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Sky lanterns with their hands

Now our country is growing and gaining popularity sky lanterns (still referred to as Chinese).To explain their popularity is not difficult, it's a great, fascinating spectacle.Flashlights are a significant plus (compared with the same fireworks) - they are in the sky and burn for quite a long time.The average time of burning torch - half an hour.

addition, send in the sky glowing lanterns of different shapes and colors - a very pleasant experience that brings positive emotions, good mood and create a romantic atmosphere.

history sky lanterns

the origin of sky lanterns linked another legend.Its events took place in one of the Chinese villages.In addition to the ordinary people lived in the village a lot of monks.The monks have been working hard, because they had to provide not only themselves, but also the villagers.In this part of China's climatic conditions are not favorable for the development of agriculture.Every day, the inhabitants became more and more difficult, and soon, their hopes becam

e gradually fade.The monks noticed.They did not want to leave the residents of the village, because the monks believed that soon all will be well.In the end, they decided that it was necessary to raise the morale of the people.Every day worshipers prayed and lit torches.They told residents that their fire rescue, because he has a great energy.They argued that this energy can cleanse the soul and give strength.

Soon, the villagers were inspired and began to work more efficiently, and their economic activity is normal.Since then, that the morale of the villagers always remained strong, every week the monks lit a fire.Soon they came up with a replacement torch.This change just become our favorite sky lanterns.

How to sky lanterns?

So you could decorate your holiday such a wonderful attribute as the sky lanterns, you need to have the necessary materials.To make this flashlight, you will need the following materials:

  • garbage bag a hundred and twenty liters (it must be of a light color and thin);
  • tracing;
  • wire;
  • cut into strips thick cloth (strips should be four to fifty centimeters);
  • liquid fuel, wax or paraffin;
  • retardant impregnation;
  • tape or glue.

Before starting production of a flashlight, you should decide on its form.You can fully have the capacity of his imagination.This ornament night sky may have completely different form.For example, the very popular heart-shaped lanterns and balloons.But, if you wish, you can even give it a shape of the car.That is, you can do anything, what can your imagination.

Let's start manufacturing.First, to prevent possible ignition of the paper.To do this, you need to soak tracing flame retardant.This will not only ensure the safety of the fire, but adds tracing water-repellent effect.The thus treated tracing be glued to the inner side of the garbage bag.This action will help protect the tracing paper from getting wet.

wire need to create a ring, which diameter is a little smaller than the diameter of the package.The wire also need for making the cross to which you want to connect the burner.Cross burner is connected via the ring.Then the whole structure is attached to our package.The burner can be obtained by impregnating the fabric with paraffin.Before you apply the cloth to the burner, check her work.To do this, fold the piece of fabric into a rectangle of four twenty-five centimeters and ignite.If you're happy with the burning of his pieces, you can use it as a torch.If not, try to reduce the number of layers.It is important to consider the burning time, because of it not only depends on how high the torch will fly, but the security (yours and others).

Launching sky lanterns

When ready flashlight, and you have checked the safety of his torch, can carry out the launch of its products.Before sending a flashlight into the flight, write on it your deepest wishes.Write the best marker.Write carefully, trying not to disturb the integrity of the package.

To start the flashlight, you will need an assistant.First you need to prepare the dome.It should be spread so that the torch does not touch its walls.To the air warms up quickly, put the flashlight on the ground, holding the wire.Once the air warms up, try to run into the sky lantern, lifting him off the ground about a meter.When running, hold the flashlight for the rim.Whatever happens troubles, and the launch was a success, flashlights better run in calm and clear weather.

If you want to make the process of making lanterns more fun and exciting, then gather in a group and enjoy the creative process together. addition that will reign over the positive, you'll be able to create greater luminous celestial wonders that are designed to encourage, inspire and fulfill dreams.

Especially for - Marie Matveyuk

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