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How many calories are burned while walking: the level of energy and ways to increase the

Walking is a natural way of human movement.It strengthens the heart muscle, adjusts the internal organs and increases endurance.But apart from that it also contributes to weight loss.Thanks to a daily walk can easily get rid of a pair of kilos overweight.

Slimming walking: is it possible?

Losing weight when walking: is it possible?

secret to losing weight is very simple: the more you go, the faster you grow thin.But be sure to walk in the fresh air because oxygen oxidizes the fats in the cells, they burn quickly.However, any walking is different with each other, and therefore the number of calories burned can vary.The usual walk on the square will not be as productive as intensive step hurrying somewhere human or walking trails.Even more, you can lose weight if walking up the stairs, down the hill or quickly moving over rough terrain.In other words, the circulation must be intense.

order to experience for yourself how many calories expended during walking, every day is enough to walk around vigorously for 2 hours. The amount of such a charg

e for a week to help get rid of the 2 thousand. Calories, which corresponds to 200 grams of fat.So that the result was fixed, walking should be supplemented by appropriate diet, do not overeat, eat sweets and carried away fatty foods.

definitely say how many calories expended during walking, you can not.On the result of influence of weight indicators, a person's age and his physical development.No less important is the time range of walking, their regularity, weather conditions and soil.

The average amount of calories burned for 1 hour active walk is 200-300 calories.But the more the weight of the athlete, the more it burns calories because the body fat man spends more energy on the move.A person weighing 60 kg per hour can lose 200 calories if will be 4 km per hour.If the walking speed will be 6 km per hour, Then the real to lose 315 calories.Under these same conditions, mobility, a person weighing 70 kg, the first speed becomes 288 calories, the second - 336 kcal.

Walking the stairs will expend energy even faster.Moving up, lost 6 calories per 60 seconds, descent eliminate 4 calories in the same time.But this speed must be the same over time.To determine the speed of their walk, steps should be considered:

  1. 50 steps a minute is equal to the speed of 3 kilometers per hour;
  2. more than 70 steps per minute - it is more than 4 km per hour;
  3. 100 steps in 60 seconds is approximately 6 km per hour.

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How much you need to walk to lose weight?

How much you need to walk to lose weight?

consumption of calories depends on the intensity of the movements and their regularity.Exhausting itself is not necessary, but that the result was a noticeable need daily walks.There are some rules that must be followed.

Duration walk should be at least an hour.The reason for this rule is that the first 40 minutes, the body resets its calories from stocks rather than from the extra weight.Fat splitting begins after all glucose is wasted when and after exercise metabolic processes are still as high a specific time.

going for a walk can be no earlier than 1.5 hours after the meal ended.Back at home, too, can not eat immediately, even if the appetite will be canceled.First, the best low-calorie snack of fruit, drink sour milk drink.These products will help relieve hunger and give energy and replenish carbohydrate reserve.Eat only fully in 2 hours. Walk needed daily, despite the weather.This habit will help to develop endurance and strengthen the immune system.Most ideal for walking - a couple of hours in the mornings and evenings.Thanks to this regime by the end of the month, you can say goodbye to the 2.5 kg.

Walking speed should not take it out on a run or resemble walking step.Movement should be even, without waving hands.We need to breathe correctly while breathing nose and mouth breath.Before the start of training should take care of comfortable clothes and shoes that will not chafe and snare.

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consumption of calories when walking may be greater if you combine exercise diet.When the endurance increase, can be connected to different walking weighting: for example, during training to keep in the hands of a dumbbell or wearing a heavy backpack.On a walk you should always take a bottle of water.If you follow all the rules away, it will bring not only the long-awaited weight loss, but also a nice fit, good health and flourishing appearance.

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