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How to store gladioli?

Gladiolus called the king of flowers.Its beauty, majesty and splendor will not leave anyone indifferent.Not one flower in the world can compare with gladiolus diversity shapes, forms and colors.In all there are more than 10 thousand. Varieties of this flower.If you are engaged in growing gladioli, then you just need to know how to store the bulbs plant.

How to dig gladiolus and prepare?

If you want to save gladiolus before the next planting, they must be properly dig out of the ground and to prepare for the period of storage.

Digging take flowers in late October - early November (in any case, it must be done before the soil freezing, otherwise, keep the flowers you fail).If you dig up gladiolus before the allotted time, the bulbs are stored and worse in the next year can not flourish.Digging gladiolus, it is not recommended to remove the leaves, because it depends on them the formation and growth of tubers.

How to store gladioli?

During excavation colors should follow certain tactics.Gladiolus gently dig a shovel (be

careful not to damage the tubers), and pull the stalks by hand.After digging out, shake off the ground, cut the large roots dug up and lay flowers on the plastic wrap.If the stems and leaves are very green, it recommended them for some time did not cut.This ensures that flow of nutrients to the tubers.If the aboveground part of gladioli turned yellow, it should be immediately cut off, leaving a 1 cm above the tuber.During the digging must be chosen from the earth crumbled kids - they have the highest viability.

Dug gladiolus scatter in a dry place and dried during the day.Kids showered and clean corms from the ground.Flowers, who have injury or disease it is better to dispose of - they still remain long and infect healthy plants.Kids and corms recommended dip for 20 minutes in a solution of the fungicide captan (12 g funds for 1 liter of water).

When you treat gladiolus, put them in the sun to evaporate the moisture.Dried flowers, place in plastic or wooden boxes with a mesh bottom 2 layers.Boxes of flowers put in a dry and well-ventilated room, the temperature of which must be between 20 to 25 degrees for 15 days.During drying it is necessary to mix gladioli, so that they can be enriched with oxygen and get rid of the moisture.If moisture has evaporated, the tubers begin to hurt.

When gladioli to dry thoroughly, the tubers are separated from the old bulbs, roots and stem.We can not allow drying bulb, otherwise there is the likelihood of death of the plant.Completely dried and peeled tubers were further dried for one month at a temperature of 22 degrees.

How to store gladioli in the winter?

  1. There are several ways to store gladioli in the winter.A good option would be to lay down flower bulbs in a cardboard box with holes for ventilation.Pre bulbs can be wrapped in paper or newspaper.In addition to the carton can be used to store wood or plastic boxes with holes.
  2. Another way to store gladioli in the winter - a vegetable grid.Place the bulbs in a grid in a random order.You can pre-wrapped in each newspaper.In winter, you can not store gladioli in plastic bags and plastic wrap.Polyethylene does not provide an adequate supply of air, which can lead to rotting bulbs Gladiolus.
  3. best place for storage - is the cellar or basement in a private home.They maintain the optimum temperature for storing - from 5 to 10 degrees.
  4. gladiolus When germinate, it is necessary to change the method of storage.Germinated colors can not be kept in direct sunlight as well as in a dark place.Storage space sprouted bulbs to choose from scattered light.

How to store gladioli in the apartment?

How to store gladioli in the apartment?

Flowers are best kept in the cool of the apartment.Gladioli should be packaged in bags made of thick paper and put into the refrigerator.The tubers can be stored refrigerated up to 2 years.Gladiolus also be stored on the landing or in the pantry.

If you have a lot of bulbs, the refrigerator is not suitable for storage.In this case, the bulbs can be kept in a box from under the shoe cardboard box or in a drawer for potatoes and other vegetables.Thus each bulb flower also recommended to wrap in paper or newspaper.

place to store as much as possible, choose a cool and dry, away from the battery.It is advisable to arrange gladioli at the door to the balcony or windows.If you have the glazed balcony or loggia, whereas the box with gladioli can be placed there.For longer preservation of the bulbs and their protection from pests and diseases, in a box with gladioli, you can put a few peeled garlic cloves.If you handle the bulbs with melted paraffin, flowers will be protected from drying out and mold.

Gladiolus - especially the flowers that gardeners delight their flowering from late summer until the frosts.Flowers are so different shades and species that can be found gladiolus for everyone.No wonder these flowers composed many beautiful legends and myths.A few simple rules will help you save storage gladioli until next year.

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