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Names for hamsters.

many decide to start at the hamster as a pet, because they do not need much space and too meticulous care.And hamsters eat almost everything that we eat with you, without causing any trouble.This fruit, and vegetables, and seeds, and cereals.Although hamsters are almost all the time in the cell, they too must have a name, just like any other pet.

How to choose a name for the hamster in his coat color?

Choosing a name for your hamster you can, first of all, pay attention to its color.

  • for hamsters red suit names of peach, tangerine, apricot, Sandy Fox, Medoc.
  • for dwarf hamster - Grey, Smoke or Gray.
  • For white can choose from the names of Kefir, White, Snow, White, Angel, Zephyr, Sundae.
  • for black hamster suit names Sandpiper, Black, crayon.

names for hamsters with regard to their appearance and behavior

choose a name for a small pet can be, focusing on the features of his appearance and behavior.

  • for well-fed hamsters may suit names of Mars, Sandwich, Hot, Snickers, donuts, pow, fat ma
    n, too thin, Kamaz.
  • But for a brisk and orderly hamster - Drive, Rogue, Diesel, Meteor, Tyson, Daisy, Shustrik, Boy, Kid, Ferrari.
  • If your hamster is very fluffy, names Zhorik, Fluffy, ottoman, Fluffy will be the best way possible.

How to name the boy hamster?

  • If you have purchased a hamster, a boy, you can give him an ordinary man's name: Yasha, Mount Athos, Tommy, Shura, Fedya, Arkady, Borka, Senka, Gavryusha, Garik, Kesha, Phil.
  • can take the names of famous people or characters: Churchill, Caesar, Franklin, Clinton Watson, Sherlock Shakespeare Giordano.
  • For fans of the original names - Baron, Duke, Crown Prince, Count - will be a godsend.
  • most popular names for hamsters considered Zipper, Chip, Byte, Space, Cupcake, Dale, McDuck, Lelik, Marzipan, BAMS, chips, screws, Jerry, Boatswain, gag, Dominique, Gluck, paprika, yoghurt, Knopik, coconut, forelock, Marsik, Matthew, Cursor, Pascal, Dream Interpretation, Pixel, Treves, Chester crunch.

What do you call a girl hamster?

  • Names plush, lovely and Murka will be the most original names for hamsters-girls .Especially if your pets chubby and nourished.
  • Name Bead can be converted into various abbreviated names Busёk, Busia, Busёnok.
  • girls hamster that runs around all day in their cell, can be called Maya, or Yule.
  • A hamster who eats all day is called Georgette.
  • for girls who loves to hide in his litter and watch dreams, click the name of Sonyushka .
  • hamster who loves to run, opening the cell, called the Shura better.

Observe your hamster a few days, you will be able to observe its characteristics and choose a most appropriate name.

How to choose the name of the Jungar hamster?

Any name whomever it may belong to, should emphasize the personality of its owner and the hamster is no exception.There are several types of hamsters are generally selected for the home, and one of them Dzungarian hamster.They are very small in size, but also have their own peculiarities.One aggressive, the other - all the time running around, and the third - is thrifty.

According to experienced breeders, well suited Dzhungarian hamsters names associated with the food theme .The most fashionable of them are Toffee, Nut, bagels, marshmallow, marzipan, Citrus.You can also make the name of the names of the parents hamster, using the principle of selecting a name for purebreds .

Choosing a name for hamsters using fancy

If you want to choose for your hamster the most unusual name, you can give it a name and even a name.Of course, this is done only to create a good mood, but try not to overdo it strongly.

To quickly find a name for your baby, you can take any spelling dictionary and choose a name that you simply enjoy.

can also help random name generators and specialized sites devoted to breeding hamsters, their maintenance and care.

Top names for hamsters online

According to recent polls among fans of hamsters was created by the top names for these adorable animals.Names in it distributed by the number of points they scored.If you find it difficult to make a choice can be guided to the place name, which it occupies in the online rankings.It Amalia Anasis, Ales, Yasha, Asha, Ales, Aqua, Alya, gonna, Angela, Ariel Amir, Aisha, Anfisa Bonka, Brigantine, BBC, Basel, butterfly, Bisected, Buschke, Baffin, Bucks Bani, Datca, Dana, Junie, Julia, Jaina, Jake Dean, Jilly, Dinky, gamma, Gita, Vuriya, Dnepa, Bob, Arnica, Radium, Bo Bo, Barbazyushka, Guara, Veli, anionic, Aza, Yasin, Wang, Veles.

choosing a name, remember that a hamster is important, first of all, how to care for it.If the hamster will be warm, well fed, clean, he will respond to any name.Therefore, read the article How to care for hamsters ?.

Special expert advice in choosing the name of this small decorative small animal there.Here are the main remains to the very name of liked the owner.When you select a name, try to use your imagination.If you still have trouble, you can always turn to the Internet and special rubrics to help you make your choice.

Try to choose a name that will fit your little pet.If it is you and others bring a smile, that's fine.Your pet will be able to please you not only with their presence but also the sound of his name.

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