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Why do dogs howl?

A long howl of a dog often makes people anxious and even engenders anxiety in them, because this phenomenon is due a lot of mystery!But do not reckon him to the occult or magic, the reason is obvious.The fact is that even the domestic breeds of dogs are fairly close relatives of wolves and took from them a legacy of some habits and behaviors.

The pack of wolves howling accustomed to using to communicate with each other.For each member of the flock belonging to a family of great importance.So if someone is away from wolves or their sad and missed communication, it raises the muzzle up and sings a beautiful lyrical song that is sure to hear his people.

Dog howling explained in the same way.If the puppy misses his mother and brothers and sisters, or adult dog was a long one, it starts to whine or howl loudly in order not to feel lonely.Hearing a dog is much more acute human and proven that they can easily distinguish between the notes in the range of halftones.Therefore, they are easily able to hear howl

ing in the distance, which the human ear can not perceive.

Why do dogs howl?

People sometimes think that dogs begin to howl for no reason.In fact, if the dog whined and began to howl, the more likely that he simply responds to howl others. Animal who can not hear the people.

Even in nature there is such a thing as singing dogs music.If the dog began to sing along with some work or whine when, for example, people began to play the piano, it does not mean that he was not like the composition.If the dog does not like the sound, it will not howl at it, and just go into others. Room.A podpevanie means sympathy from the dog and the desire to join to this song.For this reason, sometimes howling wolves.

Why a dog howling at night?

Dogs have developed the mind, so their behavior is in question from a scientific point of view.Scientist - a veterinarian Fredli Leon Whitney proved that these animals - social beings and can not be barred from communion.They, like humans, are irritated, for various reasons and are able to experience joy.Often the dogs begin to howl at night.The most common are the following reasons for this phenomenon:

  • Sadness - a dog howling due to lack of a host;
  • way to communicate with relatives.Dogs, like people, have their own language.Thus dogs report their location;
  • Physiology - for example, the disease.The dog will howl and whine if she is sick, then it is necessary to take to the vet;

Why do dogs howl?

  • Happiness.Do not be surprised, because the dogs are susceptible to the emotions.She is glad to see his master at the threshold of the house and howl at the same time, or to howl to the music that causes it positive emotions;
  • howling at the moon.Dogs may not like people to distinguish colors and see everything in black and white.With the onset of the full moon, the animal, taking the moon for the sun, can not sleep, it starts to irritate and howl;
  • Mystic.There are folk dowry that dog howling is a harbinger of death or fire.If a dog howling at the sky - something to be fire if the ground - in the family will be dead.Even scientists agree that dogs can predict the death, because they have a very well developed sense of smell, and shortly before the death of the human body begin to slow down the various processes, because of this, and the smell of his change.I feel it can only be a dog.

Howling Dog: what to do?

Dog howling is not a very nice thing for the human ear, and at night it can be annoying, and not to fall asleep.But it is not necessary to scold a dog, he does not do it on purpose.It is necessary to act calmly and methodically, in this case the animal gradually wean howl, will not bring any inconvenience.

Why do dogs howl?

To understand, how to wean the dog howl , you need to find an immediate cause of the problem.If the dog does not want to stay at home alone, then you need to teach him to do so.It will have to periodically leave for a short time, thus you give the dog to understand what is required to return.With each departure time spent outside the home need to be increased, then the dog will get used and will cease to howl.

If the dog is ill, she should be given medicine or take to the vet.

dog often wants to attract the attention of his master and begins to howl, but this provocation is not necessary to pay attention, it is best to simply ignore.Scold the animal can not, because it is also a manifestation of attention, your pet will understand that winning in this confrontation and will howl even louder and more intense.

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Dogs - are animals that are very sensitive with respect to the environment, so if it is annoying extraneous sounds, try just to distract from their pet.Play with him, or turn on the TV relaxed programmu.Sobaki being very subtle sense, and in order to make the dog happy with it you just need to communicate more often.

People tend to think that if a dog howls, it's a bad sign.It also has an explanation - a long time ago, when people were forced to defend themselves from wild wolves, and was afraid of Chthon his house may be committed invasion, howling serves as a signal of the impending approaching danger.It is to be remembered at the gene.But we should not be discriminated against for their four-legged pitomtsa.On howling so just trying to join the canine fraternity or wants to feel not alone in this big world!

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