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What to feed a kitten at the age of 1 month?

From the first moment, when in the house there is a kitten in front of his masters raises the question of his right breast.Defenseless small lump in dire need of love, affection, care, as well as complete and balanced nutrition.After all, the health and appearance of the baby are directly dependent on the kind of food he would eat.

What to feed a kitten month?

month kittens rarely weaned from the mother-cat.But if it did happen, it does not mean that you can feed the same as the adult animals eat.His food will be very different from the diet of adult cats.With the mother's milk children receive everything they need for growth and development of the vitamins and nutrients.These elements will be important to maintain and when the kitten can no longer eat this valuable product.,

What to feed a kitten at the age of 1 month?

Veterinarians believe that you need to start complementary feeding baby with milk formula, because it is nutritious, it contains many proteins that the body needs for the development of a kitten.Just a month before feeding

the kitten, the mixture should be heated to 24-26 degrees.At this age, kids are gaining daily about 25 g weight, respectively, and a portion of the mixture should also be increased on a daily basis.To. Feeding a kitten food should only be enriched with useful substances, the experts recommend gradually introduced into their diet natural products.

kittens months of age can be given cheese, cereal, egg yolk.By the way, this time malyshmozhet survive without food for a whole night.On the 5th week of growth it can give milk or baby canned.Stop just 1 tbsp.l., and the animal will be full.It is possible to mix canned with a little water, the temperature should be room temperature.

Starting from the 6 th week of growth of the baby, you need to reduce the amount of milk, and the diet can vary.Kprimeru, give him a little finely chopped boiled chicken, beef, liver, or heart.If you have decided to give a kitten fish, it should be thoroughly cleaned from the bones.In addition, the baby may be accustomed to cooked vegetables, they should be pre-grate.

What to feed the little kitten?

Starting from two months of age, you can start to train a kitten to a dry kibble.Feeding schedule would be: meal made morning and evening.If you have a kitten, who was 2 months old, should ask the previous owners - what they feed him, and then, for a week gradually change his diet, if necessary.

whole cow's milk to give a kitten can not be better to give him a cream, 10% cream, cottage cheese, yogurt or fermented baked milk.But goat's milk, by contrast, is ideal for feeding babies.Meats are also forbidden to give the kittens as egg white.

What to feed a kitten at the age of 1 month?

important is feeding purebred animals.For example, kittens need more rest in phosphorus and calcium, so you need to choose natural foods with a high content of these substances.Beef can be given to a small British in the form of raw minced iliotvarnom and finely chop.To kill existing larvae of worms, meat needed a deep freeze and then unfreeze to room temperature.Tiny little as 30 grams of meat.It is also recommended to feed the pets of low-fat boiled sea fish, carefully boned, vegetables and dairy products.

There is also a separate menu for young Scottish Fold kittens, namely:

  • finely chopped boiled chicken without skin.Even meat is recommended to give the beef if you want to give it raw, that is not forbidden, it must first be frozen for 3 days and then gradually unfreeze.Fresh pork and fresh meat to give such kittens prohibited;
  • Ryazhenka or milk "Agusha."Dairy products are very necessary Scottish Fold kittens.You can give them bifidok, Bifilife or bifilyuks;
  • yolk quail egg contributes to the rapid increase of the immunity the baby, but it should not make more than 1 time per week;
  • Dry food, but a little bit.Foods should choose those that contain little calcium;
  • not feed these kids fish, turkey, raw chicken, pork and lamb, in any form, sour cream, cow's milk, butter, cheap dry cat food, spicy, salty, sweet and fatty, t. To. It is bad for health.The fish can be given, but very rarely and only in a delicacy.

Many owners of kittens 2-3 months begin to feed their pets canned food and dry food, it is very convenient, because in such a portion contains all the essential trace elements and vitamins needed baby.Nevertheless, experts recommend to combine this food with natural foods.In addition, not all manufacturers of these feeds are credible, so before purchasing it should be carefully chosen.Most often, the best food for kittens is the most expensive product.

How to feed a kitten?

What to feed a kitten at the age of 1 month?

With months of age and will not be executed until the kitten 4 months, it should be fed five times a day.In 4-5 months - 4 times in 6-8 - 3 times, and when the pet year old - 2 times.

Some cat breeds require special care.Before serving, Scottish or kitten is best to consult a specialist, because of the baby's diet depends on his mood and overall health.If the pet's body will not get any valuable substances, it would be bad to grow and develop.Such kittens may even stop hair shine, will receding hairline.But the seals, which is enough for all the necessary elements - playful, happy and healthy.

addition to feeding the kitten and the need to ensure decent leisure, because they are - very mobile creatures.The pet stores have a huge selection of special toys.

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With the advent of a kitten in the house settled joy and happiness, t. To. He is able to cheer any family member.Watch out for his diet, play with him, and he in turn will daily give you and your family my warm, positive mood and fun!

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