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How long does a pregnancy in cats?

Knowing, as well as pregnancy proceeds cats , it is very important not only as a mere curiosity, but also to provide its home favorite of proper care.

In this matter there is no difference pedigreed cat or you have been found on the street.During this period, it must be hard to be sure to feed, follow the change in state of health, behavior and the size of the stomach, allowing to accurately determine the gestational age.

How long does a pregnancy in cats?

Signs of pregnancy in cats

During pregnancy, all cats behave in different ways: some are more irritable, while others - a very gentle, and others - are too active.But there are a number of signs , which are common to each cat.

  1. In the first four weeks of reduced activity.
  2. vomit.Then increases the appetite and the desire to sleep as often as possible.
  3. six weeks noticeably rounded stomach.
  4. the seventh week, if a hand to her stomach, you can feel the movement of the kittens.
  5. cat becomes restless.It begins to look for a quiet place for future kittens.
  6. Last week, significant
    ly increased the breast and nipples protrude.
  7. Before most childbirth animal becomes inactive and thoughtful.

How to pregnant cat?

  • average gestation period of kittens is 2 calendar months. error in 4 days in both directions is permissible.If the kittens are born too soon, too often they are not viable.If pregnancy lasts 70 days, you must apply for assistance to the vet.
  • on early term pregnancy is difficult to observe, the embryo can be determined only by ultrasound.But such a survey is carried out not earlier than 4 hours. After fertilization.
  • To determine the gestational age of the cat, watch her behavior.At 3-4 weeks of pregnancy she abruptly becomes passive, sleeping longer, trying to find a quiet little places.She starts to drink often, but refuses to eat.Sometimes, in the initial period some cats starts vomiting that resembles the toxicosis in women during pregnancy.At this point in the animal body are hormonal changes.After 3 days, the urge to stop nausea and animal health back to normal.
  • After 14 days, enhanced appetite.During this period should be to change the mode of feeding and hold it 4 a day.Cat best to feed during this period of prepared feeds for pregnant women or for kittens , which is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus.In the third week of pregnancy in cats turn pink and swollen nipples.This is particularly evident in those animals who expect first litter.
  • On the sixth week of pregnancy is visible on the roundness of the belly of a cat.Boca bulging and rounded belly, especially if more than three kittens.Activity decreases, and the size of the fruit reaches 30 mm.

How to determine the pregnant cat?

  • On 7 week when the palm is placed on the stomach already felt the movement of the kittens.In the same period, the cat begins to look for a place to nest, behaves inappropriately, rushing from room to room.She needs to put a box with a soft cloth.At 9 weeks she calms down and tries to lay greater.
  • In the last week of pregnancy anxiety cats increases, she does not notice the owner and becomes pensive.Nipples swell of them can stand whitish liquid.The belly is even bigger, and it prevents her from walking.Deliveries may start in the next few days, so watch home favorite should be very carefully.

Gestational cats

determine the duration of pregnancy in cats can only be for 21 days .During this period there are characteristic changes.Looking closely to the behavior of the animal can not only understand what is pregnant, but also on what term.

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Pregnancy in cats lasts an average of 65 days or 9 weeks.If you do not know where and then distribute kittens, think in advance about their sterilization pitomitsy not to promote the proliferation of accidents stray animals, because, as they say: "We are responsible for those who have tamed."

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