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Peperomia: nursing home

If your home a bit of space for indoor plants, then stop your choice on peperomia.This plant is perfect for small rooms.It is quite compact and also slowly growing.

Appearance peperomia

Appearance peperomia very variable, overall they have only one.Peperomia bizarre form resembling rat tails inflorescences.They consist of tiny flowers in a light green color.

most popular types of growers usually recognize easily - peperomia wrinkled , peperomia magnolielistnaya and peperomia ivy (gray-green). per other houseplants to determine what they are referring to peperomia hard enough.

Types peperomia

peperomia come in three varieties: ampelnye, bush and upright .In each of them there is a wide variety of subspecies.Let us discuss in more detail each species.

ampelnye kinds peperomia

  • peperomia Golovataya - large oval leaves with short stems and dull drooping tip sheet.The leaves reach a length of 1.5 cm.
  • peperomia scansorial - large pointed leaves, stems reach a height of 1 m. There i
    s a motley variety of the species.That's it, and can often be found on the shelves of flower shops.
  • Other ampelnye peperomia, including peperomia creeping and peperomia rotundifolia , Sales do not often meet.

Sectional views peperomia

  • most common type and this group - peperomia wrinkled .It is a compact shrub with heart wrinkled leaves up to 2.5 cm in length.At the height of the spray peperomia reach 10-15 cm.

  • peperomia Unusual varieties of this group - peperomia Fraser (fragrant white blossoms) and peperomia barren (pale green oval leaves).
  • By macrophylla varieties in this group are peperomia ivy (serevato-silver) and peperomia Sander (silver). However, the latter species with striped leaves is very rare on the market.

Erect species peperomia

  • most popular form erect peperomia - peperomia macrophylla (magnolielistnaya) .More often you can find a variety of species is not with green leaves, and with a golden border around the edges, or golden spots on the leaves.
  • have peperomia pereskielistnoy zigzag stems, and it neither confused with any other kind peperomia.

Location in the house peperomia

peperomia quite unpretentious care.However, we must not forget that in the wild they grow on tree trunks litter or moss.This means that the lack of moisture will affect them badly.

Place peperomia at home in rooms with high humidity .It would be the best kitchen.If you can not put a pot with a plant in the kitchen, choose any other room, but do not forget about the spraying, especially in the hot season.

Care peperomia home

  • Lighting - partial shade or bright ambient light.Suitable and artificial lighting.
  • temperature moderate.Winter - not below 13 ° C.
  • Humidity summer increased (requires spraying the leaves), in the winter - a moderate (spraying is not necessary).
  • watering cautious.Watered with warm water, allow the soil to dry between waterings.In winter, watering is rare.

  • peperomia Propagated from cuttings (stem or leaf, depending on the variety).
  • Transplanted in the spring, as appropriate, is very rare.

Caring for peperomia at home is not difficult , if you wish.One tip: do not put plants in the ground, and in a mixture of peat, then we can avoid many problems.

peperomia - unusually interesting room Decorative leef plants.They are compact, quirky and original.

Especially for - Margo

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