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The Japanese diet is 14 days: menu, and the results of reviews

among Russian women are very popular variety of exotic diet.The main requirements that apply to the procedure of weight loss - a small duration, the diversity of the diet, the financial side of the issue and, of course, the result.Only a small number of correctly drawn diets can meet all the requirements, and one of them is Japanese.The slogan of this diet says: "To be beautiful as a geisha, samurai optional exercise endurance!"

Japanese diet 14 days: general information

The Japanese diet 14 days

Today there are several types of Japanese diet - 7, 13 and 14 days.The most popular, it enjoys a diet for 2 weeks, which is not surprising.Compliance with her during this time gives a qualitative result, which is stored for a long time.But the application of techniques throughout the week will be the result, as will leave excess fluid, but it is hardly durable.

menu diet has little to do with traditional food of the islanders.So do not wait for the exotic, all within reason.The diet will be dominated by fish products, fresh v

egetables, eggs, and green tea, by the way, only the last ingredient, somehow reminiscent of the place of "birth" diet.

basic rule of the Japanese technique - diligence and frugality, which translated into organic foods is a protein, fiber and almost no carbohydrates.

Such broad popularity of the Japanese Diet throughout the world achieved through moderation in the lineup, the absence of exotic, and, consequently, known allergenic foods, nutritious food selected.

In preparing the diet is necessary to choose healthy foods, and their number should be tempered.On the diet, each of us will have to "turn" in Japanese women, who consume 25% less calories than a resident of any other country.

Japanese diet: reviews and results

The Japanese diet: reviews and results

The very title of the diet lies its duration, namely 2 weeks.Products that are used in the preparation of the diet, characterized as low-calorie, low-carb.

Just observing all the rules of the diet, you can guarantee the outcome, namely minus 5 - 8 kg in 2 weeks.Significant plus lies in the fact that the result of long-term weight loss is maintained, but again, if you have complied with all the rules and was made the right way out of the diet.

saturation when such power is due to a protein that enters the body of chicken eggs, meat, beef, fish and dairy products.Fats can be derived from vegetable oils - olive, mustard, sunflower oil, used as a salad dressing or cooking.Also contained in the fat composition of meat and fish products.Fiber is found in abundance in fruits and vegetables, it is on its presence is the main focus.

absolutely impossible to do without carbohydrates.As we know from chemistry course, there are several kinds of them.The main "enemy figures" are fast utilizable carbohydrates (sweets, sweet pastry, confectionery, sugary soft drinks), which should be completely excluded from the diet.Other carbohydrates can be obtained from some crackers and vegetables are essential to maintain normal functioning of the body.

fluid, namely the mineral dining or just boiled water are not limited to, need to drink as much as possible.Beverages such as coffee and green tea will help to cheer up, they contain antioxidants in its composition.The diet recommends against frequent consumption of coffee, it is necessary to reduce it to a minimum - for example, breakfast.

The most difficult to comply with the Japanese diet - three times the power and complete lack of snacking.Dinner should be at least a couple of hours before bedtime and morning should start with a glass of boiled water, thanks to this, you can stimulate the metabolism, "trick" the stomach lack of breakfast.

Given the fact that the Japanese diet requires strict compliance, then before you start it, you need some training.Firstly, it is important to tune psychologically prepare the body - for a couple of days you need to give up sweets, junk food, reduce the amount of usual servings.

Menu Japanese diet for 14 days: the table


most important thing in the Japanese diet of 14 days - is rigorous and strict adherence to its schedule.It is strictly forbidden to confuse the days as they wish, to replace some other products, even if they are similar.The only exception can be called a complete replacement, or at least an alternation of black coffee and green tea without sugar.

In addition, it is necessary to abandon the salt diets for the entire period!Replace it can be dried dill or lemon juice, these products can be used in salads or as a food or as a spice.If refuse salt is extremely difficult and it is not possible, it can be used, but only minimally.






Before every breakfast need to drink 200 ml of water (glass).After that, high-quality natural black coffee without milk and sugar.

Couple boiled eggs.Fresh coleslaw.As filling lemon juice / vegetable oil.As drink - 200 ml of tomato juice with no added salt.

200 g of sea fish, cooking fish to choose from (fry or boil).The filling can be used as a lemon or vegetable oil.


coffee without sugar.A slice of rye bread - you can fry in the toaster or oven.Instead of bread, you can use fresh bread or biscuits, with no additives.

Fresh coleslaw as refueling - vegetable oil.Marine fish 200 g Ideally it is best to alternate boiled and fried fish.

cup of yogurt without sugar.200 g of boiled beef.



raw egg.Salad 3 large boiled carrots, flavored with oil or lemon juice.



Coffee, if you wish, you can replace the green tea.

root 1 parsnip or parsley, fried in vegetable oil.Apples.

Any fruit not more than 200 g


Fresh carrots you want to rub lemon juice and flavor.

fish, total weight 500 g fresh tomato or a large 200 ml of tomato juice.



coffee without sugar.

500 grams of chicken meat.Salad of fresh carrots and cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil.

2 boiled eggs.Fresh carrot salad with vegetable oil.


Green tea.

200 g of boiled beef.Fruits.

Any option from the menu diet, with the exception of the 3rd day.


Green tea without sugar.

200 g of boiled beef.Fruits.

any one of the previous days of the diet, with the exception of the 3rd day


Black coffee.

500 g of boiled chicken, salad from fresh cabbage or carrots, dressed with vegetable oil and lemon juice.

2 boiled eggs.Raw carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil.


Fresh carrots you want to rub lemon juice and flavor.

Fish.200 ml of tomato juice.




root 1 parsnip or parsley, fried in vegetable oil.15 g of hard cheese.



Black coffee.Cracker from rye bread.

fried in vegetable oil a large zucchini.Apples.Black coffee.Rye bread.

200 g of boiled beef.A glass of kefir.


Black coffee.

one hard-boiled egg.Boiled cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil.A glass of tomato juice.

boiled or fried fish.


Black coffee.

boiled or fried fish.Salad from fresh cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil.

200 g of boiled beef.A glass of kefir.

Japanese diet: reviews

The Japanese diet

Because the Japanese salt-free diet, the first day out excess liquid.And many women are already satisfied with this result, begin to give yourself some indulgences is strictly prohibited.

negative reviews of the diet may be related to several factors.The first is non-strict adherence to the menu, the availability of snacks and others. In addition, it is worth remembering that not all fit this technique.So, the diet is contraindicated in those with hypertension, a large number of protein products in the diet will give an unnecessary burden on the kidneys, which is fraught with aggravation of chronic disease or poor health.Due to the limited diet and getting nutrients, such a diet is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as teenagers.

Japanese diet 14 days: doctor's recommendation

The limited diet does not allow a woman's body all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.For these reasons, it shows an additional multivitamin complexes.The ideal option would be taking vitamins that are designed to "give on a diet," or individual selection of vitamins with a leading doctor.

For diet, eat fresh salads can be in unlimited quantities, but only in the framework of a meal rather than as a snack.As the filling can be used solely plant - lemon juice combined with olive or sunflower oil.

Instead of cooking, cooking is fine for a couple.When frying foods, use the lowest possible amount of fat.

Drinking regime is unlimited, you should drink as much as you want, but not less than 1.5 liters per day, excluding that of the liquid, which comes with food.

Japanese diet 14 days: how to get out?

The Japanese diet is 14 days: how to get out?

During dieting, the stomach to adjust to a new diet - low-calorie food digestion.For these reasons, it is necessary to adhere to the diet and after diet - choose the power, but not high-calorie foods.Suit cereal - oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, to be alternated.

Meat products also need to choose the low-fat varieties, steamed, with the help of cooking, limiting the amount of vegetable oil.In the following diets main focus should be on fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber.

In general, the menu when the diet should be as close as possible to the menu on a diet.And the longer a woman will go, the more stable will be the result, which may persist for several years.

Despite the fact that the basic nutrients present in the diet at the same time, there are serious limitations.For these reasons, we can not say that the principle of the balanced nutrition, therefore, to extend the diet, it is not desirable as it may be caused by injury.

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Even during these 2 weeks of diet woman's body may react negatively to a sharp reduction in the amount of carbohydrates.Why slimming lady may experience light headedness, headaches, body aches, and others. When such symptoms should abandon the diet - it means your body is just not ready for it!