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Munchkin: cat breed.

munchkin cat breed belongs to neselektsionnym.It can not be confused with any other, because the animals are very short and neat legs, making them look like a taxi.Cat and fees were derived as a result of random mutations.Currently Munchkin breed is gaining popularity among fans of cats because of the unusual appearance and character.

Munchkin Cat: history of occurrence

Munchkin: cat breed

About korotkolapyh cats became known in the 1930sin England.It is in this country has been received 4 generations of cats with short legs, but after the Second World War, they have practically disappeared.As it turned out, some of the animals survived in the USSR.

ancestor of the breed is considered to be matched in 1983 in the United States stray cat with short legs.In her offspring were the same short-legged kittens, gave rise to a new breed.As the official breed machkiny were found in 1985 in the United States.

In Europe, the breed has appeared only in 1993, becoming one of the most popular and common among domestic cats.U

ntil Russia munchkins got only nachale21v.

Interestingly, the cat got its name due to the eponymous character of the book "The Wizard of Oz", where the magic people of small stature called Munchkin.

Munchkin cats: general description

Munchkin: cat breed

Appearance munchkins reminds dog breed dachshund.Uniform standards for these cats do not.Eye color, tail length, coloring, hair length and shape of the head - a representative of the individual characteristics of each breed.This is the special charm of these cats makes them different from each other.

only thing that unites munchkins - is the length of legs, which is 1/3 shorter than that of a normal cat.Limbs may be standard in 3 sizes: supershort, short and standard.Due to the short legs, pets can not jump high, so owners do not have to worry about fragile items on the shelves and food on the kitchen table.

Body weight is not more than 4 kg.Ears are erect and rock strictly triangular.Eyes - set wide apart and large, can not match the main color.Limbs and body have developed a strong system and muscles.

behavior and character Munchkin

Munchkin: cat breed

Cats taxis are very sociable, curious and confident.They are perfectly adapted to the new conditions and do not feel discomfort due to the unusual structure of the body.Character munchkins varies depending on the genetic set, t. To. It is the only breed in which there are various personal portraits.But in general, cats of this breed is people-oriented and tied to a single host.

Almost all munchkins energetic, agile and maneuverable.Most cats of this breed cleanly and very careful.They love to hunt, easy to climb trees, jump on low surfaces and love to walk on a leash.Some cats even be trained and over time can execute the command "Voice!".But it is a characteristic, not a feature of the breed.

Some cats taxi develop "a set of magpies."They love to hide in their hiding place vending items.Manchkinyizvestnysvoey love for little children's toys, so you should limit the input of pupils in the nursery.

Despite the fact that the cat can not jump high, they cleverly climb on curtains, beds, tables and stulyam.Manchkiny quickly become attached to his master, showing affection and get along with others. Animals in the apartment.Cats of this breed like small children, can suffer tiskane, pulling the tail and cuddles.

Cat fee: particularly care

Munchkin: cat breed

  1. These cats are not capricious, and require minimal maintenance.All you have to do - is regularly comb hair, bathe at least 1 time in 5 months, brushing teeth and ears.If possible, let Munchkin vitamins, be prevented from worms and fleas (even if the pet at home or walking).
  2. Meals should be balanced: the artificial and the natural.The mandatory components of the diet are meat and dairy products, cereals, fish, milk, and fresh water.

Diseases munchkins

One of the most common diseases in cats - lordosis.This problem manifests itself in the weakening of muscle tissue that holds the spine of the animal.Because of this, it begins lowering the spine to the chest.Lordosis has a significant effect on the heart and respiratory system, which prevents the normal life of your pet.The most difficult stage of lordosis may be fatal.

Munchkin Cat: price

Munchkin - quite expensive breeds of domestic cats.The average price of kittens in Russia from 20 to 30 thousand. Rub.

Munchkin Cat: Photo

Munchkin: cat breed

Munchkin: cat breed

Munchkin: cat breed

Munchkin: cat breed

Munchkin: cat breed

Munchkin: cat breed

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Cats porodymanchkin - very intelligent, affectionate and loyal pets.You will be pleased with his young friend, who will be an excellent companion and comforter.Your children will be delighted by this animal, because munchkin not aggressive, suffer any affection and hugs.

July 17, 2014 08:07
very pleased that more and more peopleattend to this unusual breed.Our nursery TANGOcats for many years been breeding animals of this breed.And as a specialist can slightly adjust the data in this article.It really is one of the smallest breeds of cats.Girls usually weigh from 2 to 3 kg, the weight of the boys can be up to 3.5 kg.Pay special attention to the length of the legs does not prevent cats jump and run.So if you think that it does not jumps on a table or cabinet - is misleading.They are very curious by nature and will climb wherever they want, and legs and absolutely nothing to do!They even have a special role in terms of insinuations - cat and fees will give odds to any other cat.It's very cute and loyal creatures!Cat companion for any member of the animal kingdom, well, except that the crocodile probably did not get along.Graduates of our nursery moved to a new home where there are children, other cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and all they find a common language and communicate very well.If you want to imagine such a favorite - just type in search engine the name of our kennel and we will help you to fulfill your dream!
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