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Monstera: nursing home

Monstera - a beautiful huge flower , very common in South and Central America.But despite his exotic origins, he is very popular with gardeners all over the world.The name Monstera was due to a bizarre appearance.

flower itself is not very fastidious, and care at home for them is easy.Because of its beauty and ease of care monstera is among the most popular houseplants .But before you buy Monstera, it should be remembered that it reaches a height of several meters, so it is best suited to the cool and spacious lobby, hallways, offices and winter sadov.Monstera scansorial can be used as a plant for trellises and shading.This plant helps to make the air cleaner and decorate any living room.

Monstera: basic rules of care

  • must be remembered that monstera not like direct sunlight.For the proper growth and development it needs partial shade or bright ambient light.Lack of light leads to growth arrest, shredded leaf discoloration and the formation of irregular slits symmetrical.

Monstera: basic rules of care

  • flower does not like cold drafts.They can cause the appearance on the leaves brown spots or yellow.
  • Monstera bloom very rarely.Only by adhering to the rules of care can help her bloom.
  • In winter, the plant needs more light than usual.Otherwise the growth retardation of stem and leaf curling.
  • It is very important to care for the air and plant roots , which need not be removed.With their help, you can increase the amount of moisture and nutrients for monstera.For this aerial roots should be directed to the ground and set up a special support, which must be maintained in a wet state.This trunk will not give air to dry the roots and provide the necessary moisture for all monstera.
  • If the room is very dry air and central heating, a flower should definitely spray.
  • yellowness leaves no traces of decay and decay indicates a shortage of supply.
  • During the growth it needs to feed periodically.Beauty leaves saved using complex mineral fertilizers.
  • optimum temperature for monstera not be lower than + 160C.If the temperature is lower monstera growth stops.In winter, it is impossible that the temperature drops below + 120C.
  • must be a balance between temperature and humidity.In winter, the temperature is lowered watering the flower should be reduced, but it can not allow the drying of the soil.It should be wet all the time.At high temperatures during growth watering increases, but between waterings soil should dry out.
  • It is necessary to spray and wash the leaves with warm water.To impart gloss before washing the leaves in water, add a little milk.
  • Every year young Monstera need to replant in a large container .Adult monstera for many years does not need a transplant.
  • Aerial roots monstera need to tie to the stem or perch in the soil of the pot.If they are cut, it can cause wilting and yellowing leaves painful.
  • age, leaves of monstera are dissected or leaky.It can transfer the inadequate lighting, but it frequently turns contraindicated.When Monstera is a long time in the shade, the growth of the flower is suspended.
  • woody stems need to be tied up to stakes.
  • in overly moist soil monstera may lose its beautiful ornamental leaves.
  • flower spraying and loves swimming, quite comfortable with the uneven moisture, and air dry.If waterlogging is too long, then the tips of the leaves formed moisture.

How to grow Monstera at home?

  • If there is insufficient light, nutrients aerial roots will become too thin and small leaves.
  • In the summer months it is necessary to fertilize Monstera 2 times.

How to grow Monstera at home?

  • Monstera propagated by stem cuttings or apical or air layering. To stalk rooted, requires a temperature 25-27 ° C.Choose a large pot, place the drain at the bottom of sand and pebbles.The soil can be mixed in proportions of 1: 3 to 2: sand, compost and peat, by adding one part of the turf or ground sheet.Ad Hoc soil can be purchased at the store.
  • Take stalk with 3 buds, put it in a pot horizontally, with one kidney should be pressed to the ground.Sharing does not bury in the ground, just press, using a piece of wire or a paper clip.Top cover with a sapling bank or cellophane. 7 days a jar, place the wand, had access to the air.
  • As soon as the leaf, stem transplant to a permanent place in the pot.After 2 years, while the growth of Monstera to be transplanted into a larger pot.The following transplant is carried out only after 4 years.
  • As soon as aerial roots, place them into the damp earth, they must not dry out.
  • Monstera bloom small flowers that form inflorescence in the form of cob, wrapped in a blanket green color.

Monstera belongs to the species of perennial vines.Her homeland is considered the tropics of Mexico and Guatemala.In the world there are more than 35 species of Monstera.Some species have leaves, reaching a diameter of more than 1 m. The stems, which are aerial roots, reaching a height of 6 m, and eventually lignified.For home cultivation is generally used Monstera attractive, Monstera Monstera Borzigiana Variegates or having a beautiful cream-colored spots or stripes on a background of leaves.Also quite popular monstera oblique, punched or varnish.

about pests, diseases and other features monstera read the article Monstera: description, care, diseases and pests.

If you want to buy a house of extraordinary beauty plant that its huge green leaves create a jungle area, the monstera - exactly what you need.

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