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French hairstyles: weaving braids

French hairstyles confirm that weave now in vogue.We can say - at the height of style and fashion !!!Even the most simple braided plait favorably distinguish you on the background of others.Braids with proper filing will never look "too."They are suitable for both nature walks, fitness classes, sports, and for the prom, youth parties, demonstrations on the podium, in the office.And just created for brides because Spit - a sign of good taste, and especially if it is - a French braid!

Slabozapletennaya French braid

Slabozapletennaya French braid

If you know how to weave a simple braid, then we can move on to the next stage - the classic French braid.With her performance each time you add a new weaving strands topknot.Large strands form an ideal slabozapletennuyu French braid, profitable emphasizes the natural wealth of the mistress.Attention is drawn even without additional decorations, so it may be one of the favorite everyday hairstyles.


  1. Connect the hair on the sides, top, front of the head.The remaining hair z
    apletutsya later.
  2. Post braid as usual, of the three strands.
  3. plaiting left strand for the second time, you need to grab an additional lock at the bottom of a thin strand.
  4. then in the same way to select the extra lock for the right main strands.Repeat alternately steps 3 and 4, gradually adding small sections of hair.
  5. Bringing braid to the neck, continue to weave a simple braid the entire length of the hair and fix the end of the rubber band.In the end it is recommended to cover any gum dressing.

Helpful Hints:

All additional strands is desirable to be the same.Only then will spit smooth and neat appearance.For more tight braids need to take a small strand of hair from pulling down during splicing.The wider strands - the weaker the Spit.To preserve the flatness is recommended to keep the same tension strands during weaving.

simple French braid

French braid Easy

This is one way the French braid loosely braided, differing only the initial and final stages.Since poorly braided braid easier to execute for beginners, it is advisable to start this hairstyle, mastered the skills of weaving the previous version.


  1. Connect the top of the hair from the front of the head, without the intervention of the rear and side locks.
  2. Post braid as usual, of the three strands.
  3. intertwined strand left a second time, you should pick up with her extra strand of hair growing on the side of the head.
  4. Then just pick up a new lock at the same time with the right strand.Steps 3 and 4 are alternately repeated, each time adding more thin strands.
  5. Spit at the neck covered with a rubber band is attached, which cover the hair ornament of your choice.

French braids, weaving to the sides

French braids woven on each side

French braids woven on each side

mastered the skills of weaving a simple French braid, you can easily side braid pigtails.This hairstyle is the most relevant for thin hair and is shown in two versions: for medium to long hair.Reduced tension on the hair strands at the length of hair will make this volume, braided braid will look thicker, which is suitable for sparse hair.Run plait freer simple - pull the strands of hair a little bit up and fine long-handled comb to spread their fan.In this way it is possible to correct and plait braided exactly enough.


  1. Make a parting in front of (or even diagonally), completing it in the center of the crown.Continue parted severely in the middle of the nape.
  2. braids braid on one side, and then - on the other.On the broken half of the hair collected in a clip on the work - to divide the hair into three equal strands and follow the principle of a simple French braid.Reaching the neck to fix the braid clamp.
  3. Identical braid plait at the back.When the streamer will dopleteny to the neck, to bring together the hair, and then dividing them into three parts, continue to weave a simple plait.The end of the spit to fix gum which cover ribbon.

Stay elegant and beautiful!

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