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How thin Pelagia?

Pelagia - known Russian singer, performing Russian folk songs, ballads and original compositions.In recent years it has attracted public attention to the person, not only creativity, but also for its stunning figure.Fans Pelagia noticed her transformation in the show "The Voice."Many people ask - how could the singer so to lose weight?In fact, nothing complicated and supernatural about it, she just had a diet.

How thin Pelagia in 2014?

How thin Pelagia?

Singer grew up in Novosibirsk - a city with a high-calorie gastronomic traditions.Since childhood, the singer used to eat dumplings, potatoes with meat, sweet pies with various fillings, sandwich with butter and sausage.Give up your favorite dishes was quite difficult, but took himself in hand, Pelagia start to watch your diet and weight.

tried many different diets, give up bad and fatty foods, but the result of Pelagia still was not satisfied.After many failed attempts to lose weight, the singer decided to act tough to sit on a strict diet and regularly arrange

a fasting days.In addition, Pelagia completely excluded from the diet of fried, fatty, sweet, smoked, salty food and pastries.

girl stopped snacking, especially late at night.The last meal of the singer - no later than 19.00.However, due to irregular working schedule to stick to such a power could not always Pelagia.It makes a girl to break the rules, but she ate something light and low-calorie.

Pelagia claims that a big role in losing weight to play properly cooked food.During the diet, all the dishes she cooked in a double boiler or Aerogrill.In addition, it is always carefully studied the composition of the products in the store and buy only those, which contains a minimum quantity of dyes and chemicals.If there was a time or given the opportunity, Pelagia went to the market for the products (where she bought vegetables grown without fertilizers).Juices, fruit drinks and fruit drinks girl is drinking only natural.

great success in losing weight Pelagia achieved thanks to buckwheat.She is confident that buckwheat - a truly magical product that enriches the body with all the nutrients, stimulates metabolism and normalizes the digestive tract.Pelagia got the pleasure of eating buckwheat, cooking from it a variety of dishes.In an interview, she admitted that this product helped her to forget about hunger.

addition to proper nutrition and buckwheat, Pelagia once every 2 weeks is required to visit a bath.Wet steam eliminates toxins and excess fluid from the body and restores the skin.In addition, the singer did not forget about sports: 20 days in a month she visits the gym and intensively engaged in the figure, and the remaining 10 - 11 days doing what she wants, and eats everything.

How thin Pelagia?

Do not forget the girl and unloading days.At this time, Pelagia made use natural yogurt or kefir in small portions, and fruit or vegetable salads, adding greens.

To ensure the normal operation of the body and prevent dehydration, the singer drinking pure water in large quantities.Lose weight without enough drinking impossible.

After exiting the diet Pelagia still adhere to certain rules:

  • Refused red meat and replace it with seafood;
  • Refused pasta, bread and bakery products for 3 weeks in a month;
  • Several times a week to arrange a fasting days, eating only yogurt and apples.

Many ask - « How much thinner Pelagia? ».This question does not meet even the singer.In an interview just flashed her a phrase that through diet, she managed to lose more than 15 kg.

How thin Pelagia: recipe

How thin Pelagia?

Pelagia Diet: Sample menu

  1. Breakfast: any porridge on the water (preferably buckwheat);
  2. Lunch: vegetable salad, white chicken meat or a piece of fish on a couple of tea without sugar;
  3. Dinner: vegetable salad or seafood salad.

If you decide to follow the example of Pelagia and sit on the buckwheat diet, you need to follow the basic rules.Starting a diet is necessary to use only buckwheat.When hunger pangs can only eat it.After 3 - 4 days it is recommended to vary the diet, combining it with turnip, radish, sesame seeds and herbs.During buckwheat diet you have to drink plenty of clean water.Allowed to drink fresh fruit juices without sugar, black and green tea.Buckwheat diet blends well with yogurt, but it should be low-fat.

During buckwheat diet it is recommended to brew boiling water at night.In the morning, if buckwheat is water, drain it and start to use.Since buckwheat a lot of protein and carbohydrates, but no glucose, you may feel fatigue and headache.To eliminate symptoms, dissolve in a glass of water 1 tbsp of honey and drink the drink.

not to gain weight after thrown buckwheat diet, try not to overeat, but only gradually introduce new foods and increasing portions.

During buckwheat diet you can include in your diet dried fruit, unsweetened fruit, green, natural and low-calorie yogurt.You can diversify your diet vegetable salad with olive oil without salt.To improve the taste of buckwheat can add soy sauce to it.In tea or water can add honey.

Pelagia thin: photos before and after

How thin Pelagia?

How thin Pelagia?

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Diet Pelagia - effective and harmless technique that will help bring your body into shape.The singer was able to pull myself together and persuade predisposition to be overweight in their favor.This proves that he took himself in hand and take advice women can achieve significant results in the fight for harmony.

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