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Distemper in dogs: Symptoms and Treatment

plague dogs (distemper, a disease of a Kind, distemper, Crimean disease) - dangerous viral disease , transmitted by airborne droplets, by contact or through the digestive tract. accompanied by general intoxication, fever, skin lesions (eczema) lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes, nervous system, respiratory system and pneumonia.The virus gets into the blood through the lymph, then it spreads throughout the body, affecting the entire body.

distemper in dogs severity of treatment and the percentage of deaths is second only to rabies.This virus susceptible to many animals: foxes, mink, martens, ferrets, wolves. distemper safe for human .

distemper in dogs: a group of risk

most common sick puppies between the ages of 3 to 12 months .But the "catch" the virus may also adult dogs, if they were not vaccinated on time, immunocompromised, inadequate feeding and kept in poor conditions.

Distemper in dogs: a group of risk

dog can get anywhere : for example, take a walk on the grass, or the person may bring the

infection into the house on the sole of the shoe.The virus is found in blood, saliva, breath and stool of a sick animal.Even if the dog is completely cured, it can infect other animals in the course of 2-3 months.Most often, the virus is activated spring .

distemper in dogs symptoms

The incubation period lasts from a few days to 2-3 weeks , it depends on the breed of dog, its housing, feeding, and, of course, the treatment itself.The disease can occur for several months, and even become chronic. It begins usually with skin and mucous membranes , this may result, and can develop further.Symptoms may be mild and pronounced.

Usually the body temperature rises, the dog refuses to eat, there is a stringency condition of the animal, it is hidden in a quiet, dark place, do not come to call, he lost reflexes, crack and peel the skin covered in the nose, there is a fever, sometimes vomiting appear,diarrhea, a rash on the body, developed conjunctivitis and rhinitis.This dog is noticeably losing weight.

Distemper in dogs: Symptoms

At the first sign of illness is best to consult a veterinarian .Only he can make an accurate diagnosis based on laboratory studies and post-mortem changes and appropriate treatment.

distemper in dogs treated

  • Treatment is complex. special medicines against distemper in dogs do not , treatment is prevention of bacterial activity and maintaining overall body tone.But the main thing - not treat an animal folk remedies .Most dog owners otpaivat vodka or alcohol, but it is only ruin your pet.But vegetable juices and herbal teas can help rid the body of all the toxins and strengthen the immune system.Sick dogs can drink the infusion of chamomile, valerian, St. John's wort, calendula, linden and carrot juice.
  • for a speedy recovery to your pet need to create favorable conditions , highlight a warm, dry room, preferably darkened.Disinfection of premises is carried out with a solution of cresol, chlorine bleach, lye, or formaldehyde.
  • Do not forget to take care of the dog: remove the discharge from the eyes and nose, chapped skin antiseptic ointment grease (to the body through the cracks did not get the bacteria), which advises you to the vet.The eyes are usually washed with a weak solution of boric acid to separate them forever, and petrolatum cracking save from the nostrils.

Distemper in dogs: treatment

  • Pay attention to eating a dog.Usually veterinarians prescribed diet (finely sliced ​​meat, minced meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, broth, rice water with crackers, raw egg 1 - 2 times a week). Portions should be small , and the food is warm and mostly liquid, the best soups and porridge.
  • When treatment without antibiotics do not , used to stimulate immunity kokarboksilazu, the C vitamins B. When any form of distemper in dogs sick animal is introduced the following solutions: 10% calcium gluconate, 2 ml of 1% dimedrol of 1ml40% hexamine by 2 ml isotonic sodium chloride in 7 ml of 40% glucose 4ml, 5% ascorbic acid, 4 ml.The solution is introduced vnutrivenno1 times a day for 10 days.
  • To reduce driving dogs they give powders benzene, fenobarbidol, folic acid and glutamic acid for 3 weeks.
  • But every dog ​​ veterinarian prescribes individual treatment , so that in any case, to save the animal's life and ease his suffering, contact the veterinary clinic or home visits .
  • consequences distemper in dogs can be a loss of sense of smell, sight, hearing, nervous muscular twitching and even defeat the mind of an animal, perhaps insanity.

distemper in dogs: prevention

best prevention - it's time to get vaccinated .

Distemper in dogs: prevention

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first vaccination carried out once every 3 months, the second - in six months, then once a year at regular intervals.10 days prior to vaccination give the dog a pill for worms.Make sure that your pet is not in contact with stray animals.

After full recovery in dogs produces lifelong immunity .Health

your pet!

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