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Tiebacks with their hands

Without grabs curtains as soon as a little worn down, look ugly.With picking up this flaw is corrected.Pick-up as it supports curtains.

Necessity tiebacks also is no less important their function - aesthetic.Most often curtains look better when they subside neat folds.These folds and beautiful frame of the window can not be done without tiebacks.

addition, picked up the curtains for some windows created by designers only once.They do not need to open and close.For these purposes, is another blind (roller) or blinds.Curtains are picked up with the same idea and design created for the beauty and elegance of the window of the room.

requirements tiebacks

unlikely that you will meet two of their friends the same tiebacks.After all, they now sell a large variety: conventional brush, forged hooks, graceful Holders for children's rooms with simulated animals or toys, etc.

However, even such a small detail as tiebacks should not look pretentious, the place to be, so as not to disturb the overall style

of the room. why many prefer conventional grabs, sold complete with curtains .This is the most common type of tiebacks.Such Holders are made from the same fabric as the curtains themselves, only thicker.They are often bilateral, because the window curtains have to open and close, and the Holders will allocate one-sided against the backdrop curtains.Purchased tiebacks should be reliable, but it is not always the case.

If you come off tiebacks, and you do not know how to bring back the original charm curtains, sew grabs for them yourself.Moreover, this will revitalize the curtains, the diversity of their.

course, you can "fix" the old picked up and they are in the right hands will last a long time, but new tiebacks, with their hands linked with imagination and love will be the highlight of your interior.

Do yourself tiebacks with their hands

independently can make a large array of tiebacks.This work is so fascinating that you will be sure to update their curtains with new and new pick-up.Include your imagination, create new ideas, and get to work.For example, you make sure to do this is not difficult, on the contrary very easily.

elegant tiebacks from scrap materials will give you aesthetic pleasure.Yes, and the process of its creation will not leave indifferent needlewomen.

to work you will need:

  • glass beads or buttons
  • gilded cord length of about 0.7 m
  • metal wire with a diameter of 1 to 5 mm and a length of 2.5 m

to work :

To produce tiebacks suspension stringing beads or buttons (that you have available) on the wire.This creates a suspension.After a half a meter in the middle of objects strung wire twice twirl the ends.These double-stranded ends put on a few beads (rather 5 items from each edge).

nice it can look pendant, made of objects of different shapes and sizes. strung buttons or beads (you can do both) on the wire is necessary in a free order, but try to keep the original version looked beautiful.

Regarding triangular objects, it is important to note that they must be symmetrical about the center .Well, if you mark the center of the suspension of certain large object (bead).Suspend the triangular beads necessary, separating the ends of the metal wire.Then, strung beads in a certain place, attach the result of twisting the wire ends. Remember that the smallest elements of the suspension should also be the same on both sides. often used as such beads or something like that.

When creating pendants for pick-up is complete, proceed directly to the tiebacks.One end of the wire is passed through a suspension harness cord.For convenience, slightly unscrew the cord in the opposite direction.Therefore, you must twist the two ends of the wire.Now, tuck them into the cord, secure, and all of the unnecessary cut the cord.

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tiebacks ready.Also, we do a second pickup.For more conviviality tiebacks can make some hangers, and different lengths.It is important to observe a relative similarity of the two grabs.

Ladies, lovely hostess and needlewoman, you can not miss the opportunity to upgrade the interior of the light! tiebacks, hand made with pendants or any other model of your own idea, revitalize and diversify the interior of the rooms and delight you !