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How thin Polina Gagarina?

Polina Gagarina stunned the public change their image.Young mother after childbirth could in six months to lose weight 40 kg, and become slim beautiful girl.Sure, the singer can serve as an example for many young mothers who dream to restore their shape after childbirth.

How thin Polina Gagarina: diet and lifestyle

How thin Polina Gagarina?

The well-known in the Russian singer Polina Gagarina has never been skinny.However, its form never caused heated discussions and did not go beyond the standards.Problems with the stars began during pregnancy.During this period, the singer, like most moms, a lot to eat, and, consequently, gaining weight.

According to many media Pauline weight after childbirth is about 80 kg.Now Gagarin pleases fans of his beautiful figure, losing weight by 40 kg.How it was possible to become a star of the pretty girl with the forms in this slender beauty?Deciding to lose weight Polina sat down on a very rigid diet.According to the Star, the technique consisted in the alternation of products, that is,

every day she was eating only certain foods.

For example, in the first day - only rice, second day - only chicken, the third - only vegetables or vegetable soup.Thus Gagarin had not allowed herself to eat at night.In this mode, the hard power star first experienced hunger, but then it is quite pleasant to watch their meals, it was interesting to pick up food.

However, she sees the merit of their weight loss is not just a diet, but in the large exercise.She notes that during this period she began intensive training in Moscow Art Theatre School.These lessons include stage movement, fencing lessons and dance drama.Pauline says that after these exercises it is practically crawl out of the studio, they took away most of the energy.

diet combined with loads of first did not give very good results - the singer had no milk, so your child she had to be transferred to artificial feeding.However, six months later the singer was able to lose 30 kg, followed by another 10. Since then, the weight does not return.The culmination of the luxury image of Polina Gagarina served in blond hair coloring.In an interview with the star admits that many friends at first did not even recognize.

To maintain outcome Polina does not sit longer on a diet, but simply trying to adhere to proper nutrition.It excluded from their diet flour, fat and sweet.In addition to the restrictions in the food she continues to do in the gym, going to the sauna and swimming to maintain the acquired form.Polina Gagarina son is 5 years old, but she still with the same beautiful figure, which gained half a year of intensive work on himself after his birth.

Sample menu diet Polina Gagarina

Certainly, many were shocked by the transformation of the singers and would like to repeat its success in this business.It is to warn that deciding on such a diet, call for help all his strength of will, because it is necessary not only to abstain from many foods, but also from a variety of food.After all, during the day you will have to use just a couple of the same type of simple dishes.

How thin Polina Gagarina?

So Sample menu diet Polina Gagarina.

  • 1 day involves food boiled rice (brown).During its preparation should not use salt, sugar, spices or sauces.Cooked brown rice you can eat when experiencing hunger throughout the day.Also to be drinking 1.5-2 liters of clean drinking water without gas.
  • Day 2: Eat a chicken breast, removing it from the skin.Meat can be as a boil, and cook in a double boiler.It is also necessary to fulfill the same conditions as in the use of rice: no spices, sauces or salt.And, of course, do not forget the water.
  • Day 3: You can eat any vegetables that contain starch.Vegetables can be consumed both in fresh and in processed form.For example, you can prepare a salad of vegetables, dressed with lemon juice it can be, but anybody not use salt.Observe the mode of consumption of water.
  • Day 4: Prepare vegetable soup.To do this, use carrots, celery, cabbage or tomatoes.It will be good if you add fresh herbs in a dish.Season the soup can with lemon juice and spices.Eat it can be when you feel hungry.Keep drinking regime.
  • Day 5: This day is a mono-diet for dairy products.A perfect solution would be a mix of low-fat yogurt, low fat cottage cheese and green apples.Prepare it can, whisking with a blender all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mass.This drink can be drunk upon the occurrence of hunger.Also during the day is necessary to drink water.

When will the first 5 days, the diet should be repeated. adhere to such a diet should be, until you reach your ideal weight.

Do not forget about physical activity.

to gain weight again, stick to simple rules: exclude sweet, fat and flour, and do not forget about sports.

This diet is good because it does not require you to serious material costs which is very important now, with the growth of food prices.

Polina Gagarina lost 40 kg: photos before and after

How thin Polina Gagarina?

How thin Polina Gagarina?

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If you want to have the same tightened figure as Polina Gagarina, maybe you fit her diet.Of course, this method of losing weight will require you to willpower, but because the beauty always requires some sacrifice.So get yourself together, eat well and be always beautiful and slim!