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Ideas for the house with their own hands.

the originality of each house will be able to give the realization of the idea for the house with their own hands.After all, they make you feel comfortable, harmony and warmth in the room.Features and beautiful interior - is not only one correct observance of style, excellent layout and expensive elements.First of all, the identity of the decor is individual, which must be present even in small things.

whole picture at home and the total impression of it is deposited in the memory because it is each individual and combined elements together.This unique things reflect the preferences and tastes of the owner, they deserve special attention.This could include those accessories that were made by hand.

Interesting ideas for the home: examples

Ideas for the house with their own hands

often in the homes of people, you can see a variety of pots and wicker baskets, which are used for domestic purposes, or are simply part of the interior.Wicker items made of vines are quite expensive.You can make yourself the right thing, while using others. - Mo

re accessible and cheap material such as newspaper vine.

In the Netherlands, many make themselves coffee tables from the usual firewood, in Russia such crafts are also beginning to gain popularity.To do this, an empty box of chipboard or wood from the ends should be pasted not thick patch of broad tree branches and twigs on top of product cover.As the thick glass table tops fit.That's all - a beautiful and original coffee table is ready!

Burnt bulbs do not need to rush to throw away, because of them, you can make flower vases.To do this, simply cut off the top part of the cartridge and remove the contents.In these vases look great little buds.

unusual decoration for the walls can be a ceiling outlet, and not only made of plaster, but also polystyrene.They only need to be painted in a color that matches the interior color and mounted on the walls.

Certainly in every home there are deposits of unnecessary empty glass jars from the various food or others. Household items.They can be used not only for the preservation of the winter vegetables and berries.At the hardware store, you can buy a special adjustable clamps, because in conjunction with, conventional banks can become a place to store items such as spoons and forks, personal hygiene in the bathroom.With their help, you can even try to make the lamp for the garden.

Ideas for the house with their own hands

Most ladies have a variety of jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. And almost always there is a problem: how do you keep all these women's accessories?To do this, you can make out of the ordinary metal wire or any other tree. Like figure to her could hang ornaments.

Creative ideas for the home: modern trends

If you purchased an old house in the country and, following tradition, has changed the wooden windows with plastic, do not rush to get rid of the old window shutters.They can be used as a decoration in the building wall free.To do this, they need to be painted in the appropriate color and stick on the wall.You can even make them open, and under them pokleit wallpaper with a photo scenery.

rusty old grater for vegetables can be converted into an original chandelier.To do this in the most need to do it handle hole for the wires inserted into the cartridge with a bulb, and then simply connect the wires.

Those people who have the least are not a lot of free time, can make a vase out of rope.By the way, you can do it together with the children, it will be a lot of fun!For the manufacture of interior items needed: colored thread with a hot glue gun, and immediately, itself a rope, not fat, to a small vase - 1 m. The first thing to twist the base, with each new round should be glued with glue.When you're ready to mid vases, while increasing the diameter of the turns.In order to make the product more beautiful, the rope should be decorated with colored thread.

Original ideas for home: tips

Ideas for the house with their own hands

in creating interesting and original interior importantly - a fantasy, it is not necessary to restrict.After selecting the most interesting ideas need a lot of patience and free time, that's when the thing will really unusual and beautiful!

to place outside or inside the apartment, you can make an unusual carpet of pebbles.By the way, in addition to a decorative role, he is also very practical to use!It can be placed in the bathroom, then he will bring additional benefits.For its production need to river or sea pebbles and the foundation of a mesh material.

Pebbles simply glued on top of the base and all!By the way, the adhesive should be waterproof!Due to the fact that this mat is made very quickly, that one day you can make them more and give your family and friends.

for a child's room can be a shelf - the alphabet.Each cell of a shelf must be assigned a letter, baby so soon acquainted with the diploma.

Ideas for the house with his own hands: Photo

Ideas for the house with their own hands

Ideas for the house with their own hands

Ideas for the house with their own hands

Ideas for the house with their own hands

Ideas for the house with his own hands: a video

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make the interior unusual and unique home is easy.To do this, it is important to try to see beauty even in old, unwanted or damaged things.Most importantly - do not be afraid to experiment!Be creative and create new items to decorate the house with their hands!

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