively explore the vegetation - Charles Greville.

But to make a choice in favor of Greville is not only important to know all of the above, but also have an understanding of how the plant looks.

Appearance Greville

So, we have already decided that presented Grevillea shrub or small tree.Foliage on it is very reminiscent of fern pl

ants.She was entirely lace, and the lower part of the leaf blade at first glance like a silk and very soft to the touch.The fact that the bottom sheet Greville covered with fine, barely visible fuzz.Such a small pile and provides our understanding of the appearance of the foliage.

As for colors Greville, they are not placed singly and in racemes.The color of the petals is always the same - orange.Although sometimes you can find exceptions to the general rule.

Grevillea has a very strong root system.

Using Greville

Grevillea - an inexpensive, easy-care houseplant that can be combined perfectly with other plant specimens.

Usually at home grow only one kind of Greville - Greville powerful.A year later, the plant reaches a height of thirty centimeters, and four - five years will grow up to the ceiling.

In addition, we are considering culture thrives in well-sanctified, protected from drafts, slightly cool room, so that all the conditions for the cultivation of Greville is available in our apartments and houses.


Landing For planting is best to pick up a large container.You can use a large and wide vase or decorative boxes.Rapid growth leads to an urgent need for space.

plant to grow even faster, it will be enough to cut the top of the longest branches Greville.

The fast-growing Grevillea

For planting should be fine and small capacity, but then you have to repot the plant every year for the three year period.

As for the most important in the whole process of landing - the choice of soil, you should keep in mind the need to ensure Greville all useful substances, which can give a highly productive soil layer.

soil mixture cook this way: take the turf ground, humus, peat, sand carefully sifted and ground sheet.All components must be in equal proportions.All mix well, that is the ground for planting Greville.

planting possible by seed or cuttings.In this and in the other case, in contrast to other houseplants Grevillea give quick results for germination and growth.

a pity, however, but as a rule, flowering Greville in the apartment or house is not possible.It blooms only in their natural environment habitat.

After landing Greville recommended abundantly watered.

Care Grevillea

  • Make your pet a decent temperature, which can vary only in the area, plus, plus nineteen twenty-five degrees.
  • need a good watering to settle and gently heated in the wild water.
  • Watering is carried out when the topsoil will tell you such a need, then there will be quite dry.
  • desirable to water for irrigation was soft.
  • especially abundant plants watered from late spring until September, beginning of October.After this period begins a sharp decline in the amount of water coming into the tub with the plant, because the winter Greville needed rest.
  • After domesticated crops such as Grevillea in natural, natural habitat moisture received not only from the ground but from the air, respectively, you will need to make some effort to provide the necessary level of humidity of air masses.Spraying
  • which should be carried out as often as possible - that's one way to humidify the air.Another is that you are located near the plantations, water containers.You can even put the pots of grevillea in a basin of water.Then you spend copious watering is not necessary, and the humidity is sufficient.

The fast-growing Grevillea

  • hottest days of the summer, you can make the landing on the balcony with a view to warm in the sun and ventilation.Best of all, when the glazed balcony, and parted only a few windows.
  • Greville need regular pruning.It stimulates the growth and development of plants.Grevillea will expand to the side that looks more favorably than the sparse bushes, elongated in height.Without pruning Grevillea quickly stretches.
  • Think about that for your plantings need fertilizing.For this is the best fit complex mineral fertilizer.It is added to the water, or mixed with the top layer of soil.Best of all, of course, use a soluble fertilizer, which will be absorbed by the root system Greville.
  • fertilizers are applied twice a month.Such procedures need to grab a period of almost three seasons: from mid-spring to late October.
  • follows the general condition of your plants.
  • annually is not superfluous to pour a little soil substrate.

Now that you have a general idea about the appearance, as well as requirements relating to the planting and care of Grevillea, it will be possible to grow a very healthy and beautiful plant.

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