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Ageratum: growing from seed.

Ageratum - it is an ornamental plant that occurs from the tropics and shares in almost 30 species.Put him often in the flowerbeds.It looks great in a vase and, importantly, for a long time does not wither.It is simple enough to grow, even from seed.

Ageratum looks like a small shrub with heart-shaped leaves and fluffy inflorescences of bright colors: blue, pale lavender pink, blue.Depending on the variety, ageratum has a different height from 10 to 60 cm. In horticulture the most populyarenageratumHoustoma Mexican or derived from plants in Mexico and Peru.

When sowing ageratum seedlings?

Ageratum: Growing from seed

to. Not everyone likes to tinker with young plants, often grown from the seeds of ageratum.This should first determine planting dates.Repellent should be the time for which you want to get flowering shrubs.It must be remembered that the seedlings need some time before it will go into full growth.It is not recommended to delay the planting of seeds last longer than the middle of March or, in extreme cases - the

beginning of April.

important to know that the seeds of ageratum very small and 1 g of seed for nearly 7,000 seeds.However, they retain their properties when grown for 3 and sometimes 4 years!

to the soil was suitable for this plant, it must be well moistened just before landing.

Ageratum: how to sow seedlings?

  1. plant seeds can be planted in small cells.This process consists of 4 stages.In the first of them the seeds begin to germinate, meaning it lasts 3 days between planting and seed germination.So they went up, the temperature of the soil must be leveled 22-26 degrees with humidity of 95-97%.Lighting here plays no role.
  2. 2nd stage lasts a week, at which time the seedlings are revealed and their roots start to grow actively.At this time, the temperature of the soil must be leveled 20-24 degrees.It plays a major role soil moisture, which should not be too wet.To root system is well developed, shoots must be regularly fed potassium and nitrogen fertilizer, making the 3-day intervals between dressings.
  3. 3rd stage attain to the level of about 5-11 days.Its completion - the emergence of the third leaf.In addition, it can be seen ending in the roots of which have already reach the bottom of the cell.The temperature of the soil can now be 20 degrees during the day and at night - not less than 14 degrees.Soil moisture is still playing a major role.If it is poorly hydrated, it will be seen at the base stem.It will be packed, and because of this shoots will appear slowly.Already at this point it becomes important lighting.Possible by a 1 time to feed sprouts.
  4. At the 4th stage should see 2-3 pairs of true leaves, and the cell is completely filled with roots.The temperature may be such as at the 3rd stage.Feed the seedlings can be once in 5 days.

to transplant the seedlings need to find the pots with a diameter of at least 10-12 centimeters.Flowering plants often begins after a couple of months after seeding.But growers are advised to keep the seedlings in the greenhouse until such time as the central inflorescence does not dissolve completely.

Throughout the above time, ageratum need good light and air temperature - 21 degrees during the day and 16-18 degrees at night.If the ground was quite polit, it must give a dry well.Plants grow up healthy and beautiful, if the conditions of temperature and soil moisture have been complied with.

But nourish the seedlings should spare no fertilizer.During this period it will give a boost to the active plant growth and development, formed a full flower.It is better to choose for this purpose a special set dressings.

Ageratum growing from seeds: Photo

Ageratum: Growing from seed

Ageratum: Growing from seed

Ageratum: Growing from seed

Ageratum buketny: growing

In this type of care is no different ageratum whimsicality.He just needs more light, abundant and regular watering and fertilization.At a time when the shoots begin to reach up the top of the shoots themselves should be trimmed to the plant in the future better than the bushes.It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that each shoot should remain for at least 4 pairs of leaflets.This procedure is an excellent catalyst for further growth and flowering plants.

way, ageratum bloom later 2-2.5 months after sown the seeds begin to sprout, roughly from July to October.Among gardeners common plant is a tropical plant in the flower beds, flower beds, lawns, and create with the help of a variety of compositions, ornaments and decorative borders, because it responds well to trimming.

But it can not be planted only in home gardens, and even a balcony or terrace in special containers.To create original floral pattern, can be combined with aguratum Cleomenes, tsinniey, calendula and so on. Garden flowers.

But like others. Plants ageratumbuketny not immune to diseases and pests.Most often, it affects the root rot due to excessive moisture.This helps only the elimination of all of the affected soil.If ageratum committed invasion of pests such as mites, nematodes, or whitefly, then we can not do without the use of insecticides.

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Landing ageratum, you must strictly follow the rules of its cultivation and care.In this case, it will decorate your garden lush flowering.Remember timely feeding and watering regulations, protect plants from pests and diseases.