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Cloves Shabo: Growing

Cloves Shabo or cloves Dutch - long-term view of cloves, widely used in the suburban and indoor horticulture .

the plant stems straight, reach a height of about half a meter.The leaves are blue-green with a waxy coating, typically linear-lanceolate, grooved.Flowers are both simple and double, depending on the type of carnation.They are located on long stalks, fragrant, very bright colors: yellow, red, pink, white, colorful, etc.

Cloves Shabo

Cloves Shabo blooms up to the frost.The flowering period in the mid-latitudes usually begins in mid-iyulya.Esli you want to extend the flowering period , it will land in early autumn the plants from the garden in pots and place in a cold frame.When the plants recover from stress transplant, their bloom will last until December.

Cloves Shabo: growing from seed

There are several ways the Dutch breeding studs: cuttings, seed multiplication, and others. easiest grow from seed cloves Shabo. Then you can get the seedlings that are planted at the proper time immediately in

the open ground to a permanent place.In addition, seed breeding studs will allow you to admire its early flowering.

Seeds are planted in winter, around December-January .You will need a box of seedlings.Land for planting seeds in a box shall be as follows: turf ground, humus and peat land in the ratio 1: 1: 2. Furthermore, this soil mixture must be limed.

Before planting necessarily good moisten the ground, pour the ground shortly after posadki.Sazhayte seeds some distance from each other.Put a box of seeds planted in a warm place, it is advisable to cover it plenochkoy.Podderzhivayte for germinating seeds temperature of about 17 ° C.

Cloves Shabo: Growing from seed

shoots begin to appear at a constant temperature (16 ° C to 18 ° C), so after a few dney.Kak soon as the first seedlings seedlings, reduce the temperature to 12 ° C.And set closer to the light box.

carnation seedlings Shabo

  • Once the seed sprouts Dutch clove reached several centimeters (guided by three leaflets appeared), it is possible to speak about transplanting.
  • Water the seedlings clove Shabo as needed.The land should not be dry, but excessive moisture is bad for her.
  • Seedlings also need sunlight. temperature seedling Dutch cloves should be not less than 12 ° C.High it also should not rise.
  • on stage well-developed cotyledon leaves do not forget sure-picked sprouts!Do it in a 4 cm by 4 cm.
  • After picking the plants require a lot of light for successful development.But in winter the duration of daylight is very small.Therefore must also highlight seedlings . light should fall on developing cloves at least 8 hours a day.
  • seedlings good ventilation - another point of its development success and a guarantee of good flowering after planting in open ground.Aeration is necessary for hardening plants for the preparation of Dutch clove to constant environmental conditions where the wind will be periodic.

Cloves Shabo: Sprouts

  • second pick seedlings spend in late March in pots for the greenhouse or in a greenhouse at once.In May, the seedlings clove Shabo hardened and planted in open ground.

How to grow cloves Shabo?

  1. This type of carnation quite undemanding to environmental conditions.This is especially true of the soil.For carnations Shabo needed fresh loam soil with a small amount of decomposed humus. If you grow cloves Dutch Shabo as pot plants, then most favorable for it to be sandy soil.
  2. Choose a garden for the most openly by clove Shabo, sunny place.Good to grow it on the south and south-eastern slopes or frozen ravninah.Nebolshie cloves Shabo usually stands (not below - 4 ° C).
  3. prick under the scheme must be 25 cm by 25 sm.Za cloves whole growing season is necessary several times to loosen and weeding the ground for a better flow of air to the roots.Before planting and after 3 weeks for carnations needed fertilization!
  4. only problem in the cultivation of carnations Shabo for gardeners is exposure to Dutch beauties various pests and diseases. This type is very resistant to diseases and pests such as blight, septoria spot, Rhizoctonia, Verticillium, spotting, blight, root rot and rust. treat these diseases, eliminate pests is problematic.Therefore it is better to avoid them.To this end, the prevention of various diseases with pinks Shabo seedlings before planting must always temper!
  5. important measure to prevent many diseases will observance of the necessary conditions for the cultivation of : the right light and thermal conditions, properly balanced irrigation and fertilizer, weeding and loosening the periodic land between colors, etc.

Cloves Shabo

Cloves Shabo - the favorite of many gardeners .She decided to grow in flowerbeds as a single culture.But it will also look good with many other flowering plant species.Besides planting on beds, apply clove Dutch Shabo for planting in rabatkah.Well it as potters and even the ambient culture.Widely used for stud Shabo srezochnyh bouquets.

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