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Hippeastrum: nursing home

One of the most beautiful plants of the family "Amaryllidaceae» Hippeastrum considered acknowledged.Proper care of him at home is able to provide flowering of this plant 3 times a year.Himself Hippeastrum came to us from the warm tropics, which is why it is grown only in the home.He, like other bulbous flowers can be grown specifically for the holiday or important date. Hippeastrum flowers are very beautiful and look impressive, but with the right care in the home growth of the plants can reach 120 cm. Yes, and the number of varieties of Hippeastrum large, so that you can select according to your taste, color and size.

Hippeastrum.The basic rules of care

  • flower is suitable for well-lit window located on the south, west or east side.
  • optimum temperature for the normal growth of Hippeastrum is considered to be from 18 to 220C.
  • during active growth of the leaves and flowering it should be watered very well while avoiding waterlogging.


  • During its rapid growth it is necessary to feed the Hippe
    astrum.It is enough to do it once a week fertilizer complex designed specifically for flowering plants.Feed the flower with organic fertilizers can not, otherwise it can cause rotting bulbs.
  • Since mid-March the temperature in the room where the Hippeastrum, should not be less than + 180C. Also during this period to increase the number of watering.
  • On Hippeastrum during the onset of the leaves or a little earlier formed spike.Since the end of March, there is the first flowering plants.In May hippeastrum desirable to defer to a cool place, preferably on a balcony.This will ensure that the flower needed rest.To bulb Hippeastrum able to increase the volume, do not cut the leaves.
  • The rest period is also necessary to lower the temperature and keep it in the range of 10 to 120C.It is sure to reduce the number of watering, but the roots of the bulbs should not dry out.During periods of rest (in the year they are usually happens 3 - every two months) gippeastrum can not feed.
  • With a lack of light and heat hippeastrum begins to stretch, so it is better to move in a well-lighted place, and lower the temperature a couple of degrees.

Reproduction Hippeastrum home

  • Hippeastrum Breeding takes place seeds or bulbs subsidiaries.If was preferred seeds, they should be fresh.Propagation by seed is rather complicated, as Hippeastrum begin to bloom only 5 years after sunrise seeds and signs belonging to class with this method of reproduction in Hippeastrum is not saved.
  • Transplant flower only when Hippeastrum is at rest.The pot should have normal proportions and height slightly greater than the diameter of the pot.For the transplant is necessary to prepare a mixture of leaf soil, sand and sod land in the proportion of 1 to 1 and 2. From the walls of the pot to the edge of the bulb distance should be no more than 3 cm. Too spacious pot prevent abundant flowering Hippeastrum.

Reproduction of Hippeastrum in the home

Blooming Hippeastrum home

  • Hippeastrum has a powerful hollow spike.It was on him gradually dissolved from 2 to 6 flowers.The flat, similar to the strap leaves begin to appear even during flowering.Because of this long period of time in the pot is only stems with large and bright flowers in diameter from 10 to 30 cm.
  • Flowers Hippeastrum hybrid color are quite diverse.They come in red, orange, pink, cream or white.Color at the same time can be uniform or like multicolored pattern in the form of lines, strokes or speckles.
  • inflorescences home Hippeastrum are single or double.
  • From November to February is usually carried out distillation of the flower. the New Year holidays can give blooming Hippeastrum, and for flower-lover the best gift would be Hippeastrum bulb from which the March holidays it can get a flowering plant.

Care Tips Hippeastrum home

  • to hippeastrum bloomed, you must follow the rules of care for him at home.Before you plant a bulb, you need to drop it in water for 5 hours. The water temperature should be a little above room temperature.The water must be the roots and basal plate of the bulb.Once ottsvetёt Hippeastrum bulbs do not throw away.With proper care the plant the ability to enjoy the flowering for several years.
  • Cut flower stalks after flowering, the leaves will develop before the end of let. To do this, watering, fertilize and care for Hippeastrum until next fall.Very good to fertilize a mild solution of mullein flower with mineral salts or liquid fertilizer for flowers.
  • In the summer it is better to put on a terrace or balcony.If possible, can be potted Hippeastrum prikopat polutennistom in place in the garden.

Tips for the care of Hippeastrum in the home

  • Since late August, should gradually reduce watering and feeding, and in October they completely stop.In October gippeastrum need to move in a cool dark place.The temperature should be in the range of 8 to 100C.The leaves are cut off as soon as they turn yellow and dry up.
  • From late November to early January gippeastrum need to repot in fresh soil.Before planting, the bulbs need to examine, if necessary, to remove non-viable, dry and rotten roots.After 7-9 weeks of Hippeastrum again delight unusual colors.During the growth of the flower should be 2 times to feed a special fertilizer for indoor plants.

Often one bulb Hippeastrum able to give not one, but 2 or 3 peduncle. Buying flower, remember that the bigger the bulb, the more it will release the stems.Bulbs choose hard to the touch, with no damage and signs of disease.If you do not plan to plant the bulbs immediately, store them in a cool dark place, temperature should be between + 8-10 ° C. observing all the rules of care for the flower, you can enjoy the blooming Hippeastrum long time.

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