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Ornaments made of paper with your hands.

paper - versatile and readily available material, from which you can make various ornaments with their own hands.It is an exciting experience that brings a lot of positive emotions.Paper can make flowers, butterflies, animals and many al. Jewellery made of such material, give the house warmth and comfort.

How to make paper ornaments?

Bulk flowers

Bulk Flowers Bulk Flowers

You will need:

  1. Wooden sticks - 3 pcs .;
  2. corrugated paper or color - 2 colors;
  3. Glue gun;
  4. green ribbon;
  5. White Paper;
  6. pins or toothpicks;
  7. Scissors;
  8. saucer or mug;
  9. vase or bucket;
  10. Foam or foam ball.

instructions to implement the bulk of colors:

  • Glue together two wooden sticks, glue them on top of the third rod.Take the green belt, with hot kleyazakrepite it sticks around until the end.It will be a flower stalk.Cut off the excess length of ribbon and attach the end of the base adhesive.
  • With a cup or saucer draw a lot of laps on the corrugated or colored paper.Remember that the color of the paper will bud, and others. - C
    ore.Cut out the circles.
  • Shape flower buds: Take 2 slices on top apply white - to the core.Pierce blank pin or toothpick.To give the buds natural look, crumple them.The same thing happened with the others. These buds slide in foam or plastic bowl.
  • Determine the location for the stem - it should be located in the lower part of the center of the flower world.Plug wooden sticks wrapped green ribbon.Again wrap the stem and tie a neat bow above the center.Ready insert the flower pot or bowl, sprinkled with pebbles or sand.

Flowers from corrugated paper

Flowers from corrugated paper Flowers from corrugated paper

You will need:

  1. Crepe paper of different colors - 7 pieces size 50x80;
  2. large paper clips - 7 pcs .;
  3. Floral wire or regular;
  4. Scissors.

instruction execution corrugated color paper:

  • Lay on the table corrugated paper and fold each piece accordion.Creases are formed not more than 5 cm in width.Lines curves should be parallel to the folds on the corrugated paper.Using stationery clamp fix accordion.
  • Lay blanks and trim the edges so that each layer of the flower was smaller in diameter than the previous one by 5 cm. Each beam is round off with sharp scissors.
  • Cut each fold nabutone on both sides, leaving untouched the central part.Remove the clips lay pieces of paper from smallest to largest.Collect all the layers together in an accordion.
  • middle of the beam tie wire for flower arranging.Carefully separate one strip from the bud and straighten his arms.Once you have finished all of the layers to draw a flower, cut the protruding edges.Leave the flower for a while so that he alone has found the correct form.
  • Make as many colors as you need.

Decorations window Paper

Decorations on windows of paper

You will need:

  1. Double-sided colored paper;
  2. black ink;
  3. PVA glue;
  4. Cotton pads or cloth;
  5. Scissors;
  6. vegetable oil.

Implementation Guide for window decorations:

  • Choose the desired picture, then transfer it to the paper outline tench, thickness 5 mm.Cut on contour lines.To do this you will approach scissors or a stationery knife.When you completely will cut pattern, do another one - its mirror image.
  • front side cover drawing black gouache.Soak colored paper with vegetable oil and leave for several hours to dry.Remove excess oil with a dry cloth.Vegetable oil will give a paper transparency effect.
  • Cut along the contour of the pieces of colored paper and glue them on the blank paper, covered with gouache.The more shades of colors you use, the brighter the jewelry for the window.After filling in the blank with colored paper, glue accurately mirror and the usual sides.To qualify decoration left wavy, put it under a press for some time.
  • When decoration is completely ready, you can put it on the window.You can use liquid soap, but it should not be applied directly to the paper, and pre-dissolved in water.To figure is not floated, smudge brush soap on paper, and then paste the image.

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Jewellery Paper: Butterfly

Ornaments made of paper: Butterfly

Draw a butterfly on a sheet of paper or find a contour of the image on the Internet, and then print it.Place the paper on a piece of thick plywood and fasten with tape so that it will not slip.

Cut the inner flaps on the drawing office knife.If you are unable to penetrate through the long line, cut butterfly short and deep cuts, leaving a small bridge between cuts.Connect each received cuts.

Erase the pencil lines, if they are visible.Using scissors, cut the outer contour of a butterfly.Make 2 are blank - loop they must be the same, and the inner pattern may be different.

From wrapping film with laser cut effect exactly the same tie.Reduce the size, cut off the wings.

Put one layer of butterflies glossy down, put her billet of wrapping film and fix everything with duct tape or glue.To get the effect of stained glass, for each slot you can put any material: foil, satin, colored paper, etc.

Promazhte wing adhesive layer, insert a loop of thread or a paperclip.Stick the second butterfly.

Ornaments made of paper with your hands - it's a great option for decorating your apartment.You will be able to make any crafts using paper and decorative elements, available at your fingertips.In addition, such things can give to friends or relatives as a small gift.

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